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A thriving Premier Consulting partnership
for over 15 years

Reply combines expertise and experience as a Salesforce Partner.


The company's specialists guide their customers through transformation processes by advising them on the best strategies for implementing Salesforce solutions. Customers' needs can be met ad hoc through custom configuration or customization. The consultants, business analysts and developers have a large number of certifications and are therefore ready to design and implement the most innovative and complex projects in the field of Salesforce technology.

Salesforce Certified Multi-Cloud Specialist

A leading provider of Salesforce solutions


A strong focus on the needs of its customers combined with the potential of the Salesforce platform enables Reply to deliver effective and customized cloud solutions - even with the most critical time to market. With close to 600 Salesforce certifications on various Salesforce topics, Reply has a high technical multi-cloud competence in the areas of Sales, Service, Marketing with Salesforce CDP, Commerce for B2B and B2C, as well as integration with MuleSoft. In addition, the Reply specialists active in the DACH-region, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the USA work with the various Salesforce extensions for CPQ, Email Automation and Einstein AI, but are also familiar with Salesforce acquired products such as Pardot, Datorama and Tableau.

Sales Cloud

Being cloud-based, Salesforce CRM is a fast and intelligent way to help both large and small businesses operate successfully. It takes on routine tasks and gives the salesperson the ability to focus on acquiring leads while having access to detailed customer profiles at all times.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a platform for creating and managing intelligent customer journeys. Marketing Cloud and the various tools it contains can be used independently of the other Salesforce Clouds, but also form valuable extensions to the interaction between Sales, Service and Commerce and Marketing Cloud for a holistic customer view. The large variety of marketing tools available ensures you can create personal customer journeys for every customer touch point. For example, solutions such as Marketing Cloud Engagement support email campaigns, messaging, and journeys, then Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform to contextualize and personalise every interaction. With Marketing Cloud Intelligence, marketing data from all operable channels can be used on one platform to evaluate social media campaigns - regardless of where they are located or what format they are in. Tableau, another member of the Salesforce family, supports the visual preparation and evaluation of marketing campaigns and target group data.


MuleSoft provides an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) approach for companies through its main product, Anypoint Platform. It includes Anypoint Design Center, which allows API developers to design and build APIs; Anypoint Exchange, a library for API providers; and Anypoint Management Center, a centralized web interface to analyze, manage, and monitor APIs and integrations. MuleSoft also offers the Mule runtime engine, a runtime solution for connecting enterprise applications on-premises and to the cloud, designed to eliminate the need for custom point-to-point integration code.


As part of Salesforce, Tableau will be positioned to continue helping users see and understand, scale and drive data. With Tableau and Einstein, Salesforce provides an intelligent and intuitive analytics and visualization platform for every department and user in every organization. Tableau strengthens both Customer 360 and Salesforce's analytics capabilities, enabling companies to reach a much wider set of customers and users.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides all the tools a company needs for 24/7 customer support. Customers today use all possible channels to express their opinions and concerns, from traditional ones like phone and email to the unlimited possibilities of social media. Questions can be answered instantly on all channels with the help of Service Cloud. Optimal customer service increases brand value and creates customer loyalty.

B2B and B2C Commerce Cloud

The Commerce Cloud provides intelligent e-commerce solutions for two different scenarios and audiences: Salesforce B2C Commerce focuses on delivering innovative, personalized shopping experiences to consumers across mobile, online, social media, and other channels. With the Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle, online shop experiences can be extended to stationary stores. Salesforce B2B Commerce, on the other hand, enables e-commerce solutions to be tailored to the complex needs of business customers and distributors while delivering a customer experience as convenient as B2C.

Vlocity / Salesforce Industries

Vlocity offers pre-built solutions on the Salesforce platform that solve the needs of particular industries. For example, two widely adopted Vlocity Industry Clouds are Media and Communications Clouds and Financial Services Cloud.
Combined with innovations from the acquisitions of Vlocity, Salesforce Industries brings 12 industry clouds to market to help companies accelerate time to value, go digital faster and transform their industry.
Newer Industry Clouds include the Health Cloud and the Net-Zero Cloud (former Sustainability Cloud), for which we have also gained in-depth knowledge and practice.

Field Service Management

Salesforce Field Service Management, powered by Service Cloud, leverages new dispatching, mobile workforce empowerment and IoT technologies to enable organizations to connect all service personnel on a single, centralized platform. With the combined capabilities of Field Service Lightning and ClickSoftware, Salesforce is positioned to lead the way into the future of field service.

Focus on Reply Companies

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Salesforce Partner Since 2005

Arlanis Reply

Arlanis Reply specialises in consulting, planning, producing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. 

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Blue Reply

Blue Reply accompanies and supports its customers in the digital transformation process, through a consolidated expertise.

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Elbkind Reply

Elbkind Reply specialises in digital communication, with the aim of stimulating discussions, eliciting recommendations and generating interest. 

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Glue Reply

Glue Reply specialises in IT architecture, integration and data solutions that drive value for organisations.

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Open Reply

Open Reply specialises in E-commerce and Digital Experience. 

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Retail Reply

Retail Reply helps clients to accelerate and innovate omnichannel integration processes, based on native cloud technology.

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Sagepath Reply

Sagepath Reply delivers transformative digital solutions that push boundaries and drive results in B2B, B2C and Supply Chain.

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Sytel Reply

Sytel Relply specialises in Telecommunication & Media industry focusing on System Integration activities.

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Target Reply

Target Reply specialises in the implementation of Analytics, Big Data and Data Science solutions. 

Reply’s Expertise on Salesforce

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Leading provider of Salesforce-related services


Reply occupies the top rank in the PAC INNOVATION RADAR for Salesforce-related services in Europe. The company was honored as "Best in Class" due to its outstanding competence and market strength in five sectors.

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Salesforce redefines automotive

Best Practice

The automotive industry is currently undergoing major change. Not only are sales processes being redefined, but customer acquisition and communication are also being reinvented. Salesforce has recognized this and now offers a tailored industry solution for the automotive sector.

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Messe München: sales portal with User Experience

Case Study
Microservice Architecture Salesforce
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The challenges of CRM software


CRM software is a packaged solution which assists businesses in managing relationships and data between different business departments and customers. Before CRMs, businesses would either need to write their own computer systems from scratch or invest in massive and expensive ERP systems. You can see how it would have been difficult for SME-type enterprises to become computerised.

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Software architecture at the service of a better customer experience

Case Study

Glue Reply helps Inchcape enhance customer experience and deliver to the diverse market demands.

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