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Storm Reply is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and the specialist for professional cloud computing services in the Reply network. Our goal is to use the cloud to create added value for mid-sized and large companies and to help them to exploit the full potential of the cloud.

Storm Reply concentrates on the public cloud – in particular the market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). To do this we offer support for the complete cloud life cycle: strategic consultation and idea generation, the development of applications and infrastructures, the integration of these into hybrid IT landscapes and the operation of these around the clock.

As one of only nine AWS Premier Consulting Partners, we consider ourselves to be a technology company that not only understands the needs of our customers but also provides comprehensive technical expertise.

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eCommerce Platform

Case Study

Lavazza: highly scalable eCommerce platform

With the increasing trend in online purchases, Lavazza recognizes the need to update its eCommerce websites’ infrastructure to react more rapidly to market and demand changes. Thanks to Amazon Web Services, Storm Reply and Portaltech Reply, Lavazza was able to achieve the requirements and run its SAP Hybris platform integrated with social login components.

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Value-Oriented Planning

Cloud Strategy Consultation, Process Consultation and Technology Consulting

How does cloud computing support your corporate strategy? Storm Reply is your partner for these and other important questions.



Step-by-Step Development

Agile Development of Cloud Applications and Infrastructures

Storm Reply uses cloud software development kits (SDK) to develop custom-tailored solutions that are secure, robust and scalable for our customers.



Seamless Integration

The complete use of all benefits of the cloud can only be achieved through automation and integration.

For our customers we develop an effective approach to integrate your systems with and in the cloud.



Automated Operation

24 hours operation of the Cloud infrastrukture with DevOps Methods based on robust ITIL-Processes

With its cloud management platform, Storm Reply ensures that your virtual private cloud infrastructure is available around the clock and that this is operated securely and cost-efficiently.

Premier Consulting Partner


Close Partnership with AWS as a Premier Consulting Partner

For several years now, Storm Reply has held AWS Premier Consulting Partner Status and is one of now nine Premium Partners in the EMEA region.

With our close partnership to AWS, we guarantee our customers solutions that are based on the newest AWS technologies and are the latest technology.​

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e-commerce in the Cloud 0

e-commerce in the Cloud

The cloud is a huge advantage for e-commerce and multi-channel commerce. Poor plannability and high fluctuations characterize the flexible and use-based nature of e-commerce. The cloud can react exactly to these types of requirements.


Big Data in the Cloud 0

Big Data in the Cloud

The public cloud makes it possible for companies to use technologies such as Big Data, to develop new business models and to generate growth.


Security in the Cloud 0

Security in the Cloud

Because of the clear advantages of the cloud, many companies are prepared to deal with the implementation of compliance requirements. Storm Reply supports its customers with the best possible security standards.


Infrastrukture as a Code

Best Practice

Creating an Image and Further Development of a Complex AWS landscape as “Infrastructure as Code”

The creation of cloud infrastructures as code offers developers and system administrators the possibility, to create their cloud resources, to manage these, and to provide or update these in a transparent manner.

Migration of Development Environments to AWS and Provision “as a Service”  0


Case Study

Migration of Development Environments to AWS and Provision “as a Service”

A leading German automobile manufacturer migrated their development environment from “on premises” into the AWS cloud.

Encryption of personal data

Best Practice

Transparent encryption of personal data in the customer portal

The migration of customer portals into the cloud has many benefits for companies. The volatility of use means the benefits of a cloud structure can be completely exploited regarding performance and scalability.

AWS Architecture Planning 0

New architecture

Case Study

AWS Architecture Planning

The full exploitation all benefits of the cloud, such as scalability and flexibility, requires a new architecture that accesses these possibilities.


Best Practice

Migrating your infrastructure and workloads to the Cloud

Storm Reply supports your organization with the development of a cloud strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. We turn your cloud expectations into reality resulting in lower cost and shorter time-to-market with agile flexible and scalable solutions.

Crisp Report 2016 Storm Reply is among the Top 3 cloud providers  0

Managed Public Cloud


Crisp Report 2016: Storm Reply is among the Top 3 cloud providers

The report provides a relevant overview of Managed Public Cloud Providers (MPCP) within Germany. Reply ranks among the market leaders for digital workloads in the Cloud.
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The complete survey (German only)

Internet of Things

Best Practice

The new era of the Internet of Things

We are witnessing the dawn of a new era of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will increase the ubiquity of the Internet by integrating every object for interaction via embedded systems, which leads to a highly distributed network of devices communicating with human beings as well as other devices. AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that allows devices to connect with cloud application and other devices easily and securely.

TCO Analysis and System Check 0

Analysis and

Best Practice

TCO Analysis and System Check

We create TCO analyses for our customers and check existing cloud infrastructures for their efficiency, flexibility, scalability and security.


Best Practice

Financial Operations and Budget Planning with AWS

The agile “pay as you go” model offered by cloud computing makes it possible to save costs because you only pay for what you use.



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