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Discover Reply's framework for software development, based on Generative AI.

our framework

KICODE Reply leverages Generative AI and can autonomously run through the entire Software Development Life Cycle starting from a single instruction.

A new way to develop software

Whether code creation, testing or debugging: Several AI tools have arrived in the everyday lives of most developers. They answer questions, write lines of code and thus facilitate particular elements of software development - as long as they receive the right prompts. But what if AI could create these commands itself and thus complete complex tasks with multiple steps and handle complete development processes autonomously? 

From idea to deployment in just a few minutes - and completely automated: KICODE Reply makes exactly that possible.

The special framework is designed as a task-driven autonomous agent system. It uses Generative AI and can autonomously run through the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) based on a single instruction. The framework understands commands in natural language and breaks them down into subtasks, which it passes on to different AI agents one after the other. These agents act, for example, as product owners, frontend or backend developers, or DevOps engineer.


A system that thinks along

Using KICODE Reply, developers don't have to rack their brains over the concrete technical requirements for their new software project. A simple command describing in natural language what is to be developed is sufficient. Based on this, our innovative framework creates a suitable user story including all requirements. As soon as the product owner has approved this user story, KICODE Reply aligns the entire development process with it.

But check out for yourself how easy it is to implement a software project with KICODE Reply:

The advantages at a glance


Accelerated and flexible software development

Thanks to AI, our framework realizes entire software projects completely autonomously in just a few minutes. Furthermore, it works in different operation systems and platforms.


Faultless and proven solutions

The framework uses countless data from past projects. This not only ensures that proven solutions are used, but also that all eventualities have been considered.


More capacity for innovative projects

Our framework frees developers from simple and repetitive tasks. This allows them to concentrate on real challenges, give free rein to their creativity and develop completely new software products and approaches.

KICODE Reply in action for you

Would you also like to experience the future of software development? Our experts will be happy to advise you and show you how the KICODE Reply can take your projects to the next level. Depending on your needs, KICODE Reply can be extended with further AI agents and thus with additional functions because of its modular design. On request, our experts develop customized agents - precisely tailored to your use case.

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