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Define and implement your multicloud strategy

Reply supports the design of architectures and technology solutions tailored to the evolution of the cloud posture in a multi-cloud perspective.

Getting the best out of each provider, reducing complexity

Heavy investments have enabled leading cloud providers to build increasingly rich offerings in terms of innovation, services offered, integration possibilities, flexibility and scalability.

To reap the benefits of each provider, avoid potential lock-in and keep investments under control, however, a multi-cloud strategy must be set up and followed over time.

Reply has gained significant experience in the design and management of multi-cloud architectures, which optimise the use of cloud resources while keeping potential complexity under control.

Reply's approach to multicloud

Reply can support your company in evaluating and managing the main critical success factors of a multi-cloud architecture.

Identification and integration of 'best-of-breed' features and services

Thanks to its significant experience in cloud computing and partnerships with all major cloud service providers and relevant multicloud vendors, Reply can support companies in identifying the most innovative features and services that meet business requirements, ensuring connection and integration with business systems and third-party Software as a Service.

Design and implementation of multicloud architectures

The availability of differentiated locations and resources of each service is taken into account in order to design and implement solutions that optimise the execution of specific workloads, which integrate what already exists in the corporate perimeter and what can be migrated to the cloud, while ensuring resilience and disaster recovery capabilities.

Setup of multi-cloud management and optimisation teams

Alongside its consolidated activity as a Managed Service Provider, Reply can support companies in setting up multidisciplinary teams to manage multi-cloud architecture: through the identification of 24 elements of technological relevance within 4 macro areas (Integration, Automation, Security and Governance) it is possible to guide companies towards making decisions that optimise technological and business value.

Adaptation and monitoring privacy and security

Reply's multi-cloud architectures are 'by design' proposed with full adherence to data privacy requirements and the security of infrastructure and information, so as to guarantee the ability to adapt to local compliance for each solution, also thanks to the drastic reduction of 'shadow IT' phenomena that usually escape the full control of IT governance.

Definition of workload management mode

Based on its own multi-cloud experience and state-of-the-art business systems and organisation, Reply can offer support in defining workload management methods and methodologies, also through the implementation of platforms and processes that decouple monitoring, integration and development from the specific systems of each cloud provider. 

How to start

Regardless of whether the company is about to start its journey to the cloud or has already experimented and adopted single functionalities or services of one or more cloud service providers, Reply can guide the company in the definition of a solid multicloud strategy, integrated with state-of-the-art corporate systems and consistent with the evolution of business requirements. Reply can therefore support the company in setting up a multicloud architecture thanks to its experience in Automation, Integration, Security and Governance. Thanks to our role as a 360° Management Service Provider with all the main cloud service providers, our experts can manage training, organisation and optimisation activities for internal architectural, infrastructural and application activities.

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