Empathy Marketing
Are we leveraging intuitive data?

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Empathy Marketing

It's Personal!

In the digital world, every retailer aspires to have an individualized and personalized marketing plan for its customer. However, many reports suggest that 80% of the retailers don’t understand their customers beyond the basic information (name, address, and products bought). This is where today’s tech-savvy customer feels that the brands are not really listening nor capturing customer signals, and are too slow to react. Thus resulting in missed customer opportunities, or irrelevant offers and promotions.

  • How many times have we received an offer or a promotion after we have bought that product?
  • How many times have we received offers that are completely irrelevant to us?
  • How many times do you have to repeat an order event though it’s on our regular purchase list?

These are few of the many questions that the brands need to understand in order to increase personalised engagement with their customers. An effort to mitigate this challenge is the concept of Empathy Marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Retailers are increasingly under pressure to relate to their customers via innovative marketing and advertising strategies. The evolution of customer engagement was such that it evolved from brands deciding the content of the marketing campaigns to a two-way communication between the customer and the Brands. Portaltech Reply has established an Innovation Lab to support their clients in the next step of this evolution: leveraging intuitive data in real-time for a more empathetic marketing strategy.

Empathy Marketing with SAP Hybris

Understanding a person’s needs, exactly when the need arises is the key to a new stage of personalized customer communication: Empathy Marketing. This concept revolves around “in-the-moment” context; to understand the customer’s intents and motivations, and focus their efforts on meeting their needs. The key measurement of success is not just to improve marketing performance, but the overall positive impact to the business across the organization. Empathy Marketing requires the ability to listen to both explicit and implicit customer signals and cues.

  • Explicit signals are transactional, more concrete: campaigns targeted, offers and promotions responded to, products purchased, bills paid, service tickets, etc.
  • Implicit signals are softer, harder to quantify, but generally are a stronger indicator of future customer behaviour. Examples of implicit signals are sentiments from social media channels and other unstructured data sources like email responses, web forms, or text fields from service tickets, or even call centre phone call recording.

The next generation of marketing technology needs to leverage not only the historical information and the future propensities, but most importantly the current real-time customer intent and be able to do this on-the-fly so that the brands can respond to customer opportunities exactly in the moment. SAP Hybris marketing is one of the leading products that aims to capture intuitive customer data using their interests and demographics, online behaviour and buying behaviour to target specific groups.

Portaltech Reply Innovation Lab

Portaltech Reply has been associated with SAP Hybris since 2008. As the platinum elite system integration partners for SAP Hybris, Portaltech Reply has set-up an Innovation Lab to expand their SAP Hybris offerings to existing and potential clients.

The Innovation Lab serves as a knowledge hub for upcoming digital trends, technologies and challenges and for the mastership with the SAP Hybris CEC suite. It draws on the vast experience across the Reply Network regarding eCommerce, Retail, (digital) Marketing, Customer Experience & Customer Journey Design. The Lab incubates this expertise with the proven mastership of the SAP Hybris marketing and commerce solutions and a profound knowledge of the logic behind customer journeys and of identifying the right data to support marketing departments to enhance and enrich data from the SAP Hybris platform.

Be more relevant!

The Portaltech Reply Innovation Lab supports clients from the commerce, retail and travel sector by understanding their marketing strategy to optimally blend their demands with the capabilities of the SAP Hybris platform to simplify the online customer journey with extended personalisation. This enables companies to evolve towards an Empathy Marketing approach to achieve one crucial objective: Be more relevant – at the right time.

"Our vision is to engineer world class commerce tools to accelerate customers time to value."

Portaltech Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in consulting services for multi-channel eCommerce strategies and solutions, is a leading SAP Hybris partner, with offices in London, Chicago, Milan and Bremen. The company has acquired considerable experience in the eCommerce sector since the early 2000s, working on some of the most important multi-channel retail and eCommerce projects in Europe. Portaltech Reply is highly committed to the SAP Hybris technology. In addition to having been recognised as Global Partner of the Year on three different occasions, the company is the most respected and experienced SAP Hybris Platinum Elite implementation partner worldwide. www.portaltechreply.com