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The Retail Omnichannel Accelerator is a framework for managing orders and optimizing retail processes with an emphasis on the omnichannel strategy. It utilizes data-driven, machine learning, and microservice architecture to handle the challenges of omnichannel and hybrid end-to-end retail processes, allowing for personalization.


The main general objective for the Asset growth is to make our framework the only Omnichannel solution in the market able to address both the Data-Driven Intelligent solution and the integration with store back-end operations, on top of the typical Omnichannel processes. A solution driving intelligent stock availability management, order management, promotion engine, real-time visibility layer of stock availability for an intelligent routing and sales strategy.

WITH the Omnichannel ACCELERATOR

Retail Omnichannel Accelerator offers customizable retail solutions with AI and ML capabilities for optimized omnichannel management, enhancing stock and shipment efficiency, and providing seamless end-to-end customer experiences.

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The Synergy of Reply, Salesforce, and AWS for a stronger solution

Easy and seamless adoption in Salesforce ecosystem

Connect the Post-Purchase Experience

Enable Inventory optimization and Smart Routing

Simplify processes design with Flow

Agile Platform

Headless API’s

Huge of services to simplify the integration with third party systems

Strong partnership for several success projects

Mash-up capabilities to achieve scalable infrastructure and flexible integration

Composable Apps to accelerate Omnichannel processes adoption

Digital and Physical coverage

Salesforce and AWS long term experiences

Consultancy and strategy support

Scalable and reliable microservices ecosystem

Data driven approach applying AI on data optimizing stock operations