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Who we are

Concept Reply advises and supports their customers from Automotive, Manufacturing, Smart Infrastructure and other industries in all aspects related to Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing.

The aspiration is to offer end-to-end solutions throughout the entire value chain: starting at the definition of an IoT strategy to advising of application possibilities up to the conceptualization and implementation of a concrete solution. This includes the selection of suitable technologies and components, the communication and interaction between the objects and devices as well as their integration.

Concept Reply designs and develops whole project plans as well as customized individual components and sections.

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Munich IoT MeetUp

Connecting devices has enormous potential to create value, but we need coordinated approaches for the introduction of the next generation of paradigms within IoT. Concept Reply therefore wants to offer a meeting place for visionary IoT enthusiasts with its Meetup Group.



Concept Reply offers a comprehensive portfolio around IoT development, starting with embedded software development up to frontend and backend solutions.


Concept Reply is specialized in embedded software engineering based on various hardware platforms and operating systems. LEARN MORE


Concept Reply covers the software development process from the device, through the gateway, all the way to the cloud or smartphone app. LEARN MORE


Case Study

Linde Material Handling: Services for the digital truck

The digitalised forklift truck from Linde Material Handling are fitted with a variety of sensors and a connection to the cloud. Concept Reply provided support with the development of solutions for campaing management and visualising the technical parameters for the digital twin.


Case Study

Linde Material Handling: Innovation for Aftersales

Industrial forklift trucks are complex vehicles. In addition to the standard equipment, each model is delivered with optional additional features. Concept Reply and Linde Material Handling support new business models in this traditional field automating the customization process as an aftersales service for customers.

Linde Material Handling Innovation for Aftersales

19.05.2021 - 20.05.2021 / Online


Reply Autonomous Days 2021

Autonomous vehicles such as cars, drones, robots and many more are becoming increasingly popular. The Reply Autonomous Days 2021 take a deep dive into different fields and implementation possibilites of such autonomous systems.

06.05.2021 / Online


Clubhouse Talk: From Cloud to Edge - The Next IT Transformation

Join our talk "From Cloud to Edge - The Next IT Transformation" on the audio-based social network platform Clubhouse and exchange ideas with the experts about the latest findings in research on Edge Computing.

IoT & Cloud


Deep Dive into the World of IoT with Concept Reply

The developers of Concept Reply deal with the Internet of Things every day and would like to give you an insight into the technical background of IoT. Learn more:



Case Study

Gkn Introduced an Edge Gateway to Support Its Own Additive Manufacturing Solution

GKN is developing a digital twin system equipped with interfaces capable of monitoring all stages of the manufacturing process. This innovation, which has the potential to radically change the design, production, sale and maintenance of complex products in different industries, is made possible by edge computing.

Test Automation

Case Study

Test Automation for the Naval Industry

Concept Reply has developed a service to automate the execution of Performance Test scenarios for a leading company in the naval sector, operating in 4 continents and 20 countries that offers design and construction services for cruise ships, naval vessels, ferries and mega-yachts.

Test Automation for the Naval Industry 0

real-time localisation

Best Practice

Reply Tracking & Location System

The Reply Tracking and Location System is a real-time localisation system created by Reply to automatically identify and monitor the position of objects and personnel across indoor environments or facility entrances.

Reply Tracking & Location System 0

Functional Safety

White Paper

Lessons Learned from Functional Safety Standards

The importance of safety of embedded products is increasing. Issues after the rollout can be catastrophic and might not be fixable without direct access to the devices. Concept Reply gives advice on how to ensure the development of a safe product using functional safety standards.

IoT Development

White Paper

5 Lessons learned on inter Microcontroller Communication

In the Internet of Things devices become connected to the Internet. However, in complex industrial environments devices also need to communicate with each other directly. This means enabling Microcontrollers to send and receive messages as well as triggering tasks.

Best Practice

Digital Twin: your digital companion for manufacturing

Concept Reply created the DTWIN framework to support the rapid development of Digital Twin solutions connected to the physical world. This is thanks to Edge IoT devices from which the Digital Twins extract process information, interfacing directly with machine tools and production systems.

Digital Twin your digital companion for manufacturing 0



The Evolution of the Consumer Internet of Things

The Consumer IoT refers to the billions of physical personal devices, such as smartphones, wearables, fashion items and the growing number of smart home appliances, that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data.

Discover more about Reply’s survey on Consumer IoT!

10.09.2020 / Webinar



Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of production sites is on everyone's lips. But how can the shopfloor be connected with heterogeneous machines? How can old and new technology be combined and what data should be collected? Together with their partner Actyx, Concept Reply introduces you to solutions and experiences to successfully digitize your factory.

15.09.2020 / Webinar



In this session, Concept Reply highlights the best practices developed in the embedded software team to make sure the testability of the devices since the design phase. Using long term tests stimulating different interfaces at the same time, it is possible to prevent deadlocks, memory leaks and unexpected behavior during the product life cycle.

Cloud Plattform

Best Practice

Intelligent Fleet Management

As the automotive industry is increasingly expanding its business to include services, car sharing and ride hailing are becoming key areas of innovation in passenger transport. A multinational car manufacturer has approached Concept Reply to develop a next generation ride-hailing service.

Embedded Solutions

Best Practice

Automating Software Updates within Connected Cars

Enable car features without manual intervention - in today's dynamic IT and automotive industry, process automation is the key to reducing costs during this process. Concept Reply makes this possible with a smarter car sharing module.

Automating Software Updates within Connected Cars 0


Best Practice

DevOps for Automotive

In the automotive sector Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) with nightly builds and smoke tests enable software checks on test racks. The Concept Reply team proposed a set of new processes which led to full automation in software release.

DevOps for Automotive 0

Internet of Things

Best Practice

An introduction to IoT Protocols

IoT is an interdisciplinary field that allows a wide range of devices, from the smallest sensors to industrial machines, to communicate and affect each other close to real-time. Concept Reply has faced complex use cases over time and learned to craft architectures, utilizing multiple mixes of IoT protocols as well as different patterns to reach the optimal solution for clients.

Digital Twin

Best Practice

Digital Twins for the Intelligent Factory

Manufacturers must leverage the potential of technological developments such as IoT, cloud computing and machine learning to stay competitive. One possibility: the concept of the Digital Twin.

IDG Study


Internet of Things Trends: Key Findings

Last year, companies increasingly implemented IoT projects with an extremely high success rate. The IDG study "IoT 2019/2020 - The Most Important Key Findings", in which Concept Reply participated, provides precise figures.

Internet of Things Trends Key Findings 0

Streetlighting Application

Case Study

IoT-Supported Lighting for Smart Cities

Together with Phoenix Contact, Concept Reply is developing a platform for the targeted control of street lights based on the IoT-capable LoRaWAN protocol. The street Lighting application helps towns and cities to quickly and safely enter the world of smart cities.

IoT-Supported Lighting for Smart Cities 0

Embedded Devices

Best Practice

Always up to date with FOTA updates

The Firmware Over the Air Update (FOTA update) is one of the most important features for the vast majority of modern embedded devices. Concept Reply has developed its own solution with three partition sets for a customer in the automotive industry, making the customer's system more fault tolerant and robust than comparable solutions.

Embedded IoT Solutions

Best Practice

Encryption key injection for a BT-PAN channel

Concept Reply has gained extensive expertise in developing Android-based IoT embedded systems. In a recent project, Concept Reply provided two controllers of its IoT embedded platform, housed in two separate ECU, with a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (BT-PAN) for a major automotive manufacturer.

teknowlogy IoT C&SI Survey


Leading IoT Consulting & System Integration provider in Europe

The IoT C&SI Survey 2020 examines customer feedback on IoT consulting and system integration providers and partnerships based on 24 key performance indicators, including competitiveness, consulting expertise, implementation, solution development, collaboration, customer satisfaction and business value.

Leading IoT Consulting & System Integration provider in Europe 0

IoT-Driven Business Innovation

Best Practice

Lessons Learned - Software Development in the Era of IoT

When comparing IoT software development with traditional IT environments, it becomes clear that developers in the era of IoT face new technical and methodological challenges which are nonetheless hard to detect at first glance. Concept Reply has already demonstrated its expertise in numerous IoT projects. Read about the seven lessons the IoT specialists of the Reply Group were able to draw from their experiences.

Lessons Learned - Software Development in the Era of IoT 0


Best Practice


For today’s companies, Test Automation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.
Reply’s new Centre is focused on the Automated Monitoring and Testing of the quality of products and services. Concept Reply has designed an effective Test Automation solution that is scalable and flexible, based on a technological and methodological Framework.





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