AI for software development

This research unveils the transformative shifts in software development driven by Artificial Intelligence and low-code platforms, weaving through insightful analysis, practical examples, and data-driven findings.

#Generative AI


Improving developers' work with AI and low-code

Generative AI, combined with classic AI methods and low-code, is gaining traction in the tech market.

This combination is subtly yet profoundly altering the landscape of software development, offering numerous advantages for businesses and their technical teams such as enabling organizations to innovate more rapidly, allocate resources more effectively, and reduce costs, making it easier to develop applications and systems.

Evolution of the software development market

According to our market analysis, carried out in collaboration with PAC, investments in AI-powered software development are expected to grow by 2027.


Expected evolution

in "Big-6" Countries

Looking at USA, China, UK, France, Germany, and India as "Big-6” Countries, 86% of software development investments will be AI-related in 2027, vs 18% in 2022.


Expected evolution

in "Rising-6" Countries

In the “Rising-6” Countries, which are Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium, Poland, and Romania, 70% of software development investments will be AI-related in 2027, vs 14% in 2022.

Key takeaways

In this research, you will find more about:

Streamlining code generation,
debugging and testing

By automating key tasks in coding, debugging, and testing, artificial intelligence supports multiple programming languages and generates custom code structures, ensuring efficient development and ongoing maintenance efforts.

Democratizing software
development with AI and low-code

As the coding process becomes more interactive, leveraging tools that use NLP, developers will be able to collaborate actively with AI models, even potentially "conversing" with AI agents embodied in digital humans. This shift promises to democratise coding, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Transforming the design landscape
with AI-powered tools

Generative AI is reshaping software development by translating stakeholder talks into specs, analyzing documents for errors, and forecasting requirements. It facilitates the creation of dynamic prototypes, improves design, and ensures compliance in the SDLC.

Discover the impact of Generative AI and low-code in the realm of software development through our comprehensive report.

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