Case Study

Sovereign Cloud use in the credit insurance sector

Vendor lock and provider dependency are now a thing of the past for a major credit insurer thanks to Reply's support.

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The project at a glance

A seamless switch to another cloud? For our customer, a major credit insurer, this is possible at any time and without complications thanks to the new platform-independent strategy from Liquid Reply and Storm Reply.

The challenge

Legally compliant transfer of personal data

One of the largest players in credit insurance relies on the AWS cloud to dependably serve its customers and quickly introduce new products. However, in order to be able to react flexibly to new legal requirements concerning the processing of personal data in the future and to increase scalability, the company was looking for a solution that would reduce vendor lock-in and enable greater independence from AWS.


The solution

Platform-independent thanks to a new open-source layer

More sovereignty for our customer: To make this possible, the experts from Liquid Reply and Storm Reply have developed a platform-independent cloud-native solution. At the heart of this is an additional open-source layer on top of the AWS architecture. Thanks to this, computing is still running in AWS, but it can be migrated without big effort in future, because the interfaces and APIs are now able to be switched to any other system easily. Our customer is therefore prepared to handle any regulatory changes in data protection and to flexibly manage a possible change of cloud provider.

How we did it

Disruption-free thanks to Kubernetes and containerization

Reply's experts set up a new database that uses similar interfaces as the current solution. In addition, an open source Function as a Service platform was used to complement the existing Kubernetes application. This was possible because our customer's workload runs partially on AWS Lambdas and can therefore be containerized.

The result

Smooth cloud switching on demand

The new solution gives the credit insurer a strong advantage in terms of independence. In the future, the insurer will be able to easily migrate its data to another provider's system if necessary, while seamlessly offering its customers the service they are accustomed to. An important step in the direction of sovereign cloud use.


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