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Arlanis Reply specializes in consulting, planning, developing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. Arlanis Reply provides market leaders with seamlessly integrated solutions for all customer related processes for sales, marketing and services – from the initial contact to the long-term service business. Arlanis Reply configures all common Salesforce components such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud or App Cloud, or adds individual programming with Heroku if required. With Mulesoft, Arlanis Reply provides an integration technology which allows to develop, build, analyze, manage and monitor APIs and custom point-to-point integrations. In doing so, Arlanis Reply relies on agile project management methods and a project approach optimized for Salesforce introductions, which ensures maximum flexibility.



ARLANIS REPLY combines expertise and an extensive experience for a unique service portfolio. Our specialists will advise you every step of the way, and guide you towards the best possible Salesforce strategy. Our inhouse developers can add every extra functionality you require. With over 300 certifications all our consultants, business analysts and developers are totally prepared for your projects.



CONSULTING. Digitization can bring a lot of advantages to organizations, but at the same time it can be a considerable challenge. It is not easy to get a clear picture of all the possibilities available, and to be sure that you are choosing what is best for your company. Fortunately, our well-informed specialists can take this work off your hands. We advise exclusively on Salesforce. We assist our customers with knowledge and experience, to help them organize their cloud architecture as future-proof as possible and to guide them in making the right choices every step along the way.

CUSTOMIZATION. Our specialized and Salesforce certified developers will customize Salesforce completely for you, so the implementation will be perfectly aligned with the specific wishes and demands of your business. We provide all the necessary services, using APEX and VisualForce. We aim to be an extension of your organization, so you can be certain your Salesforce implementation will fit your business like a glove.



SERVICE, SALES, COMMUNITY, APP, IoT & MARKETING CLOUD: Service Cloud offers all tools an organisation needs for 24/7 client support. Sales Cloud is a product that helps you handling routine tasks, freeing salespersons up to concentrate on acquiring leads while maintaining access to detailed client profiles at all times. Community Cloud helps strengthen relations with clients or partners because it enables quick and easy direct communication, while App Cloud optimizes business processes and can manage data of all relations within any organisation. The IoT Cloud is the cloud solution that connects everything: data from any device, sensor, website and the interactions with Salesforce. Last but not least: Marketing Cloud: the most powerful platform for creating and managing intelligent customer journeys.

HEROKU forms the basis for specialisation outside the range of the Salesforce platform. One good example of this is a Customer Facing App which can be distributed to a large potential target group. Heroku has been an official part of Salesforce since 2010 and the data exchange is a strong combination as a result. We deliver customized solutions for clients on the Heroku Enterprise platform and develop apps, portals and SEO optimized websites.

MULESOFT provides an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) approach for companies through its main product, Anypoint Platform, that includes various components such as Anypoint Design Center, which allows API developers to design and build APIs; Anypoint Exchange, a library for API providers to share APIs, templates, and assets; and Anypoint Management Center, a centralized web interface to analyze, manage, and monitor APIs and integrations. MuleSoft also offers the Mule runtime engine, a runtime solution for connecting enterprise applications on-premises and to the cloud, designed to eliminate the need for custom point-to-point integration code.



AGILE is an iterative, team-based approach to development. This approach emphasizes the rapid delivery of an application in complete functional components. Rather than creating tasks and schedules, all time is “time-boxed” into phases called “sprints.” Each sprint has a defined duration (usually in weeks) with a running list of deliverables, planned at the start of the sprint. Deliverables are prioritized by business value as determined by the customer. If all planned work for the sprint cannot be completed, work is reprioritized and the information is used for future sprint planning. As work is completed, it can be reviewed and evaluated by the project team and customer, through daily builds and end-of-sprint demos. Agile relies on a very high level of customer involvement throughout the project, but especially during these reviews.

WE LOVE TO DO OUR PROJECTS IN AN AGILE WAY. WHY? First of all, the customer has frequent and early opportunities to see the work being delivered, and to make decisions and changes throughout the development project. Second, the customer gains a strong sense of ownership by working extensively and directly with the project team throughout the project. Last, but not least, if time to market for a specific application is a greater concern than releasing a full feature set at initial launch, Agile can more quickly produce a basic version of working software which can be built upon in successive iterations. Development is often more user-focused, likely a result of more and frequent direction from the customer.


We are Hiring

We are always on the search for enthusiasts who want to question the existing, try out new ideas and achieve exciting goals by working together.


25.04.2024 - 19.06.2024


Salesforce World Tour 2024

As an EMEA Strategic Partner, Reply is taking part in the Salesforce World Tour 2024 in Munich, Warsaw, Milan and London again this year, presenting its expertise and solutions relating to Salesforce, Mulesoft and Tableau.

Salesforce Services



Reply occupies the top rank in the PAC INNOVATION RADAR for Salesforce-related services in Europe. The company was honored as "Best in Class" due to its outstanding competence and market strength in five sectors.


Case Study

API-led architecture implementation

Thanks to Arlanis Reply, a leading Italian media company now benefits from a modular enterprise architecture that supports digital transformation.

API-led architecture implementation 0

12.09.2023 - 14.09.2023 / San Francisco


Arlanis Reply at Dreamforce 2023

Arlanis Reply attends Dreamforce 2023 in San Francisco from 12 to 14 September 2023. Our experts show how to successfully implement planning, development and integration of Salesforce solutions and services with Arlanis Reply.


News & Communication

Salesforce EMEA Strategic Partner

Reply has been named an "EMEA Strategic Partner" by Salesforce. With this, Salesforce selects partner companies that are committed across individual regions throughout Europe and drive strategic and innovative topics with Salesforce.

Salesforce CRM & Mulesoft

Case Study

Optimization of sales processes

Arlanis Reply has supported a global leader in the packaging sector to increase its sales efficiency with the help of Salesforce and MuleSoft.

Optimization of sales processes 0


Case Study

Messe München: Sales portal with user experience

Arlanis Reply assisted Messe München in setting up a central digitalisation platform based on the Salesforce Experience Cloud. Based on this technology Messe München has managed to create a seamless user experience.

Messe München Sales portal with user experience 0


News & Communication

Salesforce Implementation and Community Impact Partner of the Year

Arlanis Reply, the Reply Group company specialized in Salesforce solutions and services, has been recognized with two awards from Salesforce for its outstanding performance as a partner in the categories "Salesforce Implementation Partner of the Year" and "Community Impact Partner of the Year" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Salesforce launches Automotive Cloud to accelerate next-generation mobility with Arlanis Reply as a Strategic Launch Partner

Salesforce has today announced its latest industry-specific product – Salesforce Automotive Cloud™. A solution to enable OEMs and Dealers to connect with their customers and drive a lifetime of loyalty.


Best of Dreamforce 2022: Real-time Customer 360 and more

This year’s Dreamforce 2022 celebrated its 20th Anniversary and marked the first return to the full in-person format since before the pandemic and was titled “The Great Reunion’’. There were more than 40,000 attendees and over 110,000 online viewers worldwide thanks to Salesforce+ and as Salesforce Co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor described it, “this is a family reunion and just feels so good to be back’’.



The Challenges of CRM software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a packaged solution which assists businesses in managing relationships and data between different business departments and customers. Before CRMs, businesses would either need to write their own computer systems from scratch or invest in massive and expensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. You can see how it would have been difficult for SME-type enterprises to become computerised.

Cloud Computing

Case Study Partner and Customer Lifecycle Management

Arlanis Reply supports Sportnavi in the digital automation of memberships — from lead generation, member acquisition and management through to invoicing with business partners.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Case Study

KWS Saat: A news cockpit for farmers

The seed manufacturer KWS SAAT is committed to a close partnership with customers. Arlanis Reply assisted in accompanying farmers in the cultivation process with personalized information using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

KWS Saat A news cockpit for farmers 0


Best Practice


Develop a personalised, integrated and scalable healthcare programme with the Arlanis Reply approach and the Salesforce Health Cloud solution


27.10.2021 / Online


MuleSoft Summit 2021 DACH

The MuleSoft Summit 2021 DACH takes place as a virtual event on 27 October 2021 from 10am CEST. Learn how to accelerate your business results using the latest innovations and trends in integration and API management. Arlanis Reply is a partner of this year's MuleSoft Summit 2021 DACH.

07.10.2021 / ONLINE / 2pm – 5pm CET


Salesforce Trailblazer Connect Career Fair
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland)

Reply, part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance, will be at the virtual Salesforce Career Fair advising on entry and career opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem with a team from Arlanis Reply.


Best Practice

Sustainability as a Service

Through its Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud platform, Arlanis Reply offers a complete and effective solution to help organisations combine sustainability, efficiency and transparency. Arlanis Reply’s solution is highly flexible, allowing compatibility with any type of organisation, regardless of the sector, size, and level of vertical or horizontal integration.

Sustainability as a Service 0

CRM and Marketing

Case Study


In order to achieve more transparency and efficiency within the company, KWS SAAT SE strived to optimise processes in cooperation with its global daughter companies. To realise their plans KWS partnered with Arlanis Reply. First, a CRM and Marketing solution based on the Salesforce platform and Marketing Cloud was implemented and a global template for the roll out in 30 countries was developed.




Facility Cloud:
Facility Management 2.0

The digitalisation and interconnectivity of modern systems offers new possibilities for facility management. Water level report, area management or key management: Facility Cloud by Arlanis Reply combines the Salesforce CRM with a CAD editor.

29.11.2019 - 04.12.2019 / Frankfurt / Munich


A Dreamforce UPdate 2019 by Arlanis Reply

Arlanis Reply, Platinum Consulting Partner of Salesforce, reports about the most exciting impressions of Dreamforce in San Francisco 2019.

29.11. - FRANKFURT
04.12. - MUNICH


Best Practice

Hi-Tech Digital Care

By exploiting the potential of the Health Cloud module of Salesforce, Arlanis Reply has dedicated itself to the design, implementation and maintenance of a multi-channel, scalable platform to guarantee a solution for strengthening the relationship between caregiver, patient, operator and specialist.

Hi-Tech Digital Care 0

Customer Satisfaction

Best Practice

A Customer Management Platform for Multichannel Commerce

Arlanis Reply has helped an online and stationary sporting goods supplier to make customer satisfaction its top priority: The goal was to process all inquiries in less than 24 hours.

A Customer Management Platform for Multichannel Commerce 0

Proof of Concept

Best Practice

USB Connect to Salesforce

A recent project from Arlanis Reply aims at demonstrating the potential of WebUSB when combined with the powerful cloud technology of Salesforce.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Best Practice

Car manufacturer’s service agents automate their workflow

An automobile manufacturer was looking for an efficient way for its call center to handle the cases of its customers requesting roadside assistance via telephone or SMS as quickly as possible. Through Salesforce Service Cloud, Arlanis Reply implemented the possibility to automate repetitive tasks for the service representatives.


Best Practice

Multi-market reach with one website platform

By migrating the website of a client from the automotive sector to Heroku, a scalable cloud application platform, Arlanis Reply enabled the users of the sales platform a smooth start into their customer journey.

Multi-market reach with one website platform 0

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Best Practice

Highly Personalized Marketing Automation

A company within the automotive industry was looking for a single platform for marketing activities across different brands and markets that would also be compatible with the existing Salesforce Sales Cloud software - this is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Arlanis Reply stepped in.

Highly Personalized Marketing Automation 0

03.08.2019 - 19.10.2019 / Frankfurt / Munich


Salesforce Hands-on Workshop

Join the Hands-on Workshops "Salesforce for Beginners" organised by Arlanis Reply. The Lightning platform provides the basis for the one-day workshop format to adapt Salesforce and take the first steps towards development.

19.10. - MUNICH

17.07.2019 - 18.07.2019 / Stuttgart


Daimler EDM CAE Forum

Meet Reply on 17 and 18 July 2019 at the 13th Daimler EDM CAE Forum in Stuttgart. Learn more about "From digital experience design to connected car" and "Driving change effectively - Smart linking of products and services" at booth G4.1 and G4.2.

26.06.2019 / Munich


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Meeting

Arlanis Reply hosts the June Release Smash Marketing Cloud DE B2C Marketers Group in Munich on 26 June 2019.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Best Practice

Automating Pre-Order Processing

To enable a supplier to better plan its production and deliveries, Arlanis Reply has implemented an automated standard process for its customer that is supported by the Salesforce Community Cloud with Sales Cloud integration. Suppliers and dealers can now be managed more efficiently.

07.05.2019 - 22.05.2019 / Munich / Berlin


Arlanis Reply at Salesforce Basecamps 2019

Meet Arlanis Reply at the Salesforce Basecamps -
7 May 2019 in Munich and 22 May 2019 in Berlin. Talk to the experts from Arlanis Reply about what moves you and discuss possible approaches for the future.


Artificial Intelligence

Best Practice

Overview of latest developments of Salesforce AI

Arlanis Reply strives to simplify its customers' workflows by deploying Salesforce's Einstein AI solution. Further developments of the solution currently focus on Natural Language Processing and Visual Question Answering.

Overview of latest developments of Salesforce AI 0

Carsharing Service

Best Practice

A Multi-cloud solution to increase customer satisfaction

Arlanis Reply helped a carsharing company implement a multi cloud solution on an all-in-one Salesforce platform to increase efficiency for service agents.

A Multi-cloud solution to increase customer satisfaction 0


News & Communication


Reply today announced it has been positioned as a Visionary by Gartner in its February 2019 “Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services, Worldwide” due to its commited focus on creativity and innovation, as well as its ability to deliver.

Customer Centric

Case Study

Customer centricity in Cloud

Edenred, the company behind internationally renowned products like Ticket Restaurant®, sought to modernise its sales processes and optimise company-wide collaboration across all departments. Arlanis Reply is helping Edenred to redefine processes and implement a cloud-based CRM solution.

Customer centricity in Cloud 0


A Salesforce Dreamforce Update by Arlanis Reply

People from 103 countries gathered in San Francisco for Dreamforce, the Salesforce in-house exhibition, to hear the latest news from the CRM industry. 170.000 registered attendees, 2.700 sessions - also present: Platinum Consulting Partner Arlanis Reply.

Cloud-based CRM solution

Best Practice

Above the Clouds - Airline lifts CRM into the Cloud!

An airline opted to introduce Salesforce as the leading provider of cloud-based CRM solutions, and to use the support of Arlanis Reply as an experienced Salesforce Consulting Partner. Arlanis Reply adapted to the requirements of the customer, so that the sales department can directly create contractual content using a flow / wizard.

Above the Clouds - Airline lifts CRM into the Cloud! 0

Sales & Community Cloud e Einstein Analytics

Best Practice


Implementa una nuova Area Riservata dedicata alle imprese su scala micro e macro caratterizzata da una duplice funzione sia consultiva che dispositiva grazie ad Arlanis Reply.


Service Cloud e Salesforce Field Service

Best Practice


Disegna con  Arlanis Reply  nuova soluzione efficiente e centralizzata per la fruizione dell'offerta dei servizi, sfruttando la  tecnologia Salesforce .

Salesforce Platform

Best Practice


Una soluzione caratterizzata da funzionalità avanzate di Marketing Automation, integrate con Salesforce CRM e con Sistemi Legacy





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