Lifestyle App for Pamela Reif

The new Pam Experience

As one of the biggest German influencers in the field of fitness, health and beauty, Pamela Reif wants to make contact with her fans as genuinely and intimately as possible – and independently from the algorithms of the social media feeds. In collaboration with Open Reply she has found the right way to achieve this: with a dedicated app that allows fans and followers to interact with Pamela exclusively.

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Case Study


With the support of Triplesense Reply, Skrill and AC Milan decided to run the campaign on TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos.
TikTok, the social media phenomenon of the past year, includes challenges as one of its top trends, and Triplesense chose to launch a challenge using the funny and easy-to-follow hashtag #TapAndMove.

Mobile app

Case Study

APPETIE: Corporate catering in an App

CIRFOOD, one of the leading Italian companies in collective and commercial catering and welfare services, with the support of Technology Reply, has made the strategic decision to enhance its digital services dedicated to corporate catering by adopting Appetie.

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The Power of Conversation

Best Practice

Dive into the world of conversational interfaces

Chatbots, virtual and voice assistants, and robots are a powerful communication asset, an expression of the brand’s personality and a tool to create emotional bonds with customers and employees. The Reply conversational-first approach would allow for a holistic, top-down perspective of a customer's entire digital landscape, embracing the next digital revolution, enhancing brand safety and dramatically boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Case Study

An unprecedented digital customer journey

Reply developed Costa App, the new smartphone app of Costa Crociere, that combines the magic of Costa Crociere’s cruises, with an unprecedented digital customer journey. The launch of the new app is part of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, which includes a re-evaluation of all Costa Crociere digital touchpoints.

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Mobile Living Framework

Gaia Reply™ is a flexible, scalable and inexpensive framework which provides optimized contents and services to more than 7,000 devices ranging from the most popular mobile devices, to smartphones, tablets and Internet TV in order to implement best in class Mobile Sites, Client Applications and HTML5 Web Apps. ​


Mobile App

Case Study


Miles & More is Europe’s leading frequent flyer and rewards programme. Open Reply has transformed the Miles & More app into a fully-fledge digital channel for the brand that strengthens user engagement in the long term via mobile touch points and continually improves the service to members.


Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Assessing car damage with the use of Image Recognition

Data Reply has developed a framework based on Deep Learning techniques, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing capable of classifying input data, such as the photos taken by appraisers and the repair data recorded by car repair shops.

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Human machine interfaces

Best Practice

Smart Retail, take a photo and buy

Using AI and Machine Learning, Portaltech Reply has created a mobile app that brings the physical and digital worlds closer together, simplifying the purchase and increasing customer engagement.

Mobile App

Case Study

Mobile Loyalty and innovative brands: the case of the Duty Free 4.0 app

Open Reply supported Gebr. Heinemann by developing a mobile app that serves as a digital companion for consumers to help them benefit from the loyalty programme Heinemann & Me: via the app, consumers receive exclusive offers, redeem vouchers and use their digital membership card at Heinemann stores worldwide to collect loyalty points.

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Best Practice


For today’s companies, Test Automation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.
Reply’s new Centre is focused on the Automated Monitoring and Testing of the quality of products and services. Concept Reply has designed an effective Test Automation solution that is scalable and flexible, based on a technological and methodological Framework.


Customer Engagement

Video Reference

Sky Over the Top Entertainment

Live Customer Engagement at Sky. Reply developed for Sky Italy a voting platform as-a-service for TV programs such as X-Factor. This solution increases the "active" participation of the viewer using multiple communication channels, from more 'traditional' ones to the more innovative and social ones.

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Conversational Systems

Best Practice

Human Centered Design: The biggest obstacle to customer centricity is your organizational culture

With the current hype on customer centricity going strong, a lot of companies are asking Reply to help them turn their product and service development towards a more human centered one.

Mobile Applications

Case Study

Connecting people through technology at British Gas

British Gas were in need of a business solution that would engage their employees across 12 call centres and provide the necessary training to over 1000 employees. WM Reply worked towards a tight deadline, delivering the solution in a short space of time.

Connecting people through technology at British Gas 0

28.06.2017 / Mobile applications

News & Communication

Golden Star chooses Open Reply

Golden Star designs, manufactures and markets innovative electro-medical machines, equipped with a tablet-based user interface and Bluetooth connection. Thanks to the support provided by Open Reply, Golden Star selected a strategy that saw the migration of the current implementation towards a solution based entirely on the iPad and the Low Energy Bluetooth protocol.

eCommerce design

Case Study

Monsoon & Accessorize eCommerce

As a way to dramatically improve their online ecommerce platform, Monsoon & Accessorize wanted to increase the customer’s online experience. Open Reply applied its creative thinking across their desktop, mobile and tablet channels to ensure the same branding and level of customer experience was as premium as possible. Open Reply developed each platform step-by-step and optimised our UX technology to ensure a personal and seamless online experience.

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28.06.2017 / Digital transformation

News & Communication

Open Reply creates mobile digital transformation solution for Fideuram

Fideuram chose Open Reply, Apple Mobility Program Partner, to digitalize the services offered to its financial consultants with the “On Boarding” project.

23.02.2016 / Augmented Reality

News & Communication

Forge Reply partners with Daikin for the Daikin YEAR app

Forge Reply has partnered with Daikin for the development and launch of Daikin YEAR app, an augmented reality calendar that facilitates seamless interaction with its users throughout the year.

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Mobile Payments

Case Study

Left cash at home? No problem!

The latest scenario developed by Reply that Banca Sella has chosen to extend its mobile-payments services by taking forward the experimental innovations begun with Up Mobile, is mobile POS. This acquiring solution exploits synergies between a smartphone or tablet and a PIN pad – a simple device that can read traditional payment cards.

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13.04.2017 / Apple Partnership

News & Communication

Open Reply is part of Apple’s “Mobility Partner Program”

Open Reply is part of Apple’s “Mobility Partner Program”, they’re among the first in Europe chosen by Apple to accelerate the development of iOS mobile applications for the business enterprise market. Through this partnership Open Reply’s development teams have access to specialized training programs and direct Apple support, which allow the design of innovative and certified solutions, as a warranty for the customer.

Multi-channel Banking

Video Reference

BNP Paribas Fortis launches new iPad app with Reply

BNP Paribas Fortis chose Reply to develop a new iPad app for its sales network, that financial advisors can use during sales conversations with their customers.

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Mobile App Development

Best Practice

Accelerated Digitalisation: platform-independent App Development

Mobile applications are helping companies to raise the efficiency of their processes to a new level. The challenge involves the quick provision of corresponding solutions and the required compatibility with countless mobile end devices. In developing such solutions, Cluster Reply relies on the use of Xamarin.

Mobile App

Case Study


New devices like TouchPCs and Smartphones offer their users exciting new functionalities. Sky invites his clients to a new experience on iPhone and iPad: important sport events online – wherever you are. The applications have been developed by Reply and can be downloaded in Apple’s App Store. The applications are designed for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Game & Mobile App


Reply let Barbie Fashionistas come to life

Reply has implemented a mobile App that acts as a virtual dressing room allowing the end users to change in real time the outfit of a 3D Barbie.​


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01.04.2016 / Digital Experience

News & Communication

Open Reply develops the Bitesize mobile app

Open Reply​, the Reply Group digital Customer Experience agency in UK that uses design and technology to create better, more profitable customer journeys for its clients’ brand, has developed the new Bitesize app for the BBC to complement the hugely popular Bitesize website.


News & Communication

Reply partners with Chicco to develop Happy Tab, the first Android tablet for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years

Reply a fully-fledged Android tablet for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. Happy Tab is both safe for children and freely customisable by parents.

Reply partners with Chicco to develop Happy Tab, the first Android tablet for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years 0

Virtual Customer Premises Equipment

Best Practice


SDN and NFV are set to change the networking industry and, as part of that change, virtual Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)​ is an upcoming technology paradigm that promises to be beneficial for both customers and service providers.

Mobile Website

Case Study

Reply makes BASF mobile

More and more visitors access the internet website of BASF via smartphones. On the BASF’s new mobile website, smartphone users should be able to access relevant information everywhere on the go in the days to come. Reply developed a field and design concept for the bilingual mobile company website advised BASF during the technical implementation.

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Mobile for Automotive

Case Study

Lancia Mobile project

A site that speaks 16 languages at the same time and is accessible by all portable devices on the market? A portal that is global and also hyper-local? Today it exists. Its name is Lancia Mobile, and it confirms the desire for innovation that permeates every move of the Turinese brand. Bitmama has created the first corporate portal specially designed for the fruition on mobile devices, and not a simple “make-up” of the desktop version. The Lancia Mobile project is supported by the GAIA Reply™ platform.

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18.02.2016 / Milan


Conference for the presentation of the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory's Research

Pay Reply, the Reply Group company specialised in the development of Digital Payments solutions, contributes to the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory’s Research. Pay Reply participates in an interesting roundtable with the main players in the Telco, Banking, Technology & Service market to discuss these results.


Case Study

Customising Android to new levels: the creation of the Hudl tablet for Tesco

Reply has been working with Tesco as one of the key partners in the creation of the Hudl Tablet, which marks another significant step towards the retailer’s vision of the future – to be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online.

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Open Reply


Brand Experience Design

Open Reply is a UK full service digital branding agency that fuses creativity with technology to produce digital beauty. From mobile web to native apps, on both smartphone and tablet, Open Reply delivers a compelling digital brand experience that increase engagement and commerce conversions.

Go to the website!

Digital Transformation


Trends in the US wealth management market

The US wealth management industry is undergoing significant transformation, meeting its challenges by leveraging technology. Financial advisory services are evolving from a traditional personal relationship approach to one of automation, emphasizing lower costs. New entrants are disrupting the market with innovative products and services, and established participants are adapting to the changes or losingmarket share. Assets are growing while the number of human financial advisors is shrinking. New operating models include discount and online brokerages and robo-advisors.​

22.02.2016 - 25.02.2016 / Barcelona


Mobile World Congress

Sytel Reply takes part in the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. The annual event, which occurs from February 22 to 25 in Barcelona, is the number one event for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal making.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators


Mvno competition: differentiation strategies

This report aims to provide guidelines for MVNOs to attain and retain their customers.

It provides differentiation-enhancing recommendations by analysing price and positioning strategies in dynamic competition.​

07.11.2015 - 08.11.2015 / Milan


Appathon 2015

Reply supports UniCredit for Appathon 2015, a 24 hour hackathon dedicated to App Developer, a Web Designer or a Marketing Specialist with the aim of developing a mobile app for financial services. The event is held on November 7th-8th, 2015 at the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan.

09.04.2015 - 10.04.2015 / Turin


Droidcon Italy 2015

​​​Starbytes will be taking part in Droidcon Italy 2015, a two-day conference aiming at supporting the Android platform.

Personal data protection

Best Practice

How Much Data are People Giving Away?

In today’s connected world, the amount of data available about an individual has increased exponentially. This white paper aims to outline the technologies being used to gather data about individuals, how this is being used and what the future could hold for data gathering.

19.02.2015 / Milan


Conference for the presentation of the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory’s Research

Pay Reply contributes again to the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory’s Research.

Mobile Payments

Best Practice

Embracing the Bitcoin: why mobile operators should prepare for the digital currency shift

This white paper outlines the opportunity at a high level for mobile operators to innovate new services, increase revenues and develop new business lines based on Bitcoin and other key Digital Currencies currently available.

05.11.2014 / Beacon technology


There’s More To A HoF Mannequin Than Meets The Eye

Ever been walking around the shops and had your eye drawn to a jaw-dropping outfit modelled by one of the many in-store mannequins, only to be frustrated by the fact you can’t actually find the clothes anywhere? Answering the call of disgruntled customers everywhere, retail giants House of Fraser have announced the introduction of in-store beacon technology, which we love!

30.10.2014 - 31.10.2014 / London


Droidcon London

Open Reply participates in Droidcon London 2014, the conference for Android OS developers, which will take place at Business Design Centre, London, on 30th and 31st October 2014.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from The brink: Smart Beacons in Banks III

This third paper on Smart Beacons presents Reply's expertise in this domain, as well as two projects the Group has worked on which involve the use of Smart Beacon technologies.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks II

This second paper provides detailed examples of how Smart Beacons are currently used and have the potential to be used in banks.

IOT for Banks

Best Practice

Back from the Brink: Smart Beacons in Banks

This first paper introduces the use of Smart Beacons within the Banking Sector. It posits that ‘Smart Beacons’ can help bank branches to transform customer experience and offer more personalised services.


Best Practice


Retailers, financial-services firms, telecommunications companies, utilities and terminal manufacturers will be instrumental in the developments that change how new consumers choose what to consume, how they make purchases and payments, and how they communicate with service businesses over the coming years. Reply supports all the main players in the processes of creating and delivering innovative Mobile Commerce services.

Mobile solutions

Best Practice

Web design Application for mobile devices

Smartphones and Mobile terminals have changed the habits of users in the last few years. Our Mobile solutions considers this change and offers users an optimal user experience and real value in mobile scenarios. We conceive, create and develop native apps for the major smartphone and tablet platforms, web apps and mobile websites. Individually for every business.

Mobile Publishing

Gaia Reply™

Mobile Living Framework

Gaia Reply™ is an innovative and unique ecosystem made by technologies, assets and IT and strategic consulting professional services to help companies to remove the complexity of developing and managing multiple solutions for every digital channel and device. If you’re looking for a flexible, secure and scalable and investment-free option, you can opt for SaaS (Software as a Service).


Web development

Best Practice

Responsive Web Design

Web development is a complex mix of new development technologies and increasing user expectation fuelled by the consumers love for new Internet browsing technology. One such complexity is which web design and development approach to adopt in order to achieve maximum reach across all devices whilst delivering the most optimal experience for the user.

Augmented Reality

Best Practice

Looking to the future of augmented reality

In the era of Google Glass, Oculus, 3D printing and technology applications that affect every aspect of our lives, augmented reality (AR) has a central role. The potential applications are limitless. They span numerous sectors, from training on installation maintenance to technical design of spaces such as shops, industrial installations and booths, from ecommerce to tourism, and from marketing to education.

Wearable Technology

Hot Spot

Play with Us

If you are interested in exploiting AR or the latest wearable devices, like Google Glass or Oculus, to expand your business, contact us for more information on the projects and trials that we have run.


Mobile Payments


Pay Reply

The increasing use of smartphones and mobile commerce services has led to exceptional growth in the demand for remote and proximity payment services. Pay Reply is Reply's centre of expertise, specialising in consultancy services and technology platforms for mobile payments. ​