Breed Reply provides your startup with an attractive offer in terms of seed funding, up to early stage, for a minority stake in the company

Breed Reply supports your startup with tailored entrepreneurial and managerial support for twelve months:

  • Hands-on regular meetings on strategy and growth, organisational excellence, budget and reporting.
  • Monthly review meetings.
  • Support on positioning, go-to-market and sales, leveraging a strong geographical presence in Europe and the USA.
  • High-level support on next round of financing.
  • Support on technology and product testing.
  • Support on communications and Public Relations.
  • Office space and related services.

Breed Reply has a strong network of contacts, potential customers, investors, mentors, who can help you scale up your startup.

Through Breed Reply, you will start a strong partnership with the Reply Group, a very successful international IT company with strong geographical and technological coverage.

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