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Roboverse Reply platform

This solution makes it possible to centrally manage and remotely control robots (AMRs) and drones from different manufacturers, enabling fully automated data collection and analysis thanks to AI.

Manage robot fleets centrally - securely and independently of manufacturers

Maintenance with intelligent helpers

Images from different perspectives, sensor measurements and scans of the surroundings: in order to maintain buildings and systems reliably and efficiently, companies often opt for a variety of intelligent helpers. After all, mobile robots, drones and IoT devices can reduce the work order backlog of systems, minimize unplanned downtimes and increase occupational safety. However, managing all these helpful devices usually involves a great deal of effort. In the rarest of cases, all robots, drones and IoT devices come from one manufacturer. This means that numerous systems are often used in parallel. This is where the Roboverse Reply platform makes a difference.


Centralized and secure coordination

The Roboverse Reply platform enables the central control and management of robots, IoT devices and drones from different manufacturers using a single tool. A standardized API allows seamless integration of the platform into existing processes and an uncomplicated connection to existing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems such as SAP-EAM, Maximo or COMOS.
The solution can be deployed in the cloud (Azure) or on prem at the customer's infrastructure and enables centrally

managed roll-based access via an Active Directory. It is built as multi user tool so that different groups within your company can work collaboratively while keeping the data integrity intact in each department. In combination with special encryption, this technology ensures secure communication between the machines and systems. Various measures, such as making people unrecognizable, enable GDPR-compliant operation through the Roboverse Reply platform.

A wide range of features for successful operations

The Roboverse Reply platform offers various features to make not only the management of the fleets but also the specific operations as efficient as possible.


Mission planning
and scheduling

Users can plan the missions of the intelligent helpers using a 3D model or on site configuration. This allows them to send them to a specific location with a click of the mouse or by setting them up as recurring processes, so that they are executed at the time they are required.


Data collection
and analysis

Have an overview of your entire fleet and reduce the downtimes of your facilities.  All connected devices constantly collect up-to-date information, which significantly increases the quality of the data. This data is displayed in dashboards constantly analyzed with the help of AI to detect anomalies and ensure that your assets are healthy.


Anomaly notifications 

The platform sends notifications via SMS, email or Teams in real time once alerts are triggered. For seamless workflows, proper data governance and the reduction of data silos, the platform can also be integrated into your systems. This enables synergies like the creation of maintenance tickets through your CMMS systems. The collected data and evaluations are stored and linked directly via the interface with the asset in the EAM so that they can be managed centrally. In this way, the user knows exactly when and where which data was recorded and can act on it.


Remote control

If human intervention is required on site, users also benefit from the Roboverse Reply platform. Thanks to the easy-to-use user interface, the user can take control of the robot or drone at any time, navigate it to the relevant location and inspect damage in more detail. In addition, users can call up relevant information via a web application or XR glasses. Thanks to the deep integration of XR technology, the Roboverse Reply platform enables the user to receive the same information as they would on site.



Through revolutionary interfaces, operators can utilize all available data sources, including video streams, point clouds, acoustic data, and infrared sensors, to interact with the environment. This advanced capability allows operators to manage assets within your facility via the robot and its robotic arm, keeping them out of dangerous and dirty areas. Our interfaces are designed for the most complex tasks and can be customized to fit specific use cases, ensuring optimal performance. With this solution, you will enhance safety, efficiency, and precision in your operations.

Customised solutions for your use case

The Roboverse Reply Platform is a customizable solution that integrates seamlessly into your enterprise environment. It easily handles challenging use cases and serves as the foundation for your automation projects with mobile robots and drones, boosting efficiency and innovation in your operations.


Roboverse Reply specializes in the integration scenarios around Robotics and Reality Capture with Mixed Reality, where Cloud or On-Premises Infrastructures require Enterprise-Ready solutions. Roboverse Reply solutions include AI Skills with sensor-based anomaly detection, Fleet Management for Internet of Robotic Things, Digital Twins and Business Logic to deliver end-to-end support for the customers. The Roboverse Reply platform enables Autonomous Preventive Inspection to prolong the lifespan of your infrastructures and interactive telepresence, crucial for Safety and Security purposes.

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