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AI Live Posting

Reply's solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence to generate real-time posts in a social media format.

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AI Live Posting harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to instantly transform live speeches into captivating posts.

Transforming speeches into engaging posts

AI Live Posting transforms real-time spoken content into captivating posts. This solution leverages AI technology to transcribe and analyze spoken content in real-time, converting it into engaging written posts. In addition, the AI algorithms automatically create visually appealing images that complement the posts and generates open questions related to the spoken content itself. Perfect for capturing speeches from events, conferences, product launches, and sports events, the system ensures captivating content and enhances user engagement on social media platforms.

This solution can be used independently to manage the live posts of any event or in combination with TamTamy, the Digital Workplace and Enterprise Social Network platform.


Deep dive into AI Live Posting


Unlocking the power of AI Live Posting


Time and effort savings

Automated post creation reduces the need to manually extract and rework information from company content, boosting efficiency and minimizing errors.


Efficiency and timeliness

The solution transforms spoken content into real-time social media posts, allowing for immediate sharing of important speeches and events.



Artificial Intelligence enhances creativity in social media by enabling the generation of unique, engaging, and personalized content for the target audience.


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