CRM and CX with Reply

Reply is a Leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services Worldwide.

A journey to explore innovation and create impactful experiences

Today’s customers are looking for a less ‘mediated’ relationship with brands but, at the same time, want a personalised experience, that can evolve alongside their changing needs and tastes.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to fully digital and omnichannel shopping experiences.

How to succeed in the new reality

To face new challenges, enterprises must rethink and evolve their business and operating models to allow themselves to execute at an unprecedented pace, leveraging the opportunities arising from technologies.

Reshaping the customer journey

Enterprise businesses now need to effectively engage with prospects and customers across multiple digital touchpoints to ensure a frictionless, contextual and personalised experience. They need to make customers feel valued across the crm processes, namely marketing, sales, commerce and service, by building a single view of customer.

Hyper personalization

Enterprise businesses need to create data driven customised use profiles and craft a highly contextualised digital communication for their customers. Utilising technology and best practice, enterprises now need to leverage recommendation engine algorithms as well as ai based chat bots.

Innovation products and services

Through container-orchestration and micro services combined with the agile methodology companies can easily model, deploy and manage software development lifecycle. By doing so, they can increase overall productivity, optimisation and efficiency through innovative products and services.

Insight - driven decisions making

Companies can develop data-driven ai algorithms (both structured and unstructured), gathered through the whole customer journey. this will allow enterprises to understand the value and voice of the customer to establish a customer centric business environment which in turn, will create meaningful, long-term relationships.

Revolutionise the customer engagement

Enterprises can overhaul their customer engagement strategy across multiple digital channels, including mobile, social, phone, chat and email. by doing this and leveraging innovative technologies such as cognitive and content management ai, companies can realise the highest value from every customer interactions, through their medium of choice.

“Leaders in this Magic Quadrant bring a wide range of business, analytic and technical capabilities, including CRM and other customer-facing technology expertise, industry-specific domain expertise, digital design capabilities, CX strategy, business consulting, customer analytics, and enterprise architecture and design. They demonstrate strong comparative revenue and growth. Leaders can scale across multiple geographies and are consistent in delivering high client satisfaction.”

Gartner “Magic Quadrant for CRM and
Customer Experience Implementation Services,”
Brett Sparks, et al, 18 May 2021

Reply’s approach

Reply's approach to the CX journey is based on a “symphony orchestra” which ensures that every element is connected and optimised – from the CX architecture, to digital design and UX. This approach allows Reply to understand, design and implement complex CRM and Customer Experience solutions that effectively combine customer journey analysis, UX and digital design, process definition, CRM platforms, technological architectures and data analysis, all delivered with a human centric design approach.