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We integrate AR/VR technologies with cloud-based AI services to create immersive solutions

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Welcome to the Metaverse Lab

Reply's Metaverse Lab Area42, is where we test emerging technologies and building blocks to develop new solutions using immersive realities (XR), new algorithms and computational models (AI/ML). It is the point of contact for the knowledge present in Reply and has the aim of creating new experiences for the various emerging Metaverses: social, commercial and industrial.

Integrating different technologies for new immersive solutions

The gradual blending of the real world and virtual world is giving rise to new conceptions of the Metaverse that combine different aspects, such as: Digital Humans, holographic projection and the creation of digital assets based on artificial intelligence models. In the Metaverse Lab, we test newly designed devices that are entering the markets. These include, hologram generators, haptic pulse actuators and new viewers that allow even more immersive experiences.

Areas of experimentation

Within the Metaverse Lab, we use the most innovative technologies available on the market, together with the services offered by Cloud vendors. These are then tested and integrated into proposals for customers. We are developing dedicated solutions to create unique experiences in the metaverse while using different building-blocks.

Thanks to AI and ML algorithms’ potential, we create Augmented Reality (AR) solutions specifically for wearable devices and the creation of Digital Humans as well as hyper-realistic interfaces. This can simulate the appearance, expressions and conversational and relational abilities of human beings.

In addition, with the use of holographic technology, we can allow people living further away to participate in remote meetings without leaving the office. Spatial Computing technologies allow us to integrate digital information into people’s environments, and guide them inside buildings to reach a specific position or receive information on activities.
We create new digital realities that not only improve production processes, but can enhance everyday life.


  • Extended Reality

  • Digital Twin

  • Visors

  • Game Engine

  • Holo projection device

  • AI/ML on Cloud

  • AR-HUD display 

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