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Data Reply

Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of analytics and data processing services. We operate across different industries and business functions, working directly with executive level professionals, enabling them to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data.
We find that one of the biggest problems experienced by our clients today is being overwhelmed with the amount of data that they face and not knowing how to leverage it to their advantage. The vast landscape of available technology stacks and models means that choosing the right ones can be a daunting task. Most companies know that their data is valuable, and that they should be making the most out of it to stay competitive, but often don’t know where to begin or what to prioritise.
At Data Reply, we pride ourselves on helping clients make the right decisions to build their data strategy. With our consultants expertise, we map the right technologies to meet our clients’ business needs. We deal in bespoke solutions, and offer in house training to ensure that our clients realise the full value of their big data solution.


Customers are not all equal: each one is unique and has specific needs. That’s the reason why managing all the customers with the same strategy could lead to failing results. Big Data are used to implement customized processes beyond the generalist advertising.

Sales & Marketing Intelligence designs and delivers Data Solutions to support all the process of sales and marketing. With Price Optimization it is possible to identify the correct price at product level to maximize profits and sales. Stock optimization avoid overstock or stock shortage. Build ad-hoc historical data repository allows to develop ML&AI algorithms which are able to predict behaviours, churn risk and suggest the next best action or offer for each customer. In this way a true one-to-one marketing mechanism is created.  


Traditional IT Architectures are not viable anymore because of the amount of data that the modern market requires. Solutions based on Data Warehouse are not always scalable and can reach a breaking point. That’s why it is crucial to adopt new solutions that can merge traditional Business Analytics and Big Data in a modern Big Data Platform.

Big Data Engineers & Security Intelligence have a 360 degrees’ approach to IT architecture, with its contribution in the migration and union between Data Warehouse and Data Lake. Innovation is a fundamental part in the process; eyes and hands on emerging techs like GPU and Quantum Computing are crucial to anticipate the market. The development of ML and AI algorithms, focused on the IT Security, enables a complete monitoring of the business. The solution, whether it is architectural or algorithmic, is built around the client with tailor-made implementations, both On-Prem and in Cloud.


How to correctly manage data? Since the foundation of modern Computer Science the cycle of Data Governance has been important, but only due to the recent UE normative being compliant has become crucial.

The experience of Enterprise Intelligence is focused on two cores: on one hand there is the Data Governance and the introduction of AI & ML to simplify and automate internal processes. When the complexity of the enterprise processes arise, having a good governance and quality of underlying data can make the difference. Custom AI for Robotic Process automation, automated image analytics of CV and documents with optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Process can be used to reduce the internal costs.


Everything is connected, or is going to be: black box on vehicles, Smart Manufactory Machinery, connected devices. IoT sensors register huge amount of raw data every day. In the right hands, these data can be processed, providing useful insights for both business and production.

IoT & Industry 4.0 Intelligence aims at gathering those Data, understanding how they are generated, and starting from a Root Cause analysis, developing predictive AI algorithms. KPIs can be monitored and predicted in real or near-real time, making possible to optimize and refine industrial processes, boosting the efficiency for the company.

12.06.2019 - 13.06.2019 / London


Reply at AI Summit 2019

Reply takes part in the AI Summit 2019 event on 12-13 June 2019 in London. See practical ways of how businesses can take advantage of AI.

09.06.2019 - 11.06.2019 / London


CogX 2019

Data Reply attended the festival of AI and emerging technology at CogX London 2019 where over 500 industry, government and academic experts cover AI's most important topic areas.