Case Study

Boosting document analysis with NLP

CNH Industrial chooses a neural network-based advanced analytics solution to improve extracting key insights from the dealer comments obtained from warranty claims.

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Manually analysing claim comments

CNH Industrial is a global manufacturer of agriculture and construction equipment. The company has more than 37,000 employees, and operates in 180 countries. In order to determine the main causes of the failure of their equipment, CNH Industrial uses a set of documents - referred to as claim comments - filled in by mechanics during repair, which describes a customer’s complaint (including the cause of the machine’s failure and the implemented solution). Engineers had to read each single claim comment to identify the most common issues. 

The challenge

Deepening the document investigation

The claims’ analysis was conducted one-dimensionally, by looking at the product category and filtering by single word, thus limiting the depth of the investigation. Analysis was also constrained by the engineers’ human limitations - e.g., ability of keeping track of failure mode or the number of documents they could process at once. 
Hence, the challenge of this project was to make the analytical process more scalable and effective by introducing higher in-depth analysis.

How we did it

A neural network solution

The problem was tackled in an innovative way: Target Reply opted for a semantic approach instead of the classic frequentist one, not limiting the analysis on single words probabilities but relying on the whole semantic context.

Holistic Analysis

An NLP algorithm introduced a new dimension aimed at identifying the topic of each claim, fostering a cross-product analysis previously unattainable. 

Maintenance ability

The solution was built in modules, so that each component was easily upgradable whenever new and innovative algorithms were released.

Dashboard integration

Results were encapsulated in a dashboard that users could easily explore and customise.

The results

Fast and meaningful insights

The developed algorithm manages a large amount of raw text and provides fast and meaningful insights. The outcome is delivered through a dashboard that is able to easily convey the model’s complexity in an interactive platform. Through the dashboard, users are able to analyse topics shared by different claims promoting a more efficient and effective analysis. The reusability of the algorithms grants flexibility to the process, which is now able to adapt to different contexts and databases.


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