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New mobility ecosystem

The mobility industry is experiencing an in-depth transformation. The future of mobility is driven by digital services and IT will be the backbone of the entire extended mobility ecosystem.

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A new mobility industry emerges

The mobility industry is currently reinventing itself and this process is characterised by three main trends: the electrification of vehicles, the shift in consumer preferences and the digitalisation of the entire value chain.

For vehicle manufacturers, this development entails a large-scale transformation process towards becoming software-driven companies and a redefinition of their value chains and services within a converging broader mobility ecosystem. But this challenge goes beyond the automotive industry and encompasses among others energy producers as well as service and payment providers: providers with novel roles and new market players will redefine existing value chains and create a new carbon-free mobility ecosystem. It demands skills from user experience design as well as the ability to integrate diverse systems into a holistic, end-to-end mobility experience.


Solutions to push carbon-free mobility

Reply supports its customers in this strategic realignment, bringing industry know-how, creativity, agility and the solution expertise of a tech company to shape and accelerate transformation processes towards industry business composability, enabling companies to innovate and adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Cloud-enabled Battery Solutions

Reply’s Cloud-enabled battery solution (CEBS) utilises IoT sensors to monitor the temperature and charge of battery cells, and transmit them to the cloud for a more sustainable e-mobility.

Grid and Infrastructure

Reply supports leading energy and service providers in developing and improving grid infrastructure to create a new V2G environment that acts both on energy exchange monitoring and digital assets, including both public and private initiatives.

Charging Tariff Portal

Reply assisted Maingau in building Germany‘s first charging tariff comparison portal. It gives an overview of providers, charging behaviour, generated costs and market trends.

Autonomous Technology

Reply assisted the city of Regensburg in developing a traffic concept for the smart city, building on edge AI and cloud infrastructure to power autonomous electric vehicles.

Digital Charging Solutions

DCS is a payment provider, enabling cashless cross-provider payments at charging stations. Reply supports DCS in creating hyper-personalised experiences for their customers with AI-based predictions.

Geospatial Data

Reply has developed an innovative solution for the electric vehicle (EV) market, mapping charging stations in Europe to create a comprehensive overview of information on charging options related to sustainable mobility ecosystem.


Shape the future of mobility with Reply

Are you interested in the business opportunities of future mobility? Are you seeking a spark of innovation?

Reply’s mindset that has evolved in an IT or software development environment paired with our in-depth technological know-how and genuine creativity, allows us to drive this paradigm shift and act as a catalyst for change in the ongoing transformation process.