Case Study

Digitising production with 3D technologies: Successori Reda's story

Successori Reda, leading Italian merino wool fabric manufacturer, has optimised its operations by digitising materials with 3D solutions.

#3D & Mixed Reality


More efficiency with 3D

Helping companies to digitise their production to become more efficient, sustainable and able to engage their customers across the various digital touchpoints. This is what 3D technology allows us to do, building new interfaces and new ways of interacting even in complex areas such as those of fashion and textiles. The challenge was taken up by Successori Reda, specialised in the production of merino wool fabrics for men's clothing, who made the decision to digitise its fabric samples.

Innovation combined with digitisation plays a key role in Successori Reda's strategy. Successori Reda believes in and is investing resources to bring more and more innovation to the textile sector and to adopt a model of continuous transformation able to meet the new challenges we are facing.

Jacopo Thun
Chief Innovation Officer Successori Reda

A path possible thanks to the close collaboration with Protocube Reply, a Reply group company specialised in integrated 3D solutions. Successori Reda has developed a cloud platform with relative Web app which allows the processing of design data, essentially deriving from a textile CAD, and the company's production specifications to digitally generate the fabrics and the related highly realistic visual simulations.

Production and design efficiency

The solution allowed Successori Reda to simulate much of the production but, above all, it allowed them to choose the variants that will go to the catalogue in a more streamlined way. This has also led to greater efficiency in the design phase too, thanks to the digital representations of the fabric. It has allowed Successori Reda to interface more dynamically with its customers, including the main Italian and foreign luxury brands, which turn to the Made in Italy brand to choose the fabrics and models for use in their collections.

The ability of the platform to transform the real fabric in its exact digital transposition, allows you to view not only the raw fabric, as if just "pulled down" from the loom, but also all its "finished" variants (following the different treatments undergone during the final phase of the production process.)


A photorealistic visualisation

Within the platform created by Protocube Reply, customer-brands can view a series of predefined product models - from jackets to trousers and sweaters to shoes - in order to evaluate the real performance of the selected fabric and produce images of the collection without physically creating the prototype. The application also allows you to change shots, models, backgrounds and lighting also based on the stylistic needs of a specific brand.

From virtual textiles to interactive showrooms

The images and contents deriving from these three-dimensional graphics can feed other useful tools for brands to present and sell their garments with the manufacturers' fabrics: 3D configurators, augmented reality applications or interactive showrooms. For example, virtual environments that are easily navigated and accessible via a browser where the end customer can independently explore the product.