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AI recommendation engine

Reply's AI-driven omnichannel recommendation solution empowers businesses to enhance user experiences within the realm of sales personalisation.


AI recommendation engine leverages Machine Learning, AI, and statistical algorithms to streamline digital journey management and enhance customer experiences.

Streamlining sales with AI-driven recommendations

Harnessing artificial intelligence and a low-code/no-code approach, our solution supports product recommendations across various channels, including e-commerce, CRM platforms, and clienteling apps in physical stores.

Through the configuration of sales campaigns and business rules, the solution empowers business professionals to have direct control over predictions, ensuring seamless alignment with their specific sales processes.
Users can achieve this without coding, thanks to an intuitive interface that allows them to define rules and scenarios, effectively governing algorithms and quickly adapting recommendation strategies.

AI recommendation engine, developed by Syskoplan Reply's experts, is designed as a "hybrid SaaS on private cloud solution", offering customisation for different markets. It encompasses industry best practices to address key pain points while providing the flexibility to tailor use cases to specific needs.


Why to choose it

Engage shoppers

The recommendation engine captivates the attention of online shoppers by delivering relevant content like promotions and product recommendations that match their preferences and interests.

Convert shoppers into customers

By offering relevant and enticing product recommendations, the engine helps turn potential buyers into loyal customers, increasing the conversion rate and overall sales.

Increase click rate

With personalised product recommendations, the engine drives higher click-through rates, encouraging customers to explore and engage with more products and offers.


Increase profit margin

By suggesting complementary products or upgrades, the recommendation engine boosts the average order value and, consequently, the profit margin for each transaction.


Control merchandising and inventory rules

The engine empowers businesses to fine-tune merchandising and inventory strategies, allowing for better control over promoted products, helping to manage stock effectively.


Drive traffic

By attracting visitors to your website or app through personalised recommendations and enticing offers, the recommendation engine plays a crucial role in driving more online traffic and potential customers to your platform.


Discover the advantages of AI-enhanced product recommendations for your business. Take the first step toward optimising your sales processes by meeting our experts.

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Online shopping is easier and faster thanks to the AI Recommendation Engine


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