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We partner with our clients to understand their business, their needs and pain points. We then help them exploit cutting edge technology to build enduring capabilities.

We continuously strive to improve our services, the way our solutions are designed and delivered, and the efficiencies of our operations.

The industries we serve are rapidly changing. We allocate sufficient resources to develop services, methodologies and solutions that address modern needs and offer value.


We have an outcome-based philosophy and use both agile and waterfall methodologies to drive change and deliver value.

We facilitate knowledge transfer throughout the delivery process, to ensure sustainable results.

We follow industry standard frameworks for architecture development, programme/project management, IT services, lifecycle management and IT governance.


Cluster Reply is an award-winning technology consultancy that is part of the Reply group, offering Microsoft Azure focused services and cutting edge solutions. We help organizations navigate their digital transformation journey and reach new heights using cloud technologies. Our team of experts delivers tailored strategies, roadmaps, and cutting-edge solutions, helping clients harness the power of the cloud.

We offer a range of services centred around Microsoft Azure that can help you achieve your business goals and drive growth through the power of the cloud. Delivering a complete cloud Managed Services solution; on-premises, hybrid and cloud to enable you to digitally transform your business with the Microsoft Azure cloud. Cluster Reply have helped our customers to achieve success through offering experience, expertise and best practice guidance to optimising your current IT investments.


Book your Integration Discovery Workshop

Cluster Reply offers a bespoke service for consultancy led analysis, review, and discovery of your integration investments, in order to accelerate your progress and reduce risk. The output provides clear recommendations and actions to help you achieve a modern integration strategy that meets your business needs.

Find out more about our workshop and experience, including details on how to register your interest by contacting:

What We Do

  • Application Innovation

    Leverage modern technologies to create applications that drive growth, improve efficiency and create value for customers.

  • Data Engineering

    Transform raw data into useful and actionable insights that give your business a competitive edge.

  • DevOps

    Combine software development with operations to quickly develop, test, and deploy applications and services.

  • Microsoft Integration

    Create a seamless platform for collecting, processing, and distributing data to enable informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

  • Cloud Security & Infrastructure

    Build a solid foundation for your IT systems and stay competitive by ensuring systems maintain peak performance and remain secure.

  • Support & Managed Services

    Increase efficiency, improve system performance, mitigate security risks and reduce costs by outsourcing IT systems operations.



AI for Enterprise with Azure Cognitive Services

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation journey for every organization. And the question on many leaders’ minds is: how can data and AI be fully leveraged to benefit my customers, employees and company in today’s business world? Discover the answers in this webinar.

AI for Enterprise with Azure Cognitive Services 0



Windows 365: The Future of Cloud PC for Enterprise Infrastructure Architects and IT Decision Makers

As an Enterprise Infrastructure Architect or IT Decision Maker, you understand the critical role of technology in today's business landscape. With Windows 365, you can leverage the power of the cloud to create a secure and scalable computing environment that meets the needs of your organization.



Modernize your API Stack with GraphQL and Azure API Management

In this article from our series from INTEGRATE 2022, Let's take a deep dive into the session on how to modernize your API stack with GraphQL using Azure API Management, as presented by Elizabeth Barnitt, a Program Manager in Microsoft for API Management.



Major announcements from Keynote of Balan S. at INTEGRATE 2022, London

Along with many amazing Microsoft Product People and Azure MVPs, the lead of platform services at Microsoft, Balan Subramanian gave an amazing Keynote and made some major announcements about upcoming features and services and the importance of Integration in large digital transformation projects.

Cloud Adoption Framework


Executing your Cloud Adoption Strategy with Cluster Reply's Cloud Adoption Framework

When embarking on cloud migration, it’s vital to consider the best approach for your business needs. Whether you’ve taken that initial step into cloud, or are further along in your adoption journey, there are many considerations to ensure that you optimise the flexibility and cost models available.

Windows Virtual Desktop


The New Digital Workplace: Empower your Employees to work remotely with Windows Virtual Desktop

Empower your employees with Windows Virtual Desktop, so they can work how they want, where they want with the security and flexibility required to meet business compliance standards.

The New Digital Workplace Empower your Employees to work remotely with Windows Virtual Desktop 0

Digital Experience

Case Study

Using data meaningfully: getting closer to customers and sales

Impleco GmbH serves as an illustration of how digital tools can network customer-oriented processes and sustainably improve service quality. In its efforts to map these central use cases, Cluster Reply has opted to take a combined approach based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Using data meaningfully getting closer to customers and sales 0


API management for zero trust endpoint protection

Check the interview Cluster Reply and Spike Reply have provided Information Age on using their expertise in cloud computing and cyber security to establish personalised strategies in line with industry, network and customer needs.


Case Study

Artificial Intelligence to automate the quality control of clinker

Italcementi has recently collaborated with Cluster Reply to automate the quality control of the analysis processes of clinker, the fundamental component of cement. The solution introduced, which is based on the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, enables the real-time processing of images acquired through electron microscopy, through detailed and in-depth analysis of the samples in question.


Case Study

DiaSorin simplifies diagnostics by implementing a digital solution

With the support of Cluster Reply and Concept Reply, in only a few months DiaSorin has developed a proprietary IoT cloud solution, based on the Microsoft Azure technology, which can process and report Covid-19 tests.


DiaSorin simplifies diagnostics by implementing a digital solution 0

IoT Platform

Case Study

Connected products: added value for businesses and customers

An intelligent coffee machine, capable of communicating and interacting with the user, learning their tastes and schedules and facilitating the direct interaction between user and machine to offer the first hands-free experience on the market. On this basis, Lavazza made the strategic decision to invest in connected products, with the recent market launch of “A Modo Mio Voicy”, the new coffee machine which uses the IoT platform created in collaboration with Cluster Reply.

Connected products added value for businesses and customers 0

Cloud solution

Case Study

Executing digital transformation with cloud based integration

Cluster Reply were engaged at the start of the Connect programme working in partnership with Grainger to define the programme requirements, the technical scope and to implement the integration solution in alignment with the Grainger business transformation strategy.

Industry 4.0

Best Practice

Smart Maintenance

Industrial machinery and automated production plants are increasingly sophisticated and complex systems, and working on them requires specialised training that can often be carried out only close to the intervention areas. Smart Maintenance is Reply's answer to the need for digital transformation and workforce enhancement through immersive technologies, always keeping human capital at the heart of the solution.

Smart Maintenance 0

digital transformation

Case Study

Executing University digital transformation with cloud based integration

Cluster Reply have worked with one of England’s leading research universities to provide a cloud based integration platform. This platform will support their evolving business as they build upon their heritage to provide an excellent student experience, embracing the future by focusing on digital transformation.


Case Study


Cluster Reply has helped a customer in the Consumer goods industry to re-design and migrate a line-of-business application over an architecture based on Azure PaaS components that allowed the redesigned application to run entirely on Microsoft cloud managed services.

Best Practice

Desk Sharing Solution to restart during Covid-19

The solution developed by Cluster Reply supports companies in the management of workstations both in contexts of resizing spaces and in cases of alternating presence in loco-smartworking, using to simplify the gradual return to the company.

Best Practice

Automated help Desk

Cluster Reply Automation Intelligence practice has skill, training and experience with Hyper-automation technologies, including conversational interfaces, cognitive services and Robotic Process Automation. Cluster Reply can tailor the conversational interface solution to fulfill different customer needs, assisting during the entire solution lifecycle, from planning to design, implementation and support and making sure they choose the correct approach to enable success.

Automated help Desk  0



Biztalk Migrator – Microsoft’s new tool to migrate integration to the cloud.

At the recent KOVAI Integrate 2020 Microsoft’s Jon Fancey announced during his keynote speech the existence of a migration tool for BizTalk. This, when released, will automate the migration of BizTalk Applications to Microsoft’s Cloud offering – Azure.

Biztalk 2020


Twenty Years and Eleven Releases: BizTalk 2020

20 years on from the first release on January 15th 2000, Microsoft announced the release of BizTalk Server 2020. For Microsoft it was a low-key launch but that shouldn’t diminish the plethora of new features shipped in the product. For organisations that have invested heavily in previous releases; this is not simply an update but a game changer release.


Case Study

Flexibility, speed and scalability of the Azure cloud in minutes, with Cluster Reply and

Cluster Reply, Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), were selected as the preferred choice of cloud migration partner to architect and support the deployment of the migration to Azure in the most efficient and least disruptive way possible.

Flexibility, speed and scalability of the Azure cloud in minutes, with Cluster Reply and

Flexible Integration Solutions

Cluster Reply has more than 20 years’ integration experience optimising business efficiency and mobile strategies. We offer a clear approach to integrating business systems both internally and externally. Our integration solutions are deployed using the latest, innovative Microsoft technologies and can be deployed on-premises, as a hybrid solution, or in the cloud.

Flexible Integration Solutions 0

Microsoft BizTalk 2020

Best Practice

Moving forward with Hybrid integration

Cluster Reply is excited to announce the key Microsoft on-premises integration engine BizTalk next version – Microsoft BizTalk 2020 will be released at the end of 2019.

Moving forward with Hybrid integration 0


Case Study

Global Desktop Experience Project

Cluster Reply were selected by a world leading intellectual property management and technology company to deliver a European Microsoft Windows deployment for over 400 Windows client devices across a number of their European office locations.

05.06.2019 / Award

News & Communication

Cluster Reply delighted to be named Partner of the Year Award Winner for 2019

Over the years, Cluster Reply has developed a strong partnership with Microsoft, offering integration solutions on premises, hybrid or fully in the Azure cloud with QuickConnect, our Azure integration accelerator.


Case Study

Improving Operational Efficiency to provide a superior Passenger Experience for Gatwick Airport London

The airport's fixed size presents an ongoing challenge for London Gatwick’s Business Systems team as it looks to increase revenue and grow business. This is only achieved by making better use of existing resources. It's about making operations as efficient as possible, whilst still delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Improving Operational Efficiency to provide a superior Passenger Experience for Gatwick Airport London 0


Case Study

Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure

With investment in frontline patient care as the primary objective for NHS Property Services, a change in mind-set was necessary, and executing a robust digital transformation strategy was vital to improve services and accelerate business growth.

Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure 0


Best Practice

Point of Sale Integration In Food Retail

Retail faces big challenges to change its existing business models, in order to stay competitive by offering convincing customer experience and advanced services. Cluster Reply subsequently helped a major UK food retailer achieve a comprehensive, connected and real-time view of its stock, delivery and customers, enabling the retailer to evolve its business in accordance with its customers’ needs.


Working with a Visionary Client

Our NHS Property Services team talk proudly of the 18 month project they undertook to introduce this Customer to a new, Azure-based integration layer, using QuickConnect. We were keen to understand why this was such a successful project, and why so many people on the team (Customer, Cluster Reply, Vendors) derived so much satisfaction from it.


The human cost of poor integration

It’s easy to forget the human cost of poor integration, when focusing solely on the technological challenges of making different systems talk to one another. At Cluster Reply, It has become clear to us, having worked in Aviation, Property Services and Higher Education for the past 20 years, that these industries rely heavily on safety and the sanctity of human life being upheld at all times.

The human cost of poor integration 0

Azure solution with web portal

Case Study

TOMRA: Spare parts via the Azure Cloud

How can recycling plant operators identify spare parts in seconds? Together with Cluster Reply, TOMRA Sorting has developed a cloud solution in Azure that aims to make ordering as simple as in the B2C context.

TOMRA Spare parts via the Azure Cloud



Higher Education Integration with Cluster Reply's Quickconnect Framework

Learn how Cluster Reply help to optimise student attraction, retention and success in a digital world. Download the flyer now.

Higher Education Integration with Cluster Reply's Quickconnect Framework 


News & Communication

Cluster Reply has developed a solution to manage COVID-19 infection chains for the Health Authorities in Bavaria

Cluster Reply has provided a digital solution to support health authorities in Bavaria in managing COVID-19 infection chains.