Metaverse Lab

We integrate AR/VR technologies with cloud-based AI services to create immersive solutions

Welcome to the Metaverse Lab

Reply’s Metaverse Lab, located within Area42, is where the integration of AR/VR technologies with cloud-based AI services is tested to create immersive solutions capable of supporting the workforce in carrying out production or control activities, both in industrial and consumer contexts.

Merging AR/VR and AI in the Cloud for immersive solutions

The progressive fusion of the real world and the virtual world is favouring the development of new Metaverse models, an immersive universe full of possibilities from the “Enterprise” world to the “Consumer” segment, and up to the “Real-World”.

In the Metaverse Lab, we test the integration of the technologies that underpin the Metaverse, to develop immersive experiences in the industrial and enterprise landscapes. In particular, we study and test Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions, interconnected with the potential offered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services, available on cloud platforms.

Areas of experimentation

In the Metaverse Lab we use the most innovative XR technologies currently available on the market, together with the services offered by cloud vendors, to test and integrate them into proposals for customers. From this, we develop ad-hoc solutions focused on the planning of assembly activities, configuration, and support for production processes.

Our specialised technicians exploit the potential offered by the AI and ML algorithms available in the cloud, in order to design and develop Augmented Reality solutions for Wearable devices, such as HoloLens or Modular viewers.

Thanks to this approach, we can improve the production or quality control processes of companies, with “intelligent guides” that support operators in carrying out particularly delicate and critical operations.


  • XR (VR, MR e AR)

  • Digital Twin

  • AR/MR visors

  • Spatial Anchors/Object Anchors

  • Cloud-based AI and ML services

  • Remote Rendering

  • AR-HUD display

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