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Chat with your data

Experience streamlined access to your company's internal knowledge through Cluster Reply's AI-powered solution, empowering employees and decision-makers with text-based queries.

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This AI-powered assistant is more than just a chatbot; it's a gateway to your organization's collective knowledge.

The solution

AI-powered data-driven dialogues

In the realm of data accessibility, vital information is scattered across various sources within organizations, from user manuals to knowledge databases and custom-built code repositories. This often lead to long manual searches.
To enable fast and well-founded decisions and increase efficiency, many companies are therefore looking for a new solution.

That's where Cluster Reply’s AI-powered assistant comes into play. This intelligent solution has been purposefully designed to seamlessly navigate this data maze. It efficiently responds to text-based queries, offering quick access to pertinent information, even when dealing with unstructured resources. Thus, the solution can support companies in many areas. These include for example:


With "Chat with your data" you can quickly answer technical questions, e.g. on how products work or their advantages and disadvantages. Employees can access on-demand knowledge to improve their expertise and decision-making.


Simplify new employee onboarding by providing step-by-step instructions for tasks such as time tracking or vacation planning. With our AI assistant, new hires can navigate complex processes with ease.

Marketing & Sales

With our AI-powered assistant, you can effectively respond to inquiries from potential customers by gathering project information or outlining project approaches. It enables you to deliver real-time, data-driven responses that drive business and build trust.

How it works

Our solution in action

The AI-powered assistant makes searching for information a breeze. Our demo shows how easy it is to use it.

The technology behind

Azure-powered foundation

The robust performance of Azure Container Apps, Azure OpenAI Services, Azure Form Recognizer, Azure Search Services, .NET/C#, and Blazor forms the foundation of our solution. This technology stack ensures not only a seamless experience but also upholds the highest standards of data security and processing efficiency. Your data is safe, and your operations are optimized.

The benefits

Information discovery revolution

Fast & precision data retrieval

Seamlessly explore vast collections of data with remarkable speed and precision. No more sifting through endless documents or hunting for information; our AI-powered assistant brings it to your fingertips.


Reference for reliable answers

Thanks to the AI chatbot, you not only know the answer to your question within seconds but also the source that the system consulted for it. This means that employees can really rely on the answers they receive.

Personalized repository

The assistant’s knowledge base is tailored to suit your organization's unique needs. Thus, you can use only specific data sources that are relevant to your industry, processes, and objectives for better results.


Seamless integration

Integrate this AI-powered assistant effortlessly into your existing workflows and systems, elevating productivity and facilitating informed decision-making throughout your organization.

Harness the power of Gen AI to gain targeted insights that drive your business forward, witnessing what a tailored solution could look like for your organization.


Cluster Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in consulting and systems integration of Microsoft technologies. The company focuses on innovation and supports the evolution of the Microsoft offering from on-premises to cloud applications in the areas of Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Applications and Infrastructure, Data and Artificial Intelligence.