Smart Mobility Lab

We experiment with innovative smart mobility solutions using AI algorithms and blockchain technologies, to develop new models of mobility and smart cities and address issues related to security, connectivity and energy sharing.

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Welcome to the Smart Mobility Lab

Reply's Smart Mobility Laboratory, located in Area42, is the place where AI algorithms and blockchain elements such as digital identity and wallets are tested. These represent enabling factors for new business models, as well as connected mobility, smart city and energy sharing services.

Smart Mobility

Mobility is moving towards a landscape of intelligent connected vehicles, capable of communicating with cloud technologies and using vehicle data to solve countless use cases, thereby improving the driver's experience.

With this in mind, AI techniques, edge platforms and blockchains that can be integrated into vehicles are tested within the Smart Mobility Lab through a driving simulator. The driving simulator returns realistic vehicle responses to the driver's inputs and simulated environmental conditions, allowing data to be obtained for the training and validation of the developed algorithms.

This laboratory addresses topics such as improving road safety, the reduction of emissions, energy sharing and the vehicle digital identity of automotive components.

The areas of experimentation

In addition to implementing artificial intelligence algorithms directly on vehicles, our experts are working on the creation of an ecosystem of counterparties with digital identities. This allows the secure tracking of events and ensures that the vehicle's history is updated in a timely manner, which reduces the time spent on resolving claims for compensation and improves after-sales assistance.

Our experience extends to the experimentation and simulation of energy sharing techniques for electric vehicles, with the aim of managing and optimising the resources of the energy community.


  • AI on EDGE

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Real-time Simulation 

  • ADAS Application 

  • Battery Management System 

  • Grid Load Forecasting 

  • Blockchain 

  • Digital Identity 

  • Smart Contracts

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