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Day by day, vast areas of our lives have become digital. Now is the time to embed the interplay of the digital and the real world into a smooth user experience – a challenge that drives progress in the area of Immersive Technologies Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality. The combination with conversation platforms changes the way people interact with the digital world into a multidimensional 360° experience across a variety of edge devices and channels.

Carefully designed Immersive Experience applications provide the ideal link between both worlds to take the User Experience with products, services and brands to a whole new level.

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How an Immersive Experience can add value to your business

VR: The iterative process of any Architecture and Engineering design can be speeded up when all stakeholders have the possibility to “explore“ the project from the inside and in scale.

VR: Automotive manufacturers can offer potential customers virtual test drives or let them experience and view a vehicle configured for them.

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MR: Mixed Reality tools help turn a desk or an entire office into an interactive visual display.

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AR: For online retail, immersive technologies open up the possibility of offering shoppers the same experience as they are used to from stationary retail: Clothing can be tried on – virtually.

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VR & MR: Holograms can be used to make topics that are difficult to grasp, such as the world of atoms, tangible and accessible to pupils.

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In the Energy & Utilities sector the importance of having personnell skilled and well trained is key both for the personnell’s and for the asset‘s safety. AR and VR helps on-field personnell in dealing with critical situation simulating process that cannot be approached safely in the real life.

AR, VR & MR: In gaming, users benefit from the complete immersion into a realistic perception of unseen worlds.

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VR: Virtual Reality is widely recognized as a tool to immerse patients affected by cognitive diseases into a simulated environment, both for helping them in getting used to stressful situations or to measure the effect of a therapy.

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AR: Machine operators can be supported with the overlaid display of real-time information on machine status and maintenance data.

VR: Manufacturers of consumer goods can use virtual experiences as part of their marketing campaigns.

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Reply guides you all the way

The use of immersive technologies requires specific tools and methods. Reply is your competent partner for all steps from ideation to implementation of an AR / VR / MR application. Through a network of highly specialized companies, Reply is able to support you in all questions concerning the choice of technology, the development of an optimal user experience and a well-founded storytelling.


In order for the AR / VR adoption to be effective, we analyze your existing processes, bring stakeholders on board and guide you to the right technology choices. But it is not only a matter of technology, you will need the right partner to help you deploy a successful AR / VR solution within your organization.

User Experience

Reply has the know-how and the right set of tools to support all your Immersive Experience needs – from the origination of an idea to the implementation of an AR / VR application. Our network of specialized companies can answer all technology questions, develop the optimal user experience and create a well-founded storytelling.


Whether it is 3D-generated content to create a virtual environment or information used as an overlay in an AR scenario, content is the key to a comprehensive virtual experience.


Testing of an immersive experience requires specific tools and methods. Unlike a traditional app, testing an immersive app resembles more the proceedings for a video game application.

Use & Devices

AR, VR and MR each have unique functional and non-functional properties. They require expertise in content creation, computer vision, head tracking and user interface design. All of this also determines the most suitable device to play the content – with endless options, from smartphones and tablets to HMDs.

Platforms & Hosting

SDKs and platforms evolve quickly, which means application teams must be aligned to their requirements and features. Given the importance of content, processing of computer vision, deep learning and a myriad of device platforms – it is critical to understand hosting solutions that support unique immersive technologies.



Metaverse Trends

The recent explosion of the metaverse onto the public scene came from a combination of technological growth, the popularity of blockchain-based currencies and assets, emerging interest in 3D online spaces, and Big Tech’s newfound dedication to a decentralized Web3.

By using our Reply Sonar Trend Platform, we can create an overview and mapping of relevant trends related to the Metaverse.


White Paper

The meaning of Virtual Presence in the Metaverse

With the growing hype around the concept of the metaverse, it is crucial to clarify the key elements to be considered in the roadmap to develop a safe and confident space for all human beings to act and behave freely with our virtual presence: download our white paper and discover them all.

The meaning of Virtual Presence in the Metaverse 0


Best Practice


The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet, supporting ongoing online 3D virtual environments where the world’s publicly accessible virtual experiences, real-time 3D contents and other related media are connected and accessible through VR/AR, as well as through classic devices such as PC or mobile.

Merging the physical world with virtual experiences


Digital Experience

Case Study

A revolution in content production

The triumph of social media and the trends towards personalised customer communication are increasing the demand for image and film content almost immeasurably. For the customer Opel, Reply has developed an innovative solution to create content from a uniform data model for various communication channels.

Industry 4.0

Best Practice

Smart Maintenance

Industrial machinery and automated production plants are increasingly sophisticated and complex systems, and working on them requires specialised training that can often be carried out only close to the intervention areas. Smart Maintenance is Reply's answer to the need for digital transformation and workforce enhancement through immersive technologies, always keeping human capital at the heart of the solution.

3d design process

White Paper

From 2D to 3D design process

The shift towards Spatial Computing comes with great possibilities, but, for designers, also with a big challenge. Spatial Computing experience design is shifting from classic 2D design towards 3D design: designers, therefore, need to learn new methods and skills, as well as get used to new tools and workflows.

From 2D to 3D design process 0

Virtual Reality experiences


Haptic Products for Virtual Reality and Spatial Computing

Reply tested the most innovative haptic products available on the market: gloves, suits and VR devices that enable fully immersive experiences.

3D Digital Fabric

Case Study

Reda optimised its operations thanks to digital fabrics

Protocube Reply created 3D Digital Fabric for Reda Group, which allowed the company to reduce the number of samples, manage and archive digital fabrics, and improve communication with buyers.

Digital Transformation

Case Study


Vertiv initially pursued the adoption of the Brick Reply platform, which allows them to manage all production processes and is able to communicate with both the management system already in use and the production lines.

Immersive Experience


Virtual Interactive Showroom

Protocube Reply believes that the value of the technological solution lies, above all, in the digital experience it is able to provide, where emotion and engagement play a central role, together with usability and technical innovation.

Interact and engage with customers in a fully virtual environment

Virtual Interactive Showroom 0

Virtual reality

Case Study

The museum that isn’t there

Guaranteeing a digital experience that is as close as possible to reality is a challenge faced by many museums and organisations in the world of art, even more so in times when physical visits are impossible. The goal that prompted the De Fornaris Foundation to create "The museum that isn’t there", with the support of Infinity Reply


Case Study

Roche is using mixed reality for the presentation of oncological therapies

Healthcare company Roche presents oncological therapies through holograms. Infinity Reply and McCann Health realised a 3D system based on Microsoft HoloLens, dedicated to healthcare professionals, who were able to ‘touch’ the mechanism of action of immunotherapy drugs.

Digital Twin Experience

Digital Twins represent a novel approach of mapping digital data from sensors to a digital model of a physical asset, like a plant or device. Valorem Reply has developed a solution, that leverages Extended Reality technology to provide an interactive 3D model of such Digital Twins.

Available at MTCs around the world

XR Technologies

Best Practice

XR Technologies To support workers in the field

The impact of Coronavirus is affecting businesses around the world, reshaping social behaviours and influencing how companies are doing business. XR technologies can provide new ways to connect employees, providers and customers without the need for physical meetings or visits.


Best Practice

Hypervsn 3D: holograms for Digital Marketing

Created to catch the public’s attention, Hypervsn's 3D holograms are the ideal high-impact instrument for events, exhibitions and retail, to support branded content and new business opportunities. Protocube Reply, thanks to this technology, can support its customers in the creation of 3D animations of their products.

19.04.2020 / RACONTEUR

Press Article

reality of augmented innovation

In this Raconteur article, Reply explains how it is able to support companies in the integration of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, by identifying the right processes, selecting the right software and hardware technologies and developing common applications.

Immersive Technologies

Best Practice


Now is the time to break away from pure analogue reality and enhance experiences with virtual components. But are you ready to fully utilize the possibilities of the digital transformation for improved user experiences and to incorporate virtual, augmented or mixed reality (XR) into your business model?


Best Practice

AI-Powered Mixed Reality

AI and Deep Learning are profoundly changing the way in which Mixed Reality applications perceive their environment. Valorem Reply is working in the Intelligent Edge realm with interesting results, such as those obtained by the application of AI on a HoloLens device.

Messersì Saturno VR 0



Messersì Saturno VR

A Saturno wrapping machines virtual reality simulation on Gear VR mobile devices. To answer Messersi's needs, Forge Reply developed a virtual reality app to showcase features and working cycles of the Saturno wrapping machine, using a Samsung Gear VR headset.

5G and VR

Best Practice

5G as a boost for virtual reality in companies

Many companies are already experimenting with prototype devices and simulated 5G scenarios. Together with a customer from the automotive industry, Infinity Reply and Spark Reply have tested the technical limits of 5G, especially for the use of AR and VR in pre-sales scenarios for passenger vehicles.

5G for Virtual Reality



ARIA - Virtual Personal Shopper

ARIA - Virtual Personal Shopper combines a real-time 3D configurator with a conversational interface, to make the digital experience between a product and its users as natural and straightforward as possible, both online and in-store. Reply's goal is to offer brands a practical and scalable product for all their commercial needs.

ARIA - Virtual Personal Shopper 0


Best Practice

Collaborative Work with Virtual Reality

Online meetings are practical: they are quick to set up, do not require any special technology and do not involve any travel time. But they do have a certain bland aspect: the interactivity of a face-to-face meeting is lost. Infinity Reply's solution: Virtual workspaces supported by immersive technologies.



VTO - Virtual Try on Solutions

The idea of Virtual Try-On (a branch of the Virtual Fitting Room concept) consists, literally, in trying on a product without physically having it, wearing a virtual 3D model on the display of a smartphone and configuring it with an Augmented Reality application.



Ied 50 Years Augmented Virtuality

THE VR-AR Experience for the International event at la Triennale di Milano, an AR-VR installation of the Manta X6 concept car for HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear VR.

Ied  50 Years Augmented Virtuality 0



Meably System

Meably is a platform for iOS tablets composed of a series of integrated tools that make it possible to integrate and automate many of the operations involved in management and maintenance processes.  For the Protocube Reply R&D Department automating Sea Marconi’s management and maintenance processes represented a major challenge: that of developing an Industry 4.0 maintenance service based on the most advanced and reliable 3D technologies currently available.

Meably System 0



TUC Virtual Store

The VR Configurator for the mobility experience of the future. TUC Technology represents a big leap forward, opening new frontiers in the mobility world. For the first time in history, we are able to offer private spaces in mass mobility.



Training VR solutions for Industry 4.0

Virtual reality is a technology that is set to radically improve all aspects of our lives, including learning. Protocube Reply has developed a VR Training solution integrated with Industry 4.0 logics that can ensure an objective series of advantages and that have already successfully been tested in real-world situations.



HOLOBEAM - Holographic telepresence technology

Valorem Reply’s holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam, makes it possible to remotely communicate with your colleagues, partners and clients using 3D depth, motion, and full color volumetric video and a standard internet connection, from anywhere in the world, in real-time, and with no perceptible delay.

HOLOBEAM - Holographic telepresence technology 0



Ecwall VR Showroom

Photorealistic reproduction in a virtual reality environment of architectural elements.

Ecwall VR Showroom 0




Holobeam is paving the way for immersive telepresence. Valorem developed a new holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam. This real-time 3D remote communication technology is leading the way for AR/VR transformed collaboration, training, customer experiences and other vital business aspects in today's modern workplace.

Daikin YEAR 0



Daikin YEAR

An augmented reality calendar that facilitates seamless interaction with its users throughout the year, allowing the discovery of the latest content Daikin has to offer.



VR training for medium voltage ABB systems

To answer to the specific needs of ABB, Forge Reply deveolped an e-learning platform dedicated to the training of personell operating on medium voltage systems and apparatus. 3D and VR interactive platform built to train staff employed in maintenance operations on ABB's medium voltage systems.

VR training for medium voltage ABB systems 0


Best Practice

AR & VR: Don't forget the user during development

New technologies are easiest to establish when they can be integrated intuitively into the everyday lives of the end users. This is something that developers in the VR and AR area are currently experiencing. At the moment, they are dealing with the development of applications that can be integrated seamlessly into the everyday behavioural patterns of consumers. Ralf Schimmele, partner at Infinity Reply, knows the best way to make this work.

AR & VR Don't forget the user during development 0




Forge Reply developed a virtual reality application to showcase the working cycle and functionalities of the ACS system. Based on the Unity 3D game engine, the application allows the visualization of a 1:1 scale reproduction of the filling system thanks to the virtual reality headset HTC Vive. First person virtual reality navigation of a pharmaceutical laboratory with simulated hand controlled work cycles.

12.11.2019 / Munich


Reply opens Immersive Experience Area Munich

With the opening of its Immersive Experience Area in Munich Reply offers a new center for Extended Reality which combines Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for the next generation of Immersive Experiences.



Tech trends 2019

FleishmanHillard analyzed more than one billion conversations on Twitter and interviewed over 25 global technology leaders about the fads, fears and opportunities of tech trends such as: AI, AR, Edge Computing, Immersive Reality, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.


Tech trends 2019  0