Industrie 4.0 Assessment

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General Questions
Why you would like to test the digital maturity of your organisation? *
Have you heard of the term Industrie 4.0?
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Strategy & Leadership
The organisation has a digital vision to transform because of the new market needs *
Leadership has made an effort to translate the digital vision down to all levels of the organisation *
There is a team dedicated to the organisation's digital transformation and change *
There is a business area prioritised for digital investments *
There is a separate budget allocated for adopting digital technologies *
Customer Experience
The organisation understands how customer demands are changing in the market *
The organisation experiments with multiple digital channels to engage the customers *
Digital technology is used to stay in touch with the customers and to solve their challenges *
Data inputs from customer usage are used continuously for improving solutions and services *
The organisation is able to offer customised solutions to capture higher share of the market segment *
All production equipment is connected and real time data is available for decision making *
There is one integrated platform which provides complete visibility and can be accessed by multiple users *
It is possible to access all production information remotely *
KPIs are well defined across functions and get updated automatically *
Departments are able to collaborate easily through digital channels *
Products & Innovations
The organisation is able to innovate rapidly as per the changing market requirements *
The organisation leverages on digital technology for new product innovations (3D Printing, Virtualization) *
New service models, enabled by digital technology, have been introduced *
It is possible to analyse product usage information based on real time data streaming *
Governance and risk strategy is in plan for Connected Products environment *
A team of digital experts has been deployed to drive digital adoption across the organisation *
Employees are able to leverage on digital tools for collaboration and remote connectivity *
Ideas of digital transformation by employees are encouraged *
Digital tools are used for knowledge management and skill enhancement *
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