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Spike Reply is the company within the Reply Group focusing on cybersecurity and personal data protection. Its mission is to safeguard the values and privacy of people, companies and processes in order to support the growth of a global, sustainable digital world through innovation. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems are top priorities. Together with its partners, the company provides vendor-independent consulting services to help enterprises achieve a group-wide, security-oriented culture.

The Service Portfolio

Spike Reply's security portfolio is constantly evolving to ensure comprehensive protection.

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    Cloud Security

    Cloud solutions offer agility, scalability and resilience at competitive price-levels – but they also change traditional technology paradigms. Spike Reply supports companies by implementing state of the art security measures and robust cloud governance while minimizing the impact on agility.

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    Industrial Security and IIOT

    Spike Reply’s offering in Industrial Security and IIOT aims to assess processes, infrastructures and single devices for companies in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Utility and Energy sectors. Building Management System, maritime and railways are further domains of action.
    Spike Reply is specialized in integrating OT/IIOT cyber security technologies and supports related operational activities. The team helps clients evaluate and maintain high cyber security levels in industrial and automation environments.

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    Network & Infrastructure Security

    Network and infrastructure security tackles weaknesses through all network layers, as well as providing architecture and design for secure network environments. Furthermore, NSEC deals with the operation of network environments, including vulnerability management and security information and event handling. Before a host even realizes that it was targeted by a cybersecurity attack, the network security will defend the network by leveraging signature and AI-based solutions. This not only focuses on external but also on internal threats.

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    Application Security & Observability

    Logging and monitoring are key in ensuring secure and reliable services and applications. New technologies make it challenging to keep an eye on the entire digital ecosystem. Spike Reply ensures companies observability of performance and security for infrastructures, platforms and applications. 

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    Identity Governance (IGA) & Data Security

    Data Security aims to protect data – in motion, in use and at rest – from unwanted modification, destruction and disclosure. For this purpose, Spike Reply relies on a continually researched upon and improved set of products and processes which ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability. IGA aims to control and monitor users and linked accounts. Spike Reply’s knowledge and experience on the job is the key for success.

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    Security Assessment and Testing

    There is no stop to the steady increase of Cybercrime in an ever more connected world. In order to meet compliance and government regulations and protect valuable company assets, companies need to be aware of their weak points and regularly test their defenses.

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    Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Spike Reply’s expertise makes it possible to tailor cyber security programs and controls according to client’s business missions. Standards and best practices are integrated with approaches gathered in fieldwork and innovation aptitude. The experts guide clients towards managing security risks and compliance with standards and regulations, working towards a continuous improvement on the security maturity level.

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    Security Operation Services

    Especially larger companies are attempting to deliver as many critical services as possible with their own employees. While this can be an efficient method for critical and large scaled topics, it can become very expensive for smaller or customer-individual solutions. Long-term operation is another challenge due to a shortage of skilled IT personnel. To assist businesses with these topics, Spike Reply has setup a Managed Security Services department.


White Paper


To facilitate operational streamlining, security related platform services (PaaS) are becoming increasingly more popular, in order to support the often existing (multi-)cloud setup. A traditional and crucial part of IT security is the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Spike Reply outlines the advantages and disadvantages of moving it into the cloud.



News & Communication

REPLY opens new Cyber Security Lab

Reply supports IT and OT experts, security managers and company decision-makers, with its new Cyber Security Lab providing a space where they learn more about the risks related to cyber threats and how to defend the organisation effectively from these.

09.11.2021 / Cologne


Cyber Security Lab Opening Cologne

In the new demo and test lab in Cologne, IT or OT professionals and managers can experience potential attacks on their hardware and software as well as effective defence options. During the opening of the Cyber Security Lab on 09 November 2021, Reply and their partners offer visitors the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics of Industrial IoT and Cyber Security, IT Security for IT and OT Environments and Cyber Security in Industrial Control System (ICS).

07.09.2021 - 08.09.2021 / Cologne


Reply at Digital X 2021

On 7 and 8 September 2021, Reply presents the topics of digital experience, robotics, cybersecurity, cloud and edge computing as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning at two locations at Digital X in Cologne. Highlights include a presentation on autonomous mobile robotics and a workshop for applications with Boston Dynamic's mobile platform SPOT.



Security for your AWS Environment

Spike Reply offers clients a Cyber Security Command Center specialized to services for AWS which is continuously improved to ensure comprehensive protection.

09.10.2020 / Online



Reply Cyber Security Challenge is a team competition open to both students and professionals created by the “Keen Minds Team”, Reply’s group of Cyber Security experts.




News & Communication

Spike Reply supported Zyxel in tracking the threat actors targeting their network security appliances

Spike Reply recently supported Zyxel, a leader in delivering secure AI and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, in tracking the threat actors targeting their network security appliances.

CyberSecurity Control

Best Practice

Stay on top of your Cybersecurity

Risk-Based Threat and Vulnerability Management is the combination of methods and tools to check your security control effectiveness and your risk posture. Discover new methods and tools to check your security control effectiveness.

Stay on top of your Cybersecurity

19.05.2021 - 20.05.2021 / Online


Reply Autonomous Days 2021

Autonomous vehicles such as cars, drones, robots and many more are becoming increasingly popular. The Reply Autonomous Days 2021 take a deep dive into different fields and implementation possibilites of such autonomous systems.

08.10.2020 - 27.11.2020 / Webinar Series


Levelling up Cyber Security

One way to meet new security challenges and targets for attacks is sharing knowledge and raising awareness. Join this series of Spike Reply sessions as part of the EU Cyber Security Month.

IoT Security

Best Practice

IoT security test unit. Making security tangible.

Smart factories, smart grids, smart cities… a new world arises, where things communicate with each other. Reply’s IoT Security Test Unit helps to demonstrate and test possible attacks so organisations can react fast to security issues and reduce risks of production outages.

IoT security test unit. Making security tangible. 0

Global Security Operations Center

Best Practice

Cyber-Attacks will occur – Be prepared to detect them

A multinational telecommunications company has set up a GSOC together with the security experts from Spike Reply with the aim of ensuring increased visibility and faster response times to IT security incidents. Cyber attacks no longer stand a chance: The Group's IT infrastructures are now subject to centralised 24/7 international monitoring.

Security Operation Center




A new privacy and data protection regime is going to be applied, starting from 25 May 2018, imposing strict fines up to € 20 million and the 4% of the global group turnover. Getting ready for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is not an one-off project, but it requires an advanced analysis of the company assets and needs.

27.11.2020 / Webinar


Automating Security Testing

In this session Spike Reply provides an overview on AI based breach and attack simulation including advice on how to leverage threat intelligence. Learn about the benefits of using a blend of professional and managed services to reduce your attack surface.

Enterprise Security

Best Practice

Reply Security Pillars

Reply has developed an integrated, consistent and complete offering to support its clients in devising strategies and implementing solutions for business security.

Supported by over 200 highly specialised experts at the main international institutes and bodies, with over 200 qualifications between them in the principal technologies and solutions, Reply’s information-security portfolio has two cornerstones: security governance and security technology.

Our delivery model integrates and synergises these different but closely related dimensions of information security in a global approach to the various issues in business security.

Our offering stands out for its use of cutting-edge components. We use our innovation and lateral thinking to stay one step ahead, in order to support our clients to best effect as the business security world evolves.

Reply Security Pillars 0

24.11.2020 / Webinar


Zero Trust: Practical Implementation with Check Point

The concept of Zero Trust gained a lot of attention in cybersecurity. In this session, Spike Reply Cybersecurity and Checkpoint introduces you to Zero Trust Architecture to understand the concept and building blocks behind it, and shows some practical approaches and solutions for creating a Zero Trust Architecture.

16.10.2020 / Webinar


Serverless Computing Security

Serverless computing increases your company’s agility and innovation by allowing it to focus on delivering value to customers rather than infrastructure operations. In this session, Spike Reply goes through a brief introduction to serverless computing, followed by a deep dive into its security.

01.04.2019 - 05.04.2019 / Hannover


Hannover Messe 2019 – Meet Reply at the Digital Factory

Reply is exhibitor at Hannover Messe, the most important industrial fair in the world, from 1 to 5 April 2019. See exciting showcases in hall 7 at booth E31 and talk to the experts of Cluster Reply, Cluster Manufacturing Reply, Industrie Reply and Spike Reply. The key topics: Smart Factory - Connected Supplier - Connected Product.

13.02.2020 / Munich


Spike Reply at Munich Cyber Security Conference 2020

Spike Reply attends the 6th International Munich Cyber Security Conference (MCSC) on 13 February 2020 on the theme "Fail safe - Act brave: Building a secure and resilient digital society" at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

11.10.2019 / Online



Reply Cyber Security Challenge is a team competition open to both students and professionals created by the “Keen Minds Team”, Reply’s group of Cyber Security experts.



09.10.2018 - 11.10.2018 / Nuremberg


IT Security: Spike Reply as exhibitor at it-sa

Visit Spike Reply, the specialist for IT security within the Reply Group, from 9 to 11 October 2018 at it-sa in hall 10, booth 322, with daily presentations in the Speakers' Corner of Spike Reply.




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