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AI Product Discovery

Our AI-powered configurator harnesses the capabilities of real-time 3D technologies and Generative AI delivering a competitive advantage for brands.


AI Product Discovery is a solution that leverages real-time 3D configuration technologies and generative Large Language Models for photorealistic product visualisations and immersive experiences.

Elevating real-time configuration

At the forefront of redefining 3D real-time configuration experiences, Reply introduces a solution that transforms the interaction landscape between brands and customers. Harnessing the power of Epic's Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences, Infinity Reply can bring a 3D product to life through hyperrealistic representations, establishing an immersive environment. To further elevate the customer experience, we can also integrate OpenAI’s generative conversational intelligence, thoughtfully implemented by Machine Learning Reply in the form of an AI assistant. The provided solution can be furthermore adapted to other Large Language Models to allow full customisation.

This transformative solution, merging advanced AI and 3D real-time tech, ushers in a new era of engagement. Powered by generative AI, it enables easy voice, gesture, and text interactions, fostering deep connections with AI-driven sales assistants. It also enhances customer journeys and operations seamlessly, making processes faster, smarter, and more efficient, while preserving human touch. By extending dialogues, it weaves the brand's narrative into every interaction.


The main features

Dynamic customisation

Users can modify finishes, colours, materials and options in real time according to their needs, thanks also to the integration of artificial intelligence generative models for the customisation of textures and materials.

Detailed information retrieval

Comprehensive product information is readily accessible, providing users with a thorough understanding of its features and specifications.

Multi-modal interaction

Users can engage with the product and the AI assistant through voice commands, text inputs, and gestures, offering diverse ways to interact.


Contextual animation

Users can control animations associated with the product, allowing them to visualise its functionality and movements.

3D customisation for multiple industries

The digital assistant’s interactions are driven by Generative AI models trained and profiled on a specific knowledge base, and used for creating specialised patterns. For instance, users' specific inquiries prompt the assistant to respond contextually by triggering animations in the product focus area while providing technical specifications. Thanks to advanced 3D technologies, it's possible to reach the audience effortlessly with seamless streaming of real-time content, crafting complex VR scenes.

Additionally, our system is adaptable to different industries, from automotive, through retail, up to home appliances. When compared to the traditional method of configuring through clicks, the AI-powered configurator offers a faster, more intuitive, and personalised experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased conversions, and a competitive advantage.


Ready to offer personalized and real-time configuration experiences? Connect with us to explore how our solution can set you apart and create unique interactions with your audience.

Infinity Reply


Infinity Reply specializes in 3D visualizations and the development of customized Spatial Computing solutions. Thanks to the most recent 3D Rendering in Real Time technologies end Infinity Reply enables innovative storytelling and interactive product communication. The portfolio includes consultancy services,creative and technological concept desing, 3D Content production and development. The solutions range is suited to support Sales, Communication, Entertainment, Training and Simulation processes across industries.

Machine Learning Reply


Machine Learning Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in providing artificial intelligence services and solutions, guiding its customers towards a process of digitisation and helping them become more competitive and data-driven thanks to the adoption of Smart Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. With extensive experience in deep learning, artificial vision, natural language processing and predictive modelling, the company helps its customers to enhance their business, putting highly experienced development teams at their disposal.