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The digital revolution of real estate

Discover how TECMA and Technology Reply are transforming the buying experience in the real estate sector with a cloud-native platform, leveraging hyperrealistic 3D and the SaaS paradigm.

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Enhancing the property acquisition experience with digital solutions

TECMA, a leading tech company in the real estate industry, spearheads the digital transformation of the sector by providing innovative solutions to industry operators and creating exceptional buying experiences for end-users.

TECMA has developed a cloud-native platform that enables customers to configure their living spaces in real-time. The platform is capable of not only reproducing home interiors in 3D but also virtually modifying materials, finishes, and furnishings. The partnership with Technology Reply was instrumental in achieving this outcome, thanks to their technological support on IT architecture and the synergy between working groups.

TECMA's Software Business Suite

The platform, developed by TECMA with support from Technology Reply, digitizes the expertise of real estate operators to improve the economic and financial indicators of real estate initiatives. Key features include:


A cloud-native solution based on modern microservice architectures and delivered through the SaaS paradigm.


Scalable development and cloud integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Kubernetes Engine.


Hyperrealistic 3D rendering, both pre-computed and in real-time.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, prioritizing security, and maintaining a rapid, proactive product development cycle, the platform is now sold globally. TECMA will continue to collaborate with Technology Reply to explore new areas of application within the real estate market.


TECMA Solutions is a tech company listed on Borsa Italiana's Euronext Growth Milan, specializing in digital transformation for the real estate sector. Through an innovative, fully digitized platform, TECMA offers technology solutions that enhance real estate projects, accelerate and simplify sales transactions, and streamline rental management. With a team of over 170 professionals, TECMA has more than 400 active projects in Italy and abroad, having managed transactions worth 8 billion euros.


Technology Reply is the Reply Group company that specialises in the design and implementation of innovative solutions based on the latest Oracle technologies. Thanks to its in-depth expertise and experience gained in over 20 years of business activity, Technology Reply supports its customers in their processes of innovation and digital transformation, with a team of professionals who are able to step in and provide support at all stages of the project life cycle: analysis, design, implementation, launch and operation. Technology Reply serves as a reference partner for the various on-premises and cloud-based Oracle technologies: BigData, Analytics, eCommerce, Mobile, Identity and Access Management, as well as Content Management. Supported by its agile culture, Technology Reply is becoming a leader of emerging technologies, implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning infrastructures, DevOps-based microservices and cognitive technology projects for a wide range of needs, industries and customers.