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Brick Reply™, designed and built by Brick Reply R&D laboratories as a set of independent micro-services, carries out the role of a comprehensive MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) System in the smart factory application landscape, while also acting as an accelerator for enterprise technological solutions, enabling new business opportunities.

Digital inside


Brick Reply™ adopts Industrie 4.0 technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Natural UI, Artificial Intelligence to support and enhance manufacturing processes without losing sight of needs for existing realities where established technologies are already operating.


Powering Transformation


Brick Reply™ acts as an enabler to blend equipment, working tools and operators’ entities in a social, sustainable, manufacturing context. Applications are simultaneously focused on innovative technology and social dimensions, achieving an ecosystem with human proficiency at the center of the digital transformation.



Case studies and Insights from manufacturing and the latest technologies
Digital twin helps manufacturing companies to intercept and prevent anomalies 0

Edge Computing

Best Practice

Digital twin helps manufacturing companies to intercept and prevent anomalies

Brick Reply, specialising in advanced solutions for manufacturing operation management, has launched a new app based on its proprietary cloud-based suite. Using simulation and artificial intelligence technologies, Shop-floor Digital Twin enables factory staff to take proactive action to correct abnormal situations before they lead to production problems or stoppages.



Brick Reply is part of the Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0

CIM4.0 is the national reference point for Industrie 4.0. Specialized in innovative technologies for the digital factory, it helps enterprises to compete internationally thanks to a team of innovation experts. Brick Reply is part of the team as a technological partner and specialist in the manufacturing process.




How to minimize the line downtime due to planned or extraordinary maintenance? How to do it in a safety mode?

From any device, at any time, moving from a real-time intervention logic to a predictive one: tracking and keeping people safety first.



Statistical Process Control

Knowing the process of how you make it, you can rely on the result. Brick Reply™ helps to monitor and control quality standards on the production process applying the classic statistical controls jointly and empowered by Industrie 4.0 technologies to prevent and inform on process drifts.

Data Robotics Accelerator

Brick Reply Platform

Brick Reply is the solution that makes it possible to simulate various configurations used in automated production lines, in order to recommend the optimal mix of devices required to achieve the overall performance requested by the end customer.



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    Brick Reply is the Reply Group company, operating in the Industrie 4.0 network, that offers its customers a complete range of cutting-edge services and solutions for Manufacturing Operation Management. These range from digital manufacturing consulting, to turnkey delivery of application based on innovative technologies.