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Our framework for automated, digital and intelligent, Input Management.

Our Framework

OMNIFRAIME combines proven Input Management solutions with innovative cloud and RPA services and complements them with Generative AI.

Short response times

Whether orders, customer inquiries, purchase requests, or even just mail for employees: Companies receive a wide variety of different data and documents every day. To ensure that customers, suppliers, and partners have a pleasant experience with the company, all documents must be processed promptly and to a high standard of quality. But this often involves a great deal of manual effort. And so long waiting times are not infrequently the reality.

OMNIFRAIME significantly accelerates this process with Generative AI. Our framework ensures automated, digital, and, especially, intelligent processing of all documents that reach your company. For your customers, suppliers, and partners, this means timely feedback. Users also benefit from the flexibility: OMNIFRAIME works with both eWorkplace, the in-house ECM suite of Macros Reply, and any other document management, ERP or CRM solution.


The AI turbo for your input management

OMNIFRAIME combines proven Machine Learning-based Input Management solutions with innovative cloud and RPA services and complements them with Generative AI. For example, services based on Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT assist in creating accurate summaries and possible response letters. In combination, all these technologies enable particularly efficient Input Management that is individually tailored to the initial situation.

The advantages at a glance


Increased customer satisfaction

Intelligent automation allows documents to be processed faster and turnaround times to be reduced. This boosts customer satisfaction - as well as that of suppliers and partners.


More capacity for demanding tasks

Thanks to OMNIFRAIME, manual sifting and sorting of submitted documents is no longer necessary. This allows employees to focus on value-adding tasks instead.


Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Automatic data extraction reduces costs associated with manual data entry and processing.


Fewer errors and higher data quality

OMNIFRAIME reduces errors that often occur with manual Input Management. This can significantly improve the quality of extracted data for distribution and further processing.


Easy scalability

With OMNIFRAIME, companies can respond quickly to increasing input volumes, peak loads, and changing requirements, and scale flexibly.


Compliant processing

In industries with stringent compliance requirements, such as healthcare or finance, OMNIFRAIME enables additional control mechanisms for regulatory compliance.


Perfect basis for full automation

The data structured by OMNIFRAIME is the perfect starting point for an RPA, BPM, or AI solution that automates the entire following process.

OMNIFRAIME in action for you

Want to ignite the AI turbo for your Input Management, too? Our experts will be happy to advise you on how the framework can provide optimal support to your company. In doing so, we at Reply do not rely on a "one fits all" approach. Thanks to its modular structure, OMNIFRAIME can be flexibly adapted to your very individual requirements. Let us find the perfect solution for your Input Management together.


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