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Data Reply

Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services. We operate across different industries and business functions, working directly with executive level professionals and Chief Officers enabling them to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data.
We support companies in designing and implementing human-centered data products to turn embryonic ideas into enterprise solutions. We aim at handling trade-offs among business requirements and technical constraints, developing holistic Big Data architectures and ensuring cybersecurity and data protection.
We have strong competences in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and IPA; we build Big Data platforms and implement ML and AI models in a manner that is repeatable, efficient, scalable, simple and yet secure. We supports companies in combinatorial optimization processes with Quantum Computing techniques that enable an engine with high computational performances.
We work alongside clients through the journey to data culture maturity and we offer in house bespoke training to ensure they can realise the full value of their Big Data solution.


We help companies in designing and implementing human-centered data products framing strategies that can support AI strategy transformation from pilots to production. Using a methodological process design thinking inspired, we aim at handling design-driven innovation and trade-offs mostly among business requirements and technical constraints.

We provide consulting and advisory service to support companies in creating their own Data Lab: a centre of data enablement, with suitable structure, competences and capabilities to assist business lines’ requests and generate further value through data experimentation. Starting with the focus on the users’ needs, the solution design moves into planning how the innovation will fit into the company’s existing architecture.

Data Reply has toolkits and highly experienced data architects who are able to develop holistic data architectures to merge and union traditional Data Warehouse with modern Big Data Platform. This also includes ensuring cybersecurity and data protection, which are the pillars of an architectural target image. The solution, whether it is architectural or algorithmic, is built around the client with tailor-made implementations, both On-Prem and in Cloud.  


Data Reply has expert teams of Big Data Engineers and Data Scientist heavily focused on delivery value and solution performances. We support companies in creating their own Big data platforms, from data ingestion, data quality, enrichment to conformance. We support the implementation of ML and AI models with best practises that can help AI teams in a conscious use of the technology. We aim at effectively architect new solutions in a manner that is repeatable, efficient, scalable, simple and yet secure.

We have experience in Custom AI for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligence Process Automation (IPA) to support company in simplifying and automatizing internal processes (while decreasing costs and increasing efficiency) through NLP, OCR and customised techniques.

We are keen on data governance to assure that high data quality exists throughout the complete lifecycle of the data and is compliant with standing GDPR and other data regulation.


Data Reply has consolidated experience in designing and building cloud solutions. We support companies with either lift-and-shift solutions and with cloud native architectures. The adoption of a Cloud solution enables a scalable Big Data platform to collect and centralize all the data, build and train machine learning algorithm on top of them, and develop scalable applications.

Although each customer is unique, ready-to-plug solutions can accelerate the digital transformation towards tangible results. We support the implementation of AI models with best practises that can help AI teams in a conscious use of the technology. Although many diverse sources of bias exist, we aim at making AI systems more explainable and auditable, to lately lead organizations to more transparent actions in terms of return on investment, measurable business and impact on resources.

Data Reply supports companies in combinatorial optimization processes with Accelerated Computing and Quantum Computing techniques and customised workshops on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Tensor Processing units (TPUs) and Deep Learning models. Indeed, the use of hardware with massive parallelization capabilities as GPU and TPU allows tackling problems that require high computational solving power. Moreover, the access to a real Quantum Processor allows us to test quantum-inspired algorithms internally developed and to identify solutions to problems hardly solvable with traditional techniques.


Data Reply aims at supporting its customers developing and implementing a consistent data strategy that goes well beyond technology and considers all changes across the organisations from Culture, People, Process, Technology to Governance.

We work alongside clients to aid them establishing and maturing their governance model and integration capabilities identifying a clear mandate for any data function. Beside a Data Culture, we support companies in Data Governance in order to assure compliance with latest norms and to have effective methodologies for all stakeholders involved.

We deliver education programs that enable the skills necessary to analyse data as long as custom workshops and training in Data Science and Deep Learning certified by The Data Incubator Institution.




On September 28th and 29th, Data Reply will be present at the "Big Data & AI Paris 2021" exhibition. Meet us at booth A41 during the whole event ! Big Data & AI Paris is the leading European event for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in 2021. With a unique concentration of content and key industry players, discover how to do it better, faster and at scale.

17.06.2020 / Fully Digital


Aws Summit Online 2020

Join the AWS Summit 2020 the new fully Online Edition. Hear about the latest trends in cloud during the Opening Keynote of Werner Vogels, CTO by, and dive deep in 55 breakout sessions across 11 track. Meet REPLY at the Virtual Booth and discover the latest expertise on AWS Technology about: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and Industrial Software.

computer vision

Best Practice

Distance tracking against COVID-19

Considering all the recent advancements in computer vision in terms of processing algorithms and AI models, we consider them directly applicable for coronavirus monitoring: AI can help to process images coming from digital cameras, identifying peoples’ profiles and behavior, ensuring the respect of social distancing and personal protection equipment usage.

Distance tracking against COVID-19 0