Mobile Application Design: Miles & More and the full digital communication experience

Mobile App as a fully-fledged digital channel

The Challenges

  • Backend Service

    The fundamental relaunch of the Miles & More App and its backend services was intended to support not only the changed requirements of mobile use in the travel context, but also the reorientation of the business model from a pure frequent flyer programme to a bonus programme.

  • Digital Change

    The project is also an important pillar in the digital change process for the entire company and a trailblazer in terms of agile working processes.

  • Security

    The complex corporate structures entail high stakeholder involvement and the complex backend and system landscape requires broad technical expertise. Since the project ultimately revolves around an airline and miles are essentially being treated as currency, extremely high security and quality standards had to be met.

  • Meeting Standards

    As one of the world’s leading airlines with the largest frequent flyer and rewards programme in Europe, the customer's standards for the project in terms of both design and brand management were equally high.




As the lead agency, Open Reply provided Miles & More with support in the areas of strategic advice, conceptual design, user testing, visual design and implementation (iOS platform). Open Reply expedited the strategic reorientation of the mobile touch point at the heart of the project with conceptual design work and technical advice. Additional services provided ranged from strategic advice and the development of new mobile-specific marketing channels and functions to the transfer of existing revenue streams to the mobile context. ×

Continuous Implementation

Open Reply ensured continuous implementation at the highest technical level while implementing highly automated deployment and monitoring processes, backend development in Docker/OpenShift environment. Whereas users primarily used the existing Miles & More app to check their miles account status in the past, Open Reply was able to work with the customer to transform the app into a fully-fledged mobile channel for the brand and its range of products and services, which will continue to expand and adapt. ×

Award Center

The relaunch was primarily based on the demands of frequent flyers for improved usability and performance: Thanks to the new app, Miles & More now escorts users throughout their journey. The new rewards centre and the option to personalize rewards goals encourages users to interact with the programme on a continual basis. The development of the content streams, i.e. the marketing content, presented in the app also serves to provide added benefits to users. ×


The Miles & More app has been transformed into a platform for both programme partners and rewards that goes far beyond the scope of conventional frequent flyer programmes. ×
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    Open Reply

    Open Reply is a Reply Group company specialised in digital transformation, mobile solutions and networked platforms. The company offers cross-industry consulting services and conceptual design, creation, development of solutions based on mobile technology with the aim of strengthening the customer’s market position in the long term through a state-of-the-art digital experience.

Miles and More

Miles & More is Europe’s leading frequent flyer and rewards programme. Twenty-five years of experience and cooperation with 300 partners worldwide make the programme operator, Miles & More GmbH, an expert in personalised customer engagement and retention. Members of the programme have the chance to collect and redeem Miles & More reward miles when they fly and when they purchase premium brands across a wide range of key lifestyle areas. With reward flights at its core, the Lufthansa WorldShop and a number of hotel and car hire partners, Miles & More is strongly positioned throughout the entire travel chain. The Miles & More credit card is a convenient way for members to collect reward miles easily whenever they use it. Partners of the programme, particularly in the core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, benefit from access to a discerning target group: Miles & More members can be approached with personalised content tailored to their preferences. Miles & More GmbH was founded in Frankfurt in 2014 as a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.