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IoT Digital Twin

Your chance to discover the Extended Reality that will reshape Industrie 4.0

Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a physical entity or system, fuelled by IoT Data.

Using Extended Reality technology, this data can be visualized as a 3D model that contains both information from a physical object, as well as the data from integrated sensors.

Digital Twins are designed to optimize the operation of assets or business decisions around them. This includes, but is not limited to: Improved maintenance, upgrades and operation of the actual object.


Extended Reality for Industrie 4.0

Today, many organizations in the manufacturing industry have remote facilities in which equipment is measuring and collecting data. With Valorem Reply’s Digital Twin Experience, such organizations can use digital representations, AI and telemetry data to more effectively manage remote locations and train first-line workers. Thereby leveraging Extended Reality capabilities to digitally transform typically manual processes for faster, safer and more efficient business operations.

An Experience to Spark Innovation

Available at MTCs around the World

Thanks to collaboration with the Microsoft Worldwide Customer Experience Team, Valorem Reply’s IoT Digital Twin Experience is now available in over thirty Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) and Executive Briefing Centers (EBC) around the world.

At the selected MTCs, visitors can experience first-hand an IoT, AI and Digital Twin-enabled solution for reducing operational downtime, extending the life of equipment and training front-line workers.


The Digital Twin @ Microsoft Ignite

At Microsoft Ignite, Valorem Reply discussed real-world cases where concepts such as IoT, AI, and Digital Twins are transforming business operations. Justin Jackson, Partner at Valorem Reply, explored in this presentation how device telemetry can be combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive powerful predictions and analyses for operational efficiency, bottom-line impact, and transformational outcomes. In this context, Digital Twins can be an innovative and powerful way to visualize data and provide valuable and actionable real-time information across the whole enterprise - regardless of geographic distribution.

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