Case Study

From On-Premises to the Cloud with CAFFE

The Cloud adoption journey of a leading Italian Banking Consortium based on Reply’s CAFFE methodology.

#Cloud Computing


Migrate highly complex Cloud assets with reduced costs and time-to-market


A massive migration to the Cloud

A leading Italian banking consortium has embarked on a radical digital transformation, migrating a significant portion of its corporate assets to the cloud with the aim of improving productivity, ensuring the operational resilience and agility of its business and optimising IT-related costs.

The paradigm: Infrastructure as a Code

With the transition of its systems to the AWS cloud, the Consortium needed a distributed infrastructure to manage identities, applications, Data Lakes and devices securely. This, while defining the infrastructure components according to the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) paradigm to make them easily replicable and automated and, where possible, adopting serverless components.

the solution

An innovative virtual data centre with CAFFE

Storm Reply and Technology Reply supported the customer’s cloud adoption journey, based on the CAFFE (Cloud Adoption Framework for the Enterprise) methodology. Thanks to this framework, it was possible to combine Reply’s experience in cloud migration strategies of highly complex assets. It also has the ability to take full advantage of extremely portable and reusable components, ensuring reduced costs and time-to-market. Storm Reply and Technology Reply were thus able to design and implement a new virtual cloud data centre capable of hosting a Data Platform on a distributed Data Lake, used by several dozen banks, in which all security and regulatory compliance standards (EBA, Bank of Italy, GDPR, etc.) are implemented by design using only native AWS services.

The versatility of the Distributed Data Platform, based on an open-source framework, has made it extremely simple, intuitive and automated to introduce new data sources or functionalities, even heterogeneous to each other for the creation of a Unified Data Catalog and Model by defining simple configurations. The scalability of the platform, which ensures an optimized use of on-demand resources, has made it possible to dynamically administer the workload. This drastically reduces costs, in addition to the recognition and automated management of anomalies during the execution of calculation processes on the data in use, which is standardized thanks to defined standards. The technological component of the Data Platform is based on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS Glue and AWS Glue DataBrew. Highly innovative services such as Amazon Athena, Amazon Lake Formation, Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Sagemaker are used for data analysis, queries and business intelligence and Machine Learning.

the results

A scalable and
resilient solution

The definition of an advanced Cloud Landing Zone and Data Platform designed and implemented according to AWS best practices and the highly effective governance strategy adopted, have provided the customer with several benefits:

• Optimal security management and effective separation of tasks in a distributed and complex environment;

• Optimal business continuity, with a particular focus on security, networking, regulatory compliance, scalability and the resilience of the solution;

• High fault tolerance, thanks to a distributed architecture based on highly available, native managed services and technological solutions based on serverless components;

• Optimize runtime costs of the entire ecosystem by leveraging the high degree of automation (DevOps) related to FinOps techniques.


Storm Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in the design and implementation of cloud-based solutions and services. Thanks to its consolidated experience in the creation and management of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solutions, Storm Reply supports large companies in Europe and around the world in the implementation of cloud-based systems and applications. Storm Reply is a Premier Level AWS Consulting Partner.


Technology Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in the design and implementation of innovative solutions based on Cross-Industry technologies and with specific expertise in the Financial Services sector for the implementation of complex System Integration, Business Applications, Data Warehouse, Big Data and Machine Learning projects. Thanks to its in-depth expertise and experience gained in over 20 years of business activity, Technology Reply supports its customers in their innovation and digital transformation processes, with a team of professionals capable of stepping in and providing support, in complex scenarios, at all stages of the project life cycle: analysis, design, implementation, roll-out and operation.