Costa app

Costa App is the new smartphone app that combines the magic of Costa Crociere’s cruises, with an unprecedented digital customer journey.

The launch of the new app is part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, which includes a re-evaluation of all Costa Crociere digital touchpoints. The goal is to put the user at the very centre of a fluid and continuous customer journey, regardless of the market and the selected channel: it's an exciting and engaging experience, offering services and information that are easy to use.

How it works

Costa App: the new cruise companion that helps customers navigate through the countless options offered on board, without ever losing their way. Available for free download on the App Store and on Google Play Store, the app provides customers with a wide range of information about their cruise, even before boarding: ports of call, ship arrival and departure times, information on planning excursions. Full-screen videos and photos help to best illustrate the various options and offers available. Once on board, it will be easy to book tours, or to find details about menus and restaurant opening times.

Customers can also reserve a table at specialty restaurants that incur an extra charge. Moreover, the app makes it possible to keep an eye on the weather forecasts of the destinations included in the cruise itinerary and on-board expenses. Customers can follow the ship’s itinerary in real time or join the chat to share the excitement and experiences of a Costa cruise with their travel companions. Finally, by accessing their CostaClub profile, customers will be able to check their accumulated points and the benefits available both on board and on the ground. They can also plan future cruises and relive the emotions of previous ones.


The project is the result of a convergence of the creative, management and technological know-how of specialised Reply network companies and the strategic direction of the Costa Crociere digital team. The new digital product was designed and developed under the strategic direction of the Costa Crociere digital team, in partnership with Reply’s specialised network.



    Responsible for the creation of the centralised publishing system based on the Adobe AEM platform


    Responsible for business analysis, support and governance


    Responsible for the management and synchronisation of visual and text content, based on the Discovery E-DAM solution

  • APP

    Responsible for app development, application support and the end-to-end governance of the project

  • USER

    Responsible for UX analysis, design and creative consulting


“The main reasons that led us to choose Reply as a technological partner derive from the complexity of the project. The app is not just front-end and user experience, but has a complex architecture. Reply was able to cover all the aspects of this complex architecture in a specific way."

Simone Arecco, Head of Digital Customer Experience & Design.

Costa Crociere

Costa Crociere S.p.A. is the largest Italian group in Tourism, based in Genoa. The brands Costa Crociere and AIDA Cruises belong to Costa Crociere S.p.A. Costa Crociere S.p.A. is part of Carnival Corporation & plc, world leader in the cruise industry.