Boost your cloud strategy

Speed and agility

Reply was founded in 1996 with the conviction that the Internet and technology would radically change the way people live, and it happened in just a few years. Today, every business is required to deal with the expectations of its customers, becoming less and less linked to the physical product and increasingly connected to the digital dimension. In this context, the experience offered to customers and the speed with which a company is able to differentiate itself or gain competitive advantages, through new ideas and customisations made possible by technology, are absolutely crucial.

The market and the competitive environment require an unprecedented and proactive approach, resulting in the continuous development of new digital products and services, an attentive and personalised customer experience, careful management of the customer’s trust and loyalty, as well as the speed and agility of business processes.

The Cloud

The Cloud is the essential tool needed to compete in this environment. This is because it makes it possible to concentrate the forces and costs involved on the evolution and actions relevant to the business, overcoming the limitations of traditional systems and providing a more flexible substrate for the exploration of information and the provision of services of any kind of complexity and extension.

Reply: specialised Partner in Cloud services

In this context, the support of a partner specialising in services, particularly in cloud-based services, allows for an immediate reduction of time and costs associated with the adoption process, obtaining the very best benefits right from the start.


We support the selection of tools and services (SaaS) available in the Cloud, and their integration on leading professional platforms thanks to specialised teams, with specific partnerships focused on cloud-based solutions in the CRM, eCommerce, ERP and Marketing Automation realms or proprietary Reply application solutions for logistics (SideUp Reply), Social Enterprise Digital Workstation (TamTamy), and Digital Asset Management & Distribution (Discovery Reply).


We help IT departments to engage and take advantage of the new speed available, re-examining the context at hand and proposing new approaches and service models that expose measurable and expensable performance according to the actual use (as-a-service). In order to achieve this, these solutions rely on the Cloud technology to optimise and scale the resources based on the specific business needs.


We redesign your Data Centre for the two speeds, identifying the legacy systems that will continue to run on traditional systems, the applications to optimise in terms of consumption or scalability (migrated “lift-and-shift” on the Cloud), as well as the new SaaS applications or new Cloud-native developments, the latter designed and built with a focus on continuous evolution and DevOps management.

Reply is the ideal Cloud Advisor, accompanying customers as partners in this journey of transformation.

Discover Reply's approach and services...

Reply is the ideal Cloud Advisor, accompanying customers as partners in this journey of transformation.

Discover Reply's approach and services...


Reply’s consulting team assists clients in their review of the architecture, of the services offered and of management processes and tools, in a journey that guides them to choose between different possible cloud adoption scenarios, according to the actual business needs, level of maturity and the motivations.


System Integration

Reply's Systems Integration consists of teams of excellence by specific expertise on leading Cloud Providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google, IBM, SAP), a high aptitude for innovation and the ability to operate on an international scale and in business-critical contexts.

Reply relies on proven models for the selection of Cloud vendors and for the migration, even extended, of the customer’s systems to new infrastructure.


Solutions best-in-class

Reply also offers solutions consisting of pre-integrated IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Cloud services (including multi-vendor), for best-of-class systems based on specific use requirements (Big Data Cloud toolbox, Cloud for IoT, Optimising eCommerce in Cloud, Cloud for integration hub, Distributed Computing in hybrid environment).

On the application side, Reply’s Cloud-based features, new or migrated from previous implementations, originate by-design with the ability to automatically scale the solution to the underlying Cloud infrastructure and are designed to rely on micro-services facilitating their management in DevOps centres characterised by rapid evolution.


Managed Cloud Service

Reply’s Managed Cloud Services are designed and developed to be seamlessly integrated and harmonised with the customer's private Data Centre management services, achieving flexibility and optimisation with minimal impact on the organisation.

The services offered by the Centre follow a 24/7 model and, side-by-side with traditional monitoring activities and infrastructure operations, provide the specific know-how, resources and expertise needed to address and capitalise on the competitive advantages made available by the Cloud.

The first service level operates in a multi-cloud mode, offering provisioning, supervision and management services across different providers (Cloud Brokerage). This approach renders the complexity and the specificity of the various Cloud platforms transparent to the customer, while ensuring the specific benefits. The second service level consists of a team specialised in the technology platforms used.



Reply ensures extremely high levels of security, guaranteeing the protection, confidentiality and segregation of the customer’s data and applications hosted in the Cloud, thanks to a tight integration with Reply's Cyber Security Operations Center, leader in Italy for the prevention, monitoring and management of cyber attacks, it is ISO 27001 certified and it operates on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.