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A successful collaboration to overcome the Cloud Migration challenge

To migrate Exom's microservice web application, which is the core of the Genius SuiteTM platform for managing clinical trials, on AWS, Exom started a collaboration with Storm Reply.

The real challenge consisted of working closely to exploit and optimize the Kubernetes framework to draw up development and production environments that could effectively support Exom developers in their everyday activities. The success, achieved through close collaboration between the teams and Storm Reply's experience, an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner since 2014, came in the phases of building the infrastructure and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes, using very innovative technologies and paradigms.

With the expertise and commitment of Storm Reply's MSP experienced team, Exom can benefit from an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner's status, managing their systems and applications on AWS.

Storm Reply’s MSP services include Cloud infrastructure monitoring, deployment of new workloads and the Cloud environment’s service management. With these services, Exom was able to quickly establish a successful collaboration and effectively migrate, manage and operate their applications on AWS.

The AWS implemented solutions

The infrastructure is monitored h24x7, exploiting Amazon CloudWatch, which collects either more traditional EC2 server KPIs and those of the container framework on Amazon EKS. In addition, it integrates with a dedicated service to system log collection. The monitoring system is connected with one of our most advanced Incident Response services, PagerDuty, and overviewed by the Storm Reply DevOps team.

The development Pipeline configuration, exploiting the AWS CodePipeline service, has led to the definition of a fluid process, aimed at ensuring, to Exom development team, the possibility to manage autonomously pipeline application releases. Last but not least, the Exom platform has been configured, developed and maintained thanks to the utilization of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) paradigms.

After the successful go live of the project, Storm Reply ensured smooth operations by integrating the platform in the MSP service that provides to Exom Group. Leveraging native AWS service integration with Amazon Cloudwatch and IaC templates, the team deployed a detailed monitoring solution tailored to the specific architecture in order to ensure KPIs of the platform are strictly kept under control.

Main benefits achieved

The accomplished results decline in the field of used approach and process simplification

High availability
Horizontal and vertical
scalability of the EKS Cluster
High reliability
Security patch management and on-demand upgrade, without inactivity periods
Server and database disk encryption, backups, and Internet protocols

Exom Group


Exom Group is a globally acting full-service CRO (Contract Research Organization), founded in 2014 in Milan (Italy). Exom's primary mission is to implement next-generation clinical trial 5.0 processes by exploiting innovative technologies and combining them with our in-depth human expertise in managing clinical trials. Thanks to this combination and the power of our proprietary, multi-modular, cloud-based platform, Genius SuiteTM, Exom improves efficiencies and escalates process speeds while ensuring high-quality data and cost reduction for early-phase to the late-stage trials. Their Partners can benefit from an international network called Exom Alliance, which provides a flexible and established organization with broad expertise in clinical research, active across Europe, North America, and other important markets.

Storm Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in the design and implementation of Cloud-based services. Storm Reply has an Amazon Premier Consulting Partner’s status, supporting a wide range of medium-large sized Clients in Europe, managing their systems and applications on AWS. Having a consolidated experience for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services, Storm Reply provides a set of end-to-end services for Cloud adoption, the deployment of new applications, and the Cloud environment’s service management.