Bosch Connected World 2024

Reply is represented at BCW 2024! Meet our experts to dive deeper into the topics of Mobility, Cloud, Data and AI, Security and Connected Systems.

February 28 - February 29, 2024
Berlin & Online

With Reply at the forefront of technical innovation and future digital business.

Driving Innovation with AI

Discover at BCW2024 in Berlin how you can make your company more innovative with Generative AI, data, cloud and security technologies. Learn more about the possibilities of new technologies and their impact on your future digital business in live demos and presentations at our booth. Reply supports you in the realization of your visions and the digital transformation of your company with perfect solutions from consulting to implementation.

Visit our experts at booth G11, take part in live demos and learn more about optimizing your digital business.

Meet our experts

Take the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn from each other at BCW2024 in Berlin.

Get in touch with us! Our experts from Autonomous Reply, Blue Reply, Cluster Reply, Concept Reply, Ki Reply, Liquid Reply, Data Reply, Riverland Reply, Spike Reply, Sprint Reply and Storm Reply are looking forward to meeting you!

Our topics at BCW 2024:

Bosch Race Connect Demonstrator

The Bosch Race Connect Demonstrator simulates data collection from multiple vehicle sensors used in car races, collected by a dedicated Bosch component. The data is sent to a platform called Race Connect, which is hosted in the AWS Cloud. Users can also visualise this data and perform actions. Storm Reply shows a visualisation of the architecture, in which the flow of data through all components becomes visible.

Connected Mobility

Electromobility is playing a growing role in the area of connected mobility and the integration of IoT ecosystems is becoming increasingly important. Concept Reply shows it’s deep expertise. Learn from their experience and reference cases.

IoT enabled sustainability

Thanks to smarter systems, companies can gain energy savings and CO2 footprint reduction. Concept Reply shares their insight they collected in several customer projects like the Service Gard for Yunex.

Green FinOps

Analyzing, optimizing, and teaching you how to sustainably handle your cloud costs, gain transparency, reduce costs, and maximize the value of your cloud usage.

Policy-based AI Image recognition with WebAssembly

Smart Image recognition via policy-based LLM routing.

Revolutionizing Smart Factories: End-to-End Solutions to Enhance Quality Assurance

Data Reply offers end-to-end solutions for Quality Assurance in the manufacturing sector. Quality Assurance ensures that high production standards are maintained and that customers receive quality products free of defects. The incorporation of machine learning applications to monitor camera or sensor data allows for the continuous generation of KPIs on production batch quality.

Optimizing Industrial Insights: Unleashes the Potential of Real-Time Telemetry Data Analytics

Leveraging extensive experience in analytics, data processing, and artificial intelligence, Data Reply introduces a transformative solution for telemetry analytics. Our comprehensive platform adeptly analyzes real-time and batch sensor data, delivering insights into operational dynamics for the manufacturing and automotive industries. Prioritizing precision and efficiency, Data Reply's expertise empowers industries to fully unlock the potential of telemetry, reshaping their approach to data analysis for enhanced performance and operational excellence.

Agile and genAI

Riverland Reply pioneers the use of generative AI to elevate all phases of software development, including estimation, planning, design, development, and testing. Specializing in cloud-centric solutions and embracing new agile methodologies, the company optimizes efficiency and fosters innovation. By seamlessly integrating generative AI, Riverland Reply transforms software development, delivering agile, cloud-driven solutions that redefine industry standards and accelerate project success.

End to end Cyber Security for connected products

Spike Reply provides a specialized cyber security approach designed to cover the most complex interconnected ecosystems. The solutions and competences emphasize not only safeguarding sophisticated devices but also ensuring the protection of cloud and hybrid infrastructures, the confidentiality and integrity of the managed data through, when necessary, Native Cloud Security solutions. Spike Reply´s approach considers the current security compliance and regulations landscape (like ISO 27001, NIS2, GDPR, etc.) and the implementation of Enterprise solutions able to protect the identities , the devices, the infrastructures, the applications and APIs and containers and microservices.

Advanced OT Cyber Security Solutions for Next-Generation Threats

Safeguarding operations against the latest cyber threats, establishing a secure, resilient, and compliant operational environment in the fast-evolving digital landscape is a core offering of Spike Reply. The focus is on cyber security solutions for Operational Technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Join our experts and understand how to ensure the secure fabric of your systems, secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) by ensuring to meet all regulatory requirements.

Penetration Testing

Spike Reply can cover the security monitoring for the company’s entire ecosystem, and, through the Cyber Defense Service, they can identify and respond in real time to a potential security incident or threat. In addition to the mentioned approach Spike Reply can simulate the last generation cyber-attacks against an entire IOT Connected ecosystem (infrastructures, applications, APIS and devices) to check for potential/exploitable vulnerabilities (Penetration Testing).

Unlocking the Power of AI-Technologies: Generative AI & Automation Workshops

Our Use Case Discovery Workshops gibe a deep dive into efficiency and digital transformation. Benefit from expert-led sessions on Generative AI and automation, hands-on use case identification, and implement cutting-edge solutions for streamlined processes. Prioritize and capitalize on opportunities, embrace change, and unlock new digital potentials for success.

Revolutionizing Efficiency: Navigating the Future of Business Process Excellence

Embark on a transformative journey in business process management with our suite of services. From strategic BPM visioning to AI-driven process analysis and cutting-edge automation, redefine your operations. Explore the power of intelligent automation, data-driven insights, and process mining for operational excellence, cost savings, and a lasting competitive edge. Unveil the tools, technologies, and strategies to lead in the dynamic landscape of business innovation.

Generative AI ChatBot

The Generative AI Chatbot uses the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology. This supports companies in using modern Large Language Models (LLMs) to make searches within large amounts of data efficient and structured.

Software-defined Vehicle

The automotive world is changing, and vehicle software becoming increasingly complex. Software-defined Vehicles provide the automotive market with increased customer engagement throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle. Join our experts from Autonomous Reply and Storm Reply and discuss current and future requirements for a modern and innovative car experience with the available operating systems and frameworks. Understand how digital services can pave new paths that make the vehicle appear as a real "smart device on four wheels".

IoT meets AI: predictive maintenance and spare parts ordering in production

There are numerous potential causes of lost time and rising costs in production, ranging from anomalies and defects to production downtimes. An IoT data platform can counteract these problems and be trained for automatic fault detection using machine learning models. Operators of (recycling) plants can also benefit from AI. Using 3D visualization, spare parts can be identified effortlessly and in the shortest possible time and can be selected and ordered by end users via a web application. Let Cluster Reply show you at the stand how IoT and AI enable new, innovative approaches in production.

KICODE Reply: The future of software development

Discover how you can transform your software development AI-driven. Ki Reply's KICODE Reply is at the forefront of innovation, transforming traditional software development with an AI-driven approach that not only speeds up the development process, but also ensures reliable and efficient solutions. We provide insights into the creation of autonomous software projects that can be realized within minutes and seamlessly integrated on different platforms.

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