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Cluster Reply specialises in delivering Cloud Solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform.

Cluster Reply is a global award winning Microsoft Gold certified partner with over 20 years’ experience delivering application development, integration and cloud infrastructure solutions using Microsoft technology.


Businesses across every size and industry are being impacted by consumers, employees and partners expecting everything on-demand and fully connected. However, a lack of strategy can be a huge blocker when it comes to integrating both legacy systems and modern applications in an increasingly digital world. Before beginning your digital transformation journey, selecting the correct approach is key to achieving success; this is where Cluster Reply can help.

Delivering a complete cloud Managed Services solution; on-premises, hybrid and cloud to enable you to digitally transform your business with the Microsoft Azure cloud. Cluster Reply have helped our customers to achieve success through offering experience, expertise and best practice guidance to optimising your current IT investments.
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The integration dilemma, to stay on premises, explore hybrid integration or fully embrace the cloud

Cluster Reply hosts a webinar on Friday 20th September 2019 from 10am to 11am. If you have an investment in BizTalk Server and are considering upgrading or migrating to hybrid or fully cloud based integration, our webinar will help you to better understand which integration approach aligns to your business objectives and future strategy.

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    Cluster Reply is a published thought leader and trusted advisor to Microsoft, who have recognised our expertise via multiple development, integration and cloud Worldwide Partner of the Year awards.

Book your Integration Discovery Workshop

Cluster Reply offers a bespoke service for consultancy led analysis, review, and discovery of your integration investments, in order to accelerate your progress and reduce risk. The output provides clear recommendations and actions to help you achieve a modern integration strategy that meets your business needs.

Find out more about our workshop and experience, including details on how to register your interest by contacting:

Flexible Integration Solutions

Cluster Reply has more than 20 years’ integration experience optimising business efficiency and mobile strategies. We offer a clear approach to integrating business systems both internally and externally. Our integration solutions are deployed using the latest, innovative Microsoft technologies and can be deployed on-premises, as a hybrid solution, or in the cloud.

Flexible Integration Solutions 0

Biztalk 2020


Twenty Years and Eleven Releases: BizTalk 2020

20 years on from the first release on January 15th 2000, Microsoft announced the release of BizTalk Server 2020. For Microsoft it was a low-key launch but that shouldn’t diminish the plethora of new features shipped in the product. For organisations that have invested heavily in previous releases; this is not simply an update but a game changer release.

Microsoft BizTalk 2020

Best Practice

Moving forward with Hybrid integration

Cluster Reply is excited to announce the key Microsoft on-premises integration engine BizTalk next version – Microsoft BizTalk 2020 will be released at the end of 2019.

Moving forward with Hybrid integration 0


Case Study

Delivering Integration using Microsoft Azure

With investment in frontline patient care as the primary objective for NHS Property Services, a change in mind-set was necessary, and executing a robust digital transformation strategy was vital to improve services and accelerate business growth.

Delivering Integration using Microsoft Azure 0


Case Study

Global Desktop Experience Project

Cluster Reply were selected by a world leading intellectual property management and technology company to deliver a European Microsoft Windows deployment for over 400 Windows client devices across a number of their European office locations.

05.06.2019 / Award

News & Communication

Cluster Reply delighted to be named Partner of the Year Award Winner for 2019

Over the years, Cluster Reply has developed a strong partnership with Microsoft, offering integration solutions on premises, hybrid or fully in the Azure cloud with QuickConnect, our Azure integration accelerator.


Best Practice

SAP on Azure

Many blue chip businesses have chosen to migrate their SAP workloads to Azure. Here we’ll set out the incredible benefits this will deliver. SAP is a powerful tool, but often an on-premises infrastructure is not suitable for hosting such workloads and will often cause major problems for the proprietary business. The solution is SAP on Azure.

SAP on Azure 0


Case Study

Delivering Integration using Microsoft Azure

With investment in frontline patient care as the primary objective for NHS Property Services, a change in mind-set was necessary, and executing a robust digital transformation strategy was vital to improve services and accelerate business growth.


Best Practice

Point of Sale Integration In Food Retail

Retail faces big challenges to change its existing business models, in order to stay competitive by offering convincing customer experience and advanced services. Cluster Reply subsequently helped a major UK food retailer achieve a comprehensive, connected and real-time view of its stock, delivery and customers, enabling the retailer to evolve its business in accordance with its customers’ needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Case Study

Activity automation on Arrears Management in NHG

Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) are one of London’s leading housing associations, that works in the community, providing homes for lower-income households. NHG would like to increase the automation of repetitive tasks, standardise its communication management and have alerts to notify management on timelines and exceptions.


Working with a Visionary Client

Our NHS Property Services team talk proudly of the 18 month project they undertook to introduce this Customer to a new, Azure-based integration layer, using QuickConnect. We were keen to understand why this was such a successful project, and why so many people on the team (Customer, Cluster Reply, Vendors) derived so much satisfaction from it.

Azure, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance

News & Communication

Microsoft Award - Transformation Your Product

Cluster IT Reply has been prized with the Digital Transformation Champ Award in Transformation Your Product
The prize is award by companies able to implement a project that transforms their products into new service models.


The human cost of poor integration

It’s easy to forget the human cost of poor integration, when focusing solely on the technological challenges of making different systems talk to one another. At Cluster Reply, It has become clear to us, having worked in Aviation, Property Services and Higher Education for the past 20 years, that these industries rely heavily on safety and the sanctity of human life being upheld at all times.

A new Customer Service Management for Epson

Cluster Reply worked alongside Epson to design and develop a new customer service management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A new Customer Service Management for Epson 0


Patterns, Architecture and Governance

Test Agility. Accelerators. Disruption. Prototypes. The language of business today sums up the pressures on organisations to deliver innovation at hyper speed. One business leader put it to us that in 2019, his outlook was ‘positive …but not confident’.

Award, Microsoft, Azure, Sitecore, Data, Context Marketing, Customer Experience

News & Communication

Microsoft Awards - Engage Your Customers

    Cluster Manufacturing riceve il Gold Award nella gategoria "Engage Your Customer" all'evento di Microsoft Italy Partner Awards 2019. Cluster Reply premiata nella Digital Transformation Champ Award, si è aggiudicata così la categoria Engage Your Customers


Case Study

Improving Operational Efficiency to provide a superior Passenger Experience for Gatwick Airport London

The airport's fixed size presents an ongoing challenge for London Gatwick’s Business Systems team as it looks to increase revenue and grow business. This is only achieved by making better use of existing resources. It's about making operations as efficient as possible, whilst still delivering exceptional customer experiences.