17.09.2018 / Portfolio / Tag Sensors

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TAG Sensors awarded €1.4 million grant from EU Horizon 2020 programme

The grant, which is the second received by TAG Sensors from the EU, will support the continued development of TAG Sensors´ market-leading technology.

23.07.2018 / Internet of Things

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ubirch joins the Trusted IoT Alliance

ubirch has joined the Trusted IoT Alliance, where its expertise in the area of blockchain-based IoT security will be a welcome addition to the corporate and IT network.

24.05.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

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Connecterra shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture after securing substantial Series A funding

Award-winning Dutch startup Connecterra has secured a significant Series A round investment for its AI-powered Dairy Farmers Assistant “Ida” and won a significant EU subsidy, ensuring further growth and innovation for the company.

23.05.2018 / Portfolio / Metron

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METRON enters the microgrid optimization arena in Singapore, as official Partner of the REIDS initiative

METRON, a French-based energy intelligence company, has been chosen by the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) to collaborate on energy management & optimisation in the context of REIDS, the Asian largest multi-microgrids demonstrator.

12.04.2018 / Internet of Things

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Powering the Digital Economy: Harnessing Progress

CNBC's panel discussion "Powering the Digital Economy: Harnessing Progress" from Paris Innovation Summit.

11.04.2018 / IoT

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Investor profile: IoT specialist Breed Reply

Here, we profile Breed Reply, an active operational investor that funds and supports the development of early-stage companies in the Internet of Things space.

10.04.2018 / IoT

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The start-up culture in Italy

Emanuele Angelidis, Executive Partner at Breed Reply, shares his insider view on the Italian startup ecosystem, explains specific challenges it had to face and the spirit driving it forward (pages 22-26).

09.04.2018 / Portfolio / Wearable Technologies

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Wearable Technologies puts the high-tech into high-viz

A British start-up is taking on Honeywell and 3M, the American technology giants, in a race to get wearable technologies into the industrial workplace to protect at-risk workers.

06.04.2018 / The Startup Network

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Emanuele Angelidis, CEO of Breed Reply, explains why he focuses on IoT start-ups

Founder and CEO of Breed Reply, an investor in early-stage companies focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), Emanuele Angelidis knows all about disruption. Having worked for 15 years in the Italian telecoms sector, where he was co-founder of Fastweb, now one of the largest companies in the industry, he witnessed the sweeping changes brought about by the introduction of mobile.

05.04.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

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Georgia Dairy Farm First in the U.S. to Adopt Google-Powered Machine Learning Wearable for Cows

Cows residing at Hart Agriculture’s Seven Oaks Dairy farm in Waynesboro, Georgia are ready for the spotlight as they’re currently sporting the latest artificial intelligence technology.

05.04.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

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Georgia Grassfed Dairy Farm First in U.S. to Use Google AI for Farming Efficiency

On a small rural dairy farm in Waynesboro, Ga., dairy cows roam with trackers that use artificial intelligence technology, thanks to the help of a Netherlands startup and engineers at Google.

29.03.2018 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

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Cyber security firm based in Basing View lands finals place in contest

A growing cyber security company has made it through to the final 12 of a Royal-founded scheme.

26.03.2018 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

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IoT Security: How to fight attacks on health, energy, and transport

The health, energy, and transport sectors are among IoT-enabled systems at increasing risk of a cyber attack.

21.03.2018 / Portfolio / Metron

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Funding win for industrial energy efficiency data firm

In its latest funding round, French energy efficiency software developer Metron has won funding from UK-headquartered Breed Reply, an investor in early-stage IoT businesses.

21.03.2018 / Portfolio / Zeetta

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Zeetta Networks to deliver 5G smart tourism project

The company will provide the platform to make the government-funded £5m AR and VR tourism attractions a reality

20.03.2018 / Portfolio / Tag Sensors

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TAG Sensors raises £2.5m new funding

TAG Sensors has raised an additional £2.5 million in new funding from existing investor, Platform Ventures and new investor Breed Reply.

19.03.2018 / Portfolio / Zeetta

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The West of England shows its 5G smarts

Tourist sites across Bristol and Bath demo 5G while Bristol-based Blu Wireless supplies kit across the UK

18.03.2018 / smart home

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Review: Cocoon Smart Home Security System

If you are in the market for a new home security camera, we have our review of the Cocoon Smart Home Security System.

16.03.2018 / Portfolio / Zeetta

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Inside Bristol’s urban 5G experience showcase

Layered Realities is a demo of "5G experiences" taking place in the UK this weekend. If reality is layered, then so is the technology stack.

15.03.2018 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Fuelled by belief and energy, AppyParking aims to revolutionise car parking

Having realised how broken Britain’s parking system is, Dan Hubert decided to do something about it. The result was AppyParking.