From paper to cloud:
managing field operations

A digital transformation process to improve Field Service operations ensuring operational efficiency and the end customer experience

The challenge

Arlanis Reply was involved in the digital transformation process undertaken by a leading multinational Food, Beverage & Laundry services company, which included the implementation of Salesforce Field Service and an internal change management process with a transition from manually managed and paper-based operational processes to a fully cloud-based structure using Salesforce technology.
Through the implementation, it was possible to transfer all the company's E2E processes, including after-sales and the resolution of issues with field technician interventions.
The use of Salesforce Field Service led to better internal governance, allowing for tracking of history and resources, to improve operational efficiency and the work of the resources.

The solution

The solution involved a reevaluation of all the company's after-sales processes to be rethought in a cloud solution, through the adoption of Salesforce Field Service. Thanks to the solution, it is possible to manage all incoming reports and cluster them based on the type of intervention required. By adopting the cloud solution that manages the entire E2E process, it is also possible to manage the technicians' work by assigning interventions based on logics such as geolocation, the technician's knowledge, and their availability. Furthermore, through the mobile app, technicians have the ability to receive interventions in real-time with all the necessary information to perform their job at their best and to synchronize data immediately so that it is available for all departments.


The client has decided to equip themselves with Salesforce Field Service, an extension of the Salesforce Service Cloud module that provides the necessary tools for managing work orders, scheduling, and mobile employees.

In a company where post-sales support requires satisfying over 25,000 field intervention requests per year by operators and technicians specialized in installation, repair, and replacement activities, it has become necessary to standardize the organizational work process automatically and digitally, according to logic of optimizing resources, time, and movements, through the introduction of Salesforce Field Service.

Starting from a support request that arrives at the back office through various channels and the subsequent opening of a case, the operator can take charge of the appointment request, which is managed by the dispatchers and the so-called service appointments. Through logics, such as technician's position (territory), skills of the resource, type of work, the dispatchers assign and schedule the appointment to the most suitable resource.

From a graphical perspective, the resources are displayed with timelines that show the daily appointments and resource saturation, considering both the time necessary to perform the activity and those for moving from one customer to another.

Enhancing Service with the Mobile App

The use of Salesforce Field Service was also fundamental for the management of spare parts in stock: by accessing through the mobile app, the technician can view the necessary spare parts to manage the task and can know in advance where the necessary parts for the intervention are located.
Another great potential of the mobile app is that it enables notifications for service appointments, provides information to the technician about the task to be performed, offering access to the repair history and also enables the creation of documents, such as service reports with attached photos. Moreover, from the mobile application, actions can be defined that allow the technician to modify case fields, for a continuous exchange of information with the back office.


About the client

The world-leading multinational in the production and sale of appliances, operating both in the B2C and B2B sectors, has begun the transition towards digitization for the management of post-sales assistance processes. With the introduction of Salesforce Field Service, the company was able to optimize resources, time, and costs easily and quickly, thanks to the effective and configurable solution implemented with the support of Arlanis Reply. In a world now focused on digital, the move to automated and intelligent appointment management led to an improvement in efficiency in every aspect, and allowed to respond to customer support requests in a simple and fast way, optimizing time, costs, and resources.

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