Process Mining:
X-Ray and Optimization
for Processes

Do you know what your processes look like?

Business excellence is a product of excellent processes. Excellence requires the ability of continuous optimisation. Transparent processes are key to identifying optimisation potentials. Process Mining delivers insights into processes and provides the necessary transparency.

Central Insights

Having an exact insight into existing processes and knowing the AS-IS state of the entire process landscape is a conditio sine qua non for defining a roadmap towards the TO-BE state. Process mining can largely replace lengthy procedures like workshops addressing all those involved. Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a root cause analysis and for triggering workflows can help to immediately increase process efficiencies.

What is Process Mining

Process Mining, is the Mining of Process Data. Using Big Data technologies, company processes are visualised and analysed. Process Mining Technology puts IT systems under scrutiny searching for traces left by processes. This “digital footprint” allows for a highly-detailed evaluation of the processes for an unprecedented level of transparency.

Process Mining explained in 2 minutes:

Key Benefits of Process Mining

• All AS-IS processes at a glance
• Data-based decision making
• Uncover hidden process potentials
• Immediate increase in efficiency

Process Mining fields of application

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    Process Optimisation

    Automated analyses across systems and departments.

  • Automation

    Identify & quantify the potential of automation projects.

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    Compliance & Audit

    Identification of shadow processes by matching TO-BE against AS-IS.

  • Customer Journey

    Visualisation of the customer journey across all channels.

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    Comprehensive knowledge on proceedings for a solidified decision.


Leadvise Reply accompany businesses as independent and objective consultants while having access to a pool of highly specialised companies within the Reply network. Depending on data availabIe we are able to offer a Proof-of-Value for Process Mining within only a few days. If you are interested to learn more, contact us at:

Leadvise Reply, a company of the Reply Group, is specialising in Management Consulting with a focus on highly regulated industries such as Telco, Chemicals, Pharma and the Financial Services Industry. Leadvise Reply supports companies in strategy, organisation and implementation projects using advanced technologies like Robotic Process Automation or Blockchain.