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Unleashing the full potential of RPA with cloud computing

Cloud services not only make it possible to optimize the flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency of Robotic Process Automation. They also open up completely new application opportunities.

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Increase flexibility and scalability

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, has experienced a real boom in recent years. The technology enables the creation of practical software bots that can take over repetitive routine tasks, thus easing the workload and speeding up processes enormously. However, this only works smoothly as long as the processes remain unchanged. Otherwise, a lack of flexibility and costly scaling measures currently often hamper the use of RPA solutions. In addition, many companies struggle with the high costs associated with operating the applications. Therefore, further development of the classic RPA approach is strongly needed.

Leveraging the benefits of the cloud

In most cases, RPA solutions today run on-prem. Considering the resulting low scalability and insufficient flexibility, migration to the cloud is now the next logical step. This is the only way RPA solutions can remain viable and competitive. By adopting a cloud-first approach, companies also benefit from the well-known advantages of cloud computing when developing and operating RPA applications:


Simplified scalability

Thanks to the cloud, companies can easily scale their RPA solutions as needed. This eliminates the complex and time-consuming capacity planning for RPA solutions.


Faster deployment

Cloud computing enables companies to access additional resources faster. This shortens the time-to-market for RPA solutions and increases agility.


Focus on core business

By migrating to the cloud, companies no longer have to worry about managing and maintaining the infrastructure behind the RPA solution. This frees up capacity for the core business.


Expand globally

Cloud computing facilitates rapid deployment of RPA solutions across multiple geographies, allowing companies to expand without major delays or complicated configurations.


Lower upfront investment

Instead of making significant upfront investments for RPA applications in on-prem data centers, the cloud's pay-as-you-go model lets enterprises pay for resources only when they really need them.


Greater cost efficiency

Enterprises benefit from the massive scale of the provider and resources when using cloud services for their RPA applications, resulting in greater cost efficiency, which lowers operating costs.

Unlimited new possibilities

Increased flexibility, cost efficiency, and scalability are just the beginning. The migration to the cloud also opens up numerous new application opportunities for the use of RPA solutions.

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