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About Liquid Reply

Liquid Reply is a Reply Group Company specialized in Container Orchestration, Cloud Native Development & FinOps. The team focuses on multi- and hybrid cloud solutions, site reliability engineering and operational enablement from day two.  

As a development partner Liquid Reply strengthens a company-wide, cloud-based culture and helps companies to embrace the ever-changing IT universe as a part of their own DNA. The team ensures full cloud native potential by providing a holistic approach to people, systems and multi as well as hybrid cloud strategies. 

The offering also includes tailored training to deepen cloud native knowledge and to prepare experts for successful certification as Kubernetes Administrators and Application Developers (CKA/CKAD). 

Cloud & Microservices


Deep Dives into Cloud Architectures

The experts of Liquid Reply deal with cloud native transformations every day.

The blog gives you deeper insight into our world.


The Services

Most companies use multiple cloud providers and need both, public and private cloud environments. Liquid Reply's offering includes container-based solutions with a high degree of automation. The team supports companies at all stages of the value chain.


The objective is to understand a cloud-native philosophy and its advantages. This begins with a workshop customized for individual company needs.

Design + Build

With the right know-how, companies can create and transform their own platforms and applications with a cloud-native design.

Moving to Production

Teams of employees are prepared for operation from day two. Complex implementations become manageable through automation.


Organisations and teams are enabled to implement hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios.

Best Practices & Success Stories

Liquid Reply's successful projects demonstrate how best practice techniques can be applied to real business contexts.



Optimise Cloud costs with FinOps

FinOps solve the problems of managing cloud costs using an iterative business culture. Liquid Reply offers experience and best practices in implementation.

Optimise Cloud costs with FinOps 0


Best Practice

Monitoring of Kubernetes platforms

A company in the automotive industry needed dynamic monitoring options for its dynamic IT infrastructure, which should be as cost-efficient as possible. Liquid Reply made this possible with the existing monitoring and logging stack and despite a lack of standards.

Monitoring of Kubernetes platforms 0

29.11.2021 / Hybrid



Avoid deployment across multiple cloud platforms and use a universal cloud API: Learn all about the benefits of Crossplane, an extension of the Kubernetes API for managing and composing CSP infrastructures, in Liquid Reply's presentation at DevOps Con Munich 2021.

24.08.2021 / Hybrid


World Class Digital Transformation & Innovation 2021 with Liquid Reply

World Class Digital Transformation & Innovation 2021 informs about current topics of digital transformation. On 24 August 2021, Liquid Reply is represented with the presentation "How Cloud Native Technologies Transform Teams".

Container based IT architecture

Best Practice

Cloud FinOps for a telco-business

For a telecommunications company, a complex cloud provider structure led to high IT costs. With a targeted analysis Liquid Reply made FinOps visible. In a second step, the team optimised the individual costs and established a sound cost management. 

Cloud FinOps for a telco-business 0

Scalable deployment

Best Practice

Re-design of a container architecture

A company in the telecommunications sector identified availability problems when operating a new consent management system. Liquid Reply addressed the cause with a new architecture during ongoing operations.

Re-design of a container architecture 0

18.03.2021 - 15.04.2021 / Webinar Series


FinOps: Cloud Cost Management

FinOps (Financial Operations) is an approach for cost calculation of multi-cloud environments. How can FinOps make cloud costs visible? How can cloud cost management tools like CloudHealth support a change in corporate culture? This sessions with Liquid Reply and CloudHealth by VMware gives an overview on how to stay in control using FinOps.

Fast IT with CI and CD

Best Practice

Mastering microservices with GitOps

The IT department of a company in the automotive industry used CI/CD pipelines for fast provisioning, but was slowed down by complex structures. Liquid Reply used GitOps to provide better visibility - and agreed its use with the security requirements.

Mastering microservices with GitOps 


Liquid Reply offers unique career opportunities for graduates, experts and professionals. As a development partner, the team works closely with customers to solve both, complex infrastructure and application problems.

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