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Reply recognized by AWS as SI Partner of the Year EMEA and Security Partner of the Year EMEA winner

AWS Competencies achieved

AWS Energy Competency

The AWS Energy Competency certifies the deep expertise demonstrated by Reply in helping customers to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future through AWS technologies. Reply can rely on proven architectures and configuration patterns to enable the most advanced, automated IoT and data platforms, and new information systems supporting energy efficiency, flexibility, storage, electric mobility, micro-grids, smart metering and smart grid.

AWS Retail Competency

The AWS Retail Competency points out Reply’s innovative technology skills that can accelerate retailers’ modernization and innovation journey across all areas in the enterprise. These include Customer Engagement, Supply Chain and Distribution, Physical, Digital, and Virtual Store, Advanced Retail Data Science, and Core Retail Business Applications. By achieving the AWS Retail competency, Reply positions itself as a partner able to offer strategy and deployment services to retailers, accelerating their digital transformation paths.

AWS Financial Services Competency

The AWS Financial Services Competency features Reply for providing cloud-based offerings that help accelerate innovation for banks, insurance companies, capital market firms, and payment processors of all sizes. These offerings allow you to become more agile, strategic, and customer-focused. Protect your business and your customers by reducing risk, improving fraud detection, and decreasing compliance costs. Reply offerings empower you to get new products to market faster while meeting constantly changing regulatory, business, and customer requirements.

AWS Security Competency

The AWS Security Competency certifies Reply’s deep expertise and proven success securing every stage of cloud adoption, from initial migration through ongoing day-to-day management. Reply provides specialized consulting services designed to help enterprises adopt, develop and deploy complex security projects on AWS.

AWS Machine Learning Competency

AWS Machine Learning Competency demonstrates Data Reply’s expertise on delivering machine learning solutions on the AWS Cloud. Data Reply offers a range of services and technologies to help you create intelligent solutions for your business, from enabling data science workflows to enhancing applications with machine intelligence.

AWS SaaS Competency

The AWS SaaS Competency differentiates Storm Reply as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that possess deep domain expertise in SaaS Services. Storm Reply has demonstrated a strong expertise in designing, implementing and building complex cloud-native SaaS solutions with AWS infrastructure.

AWS Industrial Software Competency

The AWS Industrial Software Competence points out Storm Reply as an APN member with technical proficiency and proven customer success managing and building solutions in the areas of Product Design, Production Design, or Production/Operations - Smart Factory. Storm Reply supports its customers in the entire journey toward Industrie 4.0 evolution by designing and implementing end-to-end advanced solutions that provide real-time production monitoring, process analytics, and artificial intelligence powered optimization algorithms.

AWS Migration Competency

The AWS Devops Competency points out Storm Reply as an APN member that have passed a rigorous audit of the security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and operational excellence of its architectures and have exhibited proven success supporting customers evaluating and using DevOps tools, techniques, and technologies on AWS.

AWS Devops Competency

The AWS Devops Competency points out Storm Reply as an APN member that have passed a rigorous audit of the security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and operational excellence of its architectures and have exhibited proven success supporting customers evaluating and using DevOps tools, techniques, and technologies on AWS.

AWS IoT Competency

The AWS IoT Competency highlights the capabilities of plan, developing, and successfully executing a IoT project that meets specific business needs. Storm Reply supports professional appliance manufacturers in connecting devices to a platform, designing IoT solutions tailored on industrial customer needs and accelerate IoT adoption in the Energy sector.

AWS Data & Analytics Competency

AWS Data & Analytics Competency points out Storm Reply success helping customers evaluate and use the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale. Storm Reply supports sales and marketing transforming data into a valuable corporate asset with AWS solutions.

AWS Oracle Competency

The AWS Oracle Competency points out Storm Reply as an APN member specialised in helping customers architect, deploy, and manage Oracle based workloads running on the AWS Cloud. Storm Reply has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success working with Oracle on AWS.

Focus on Reply Companies

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Airwalk Reply

Airwalk Reply is a leading global consultancy for modern cloud technology adoption and integration. 

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Comsysto Reply

Comsysto Reply has pioneered and leads the lean and agile delivery of tailor made solutions.

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Concept Reply

Concept Reply specialises in innovative IoT solutions and offers solutions  in the areas of Smart Infrastructure, Industrial IoT and Connected Car.

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Data Reply

Data Reply specialises in Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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Discovery Reply

Discovery Reply specializes in the development of end-to-end cloud first AWS solutions for digital asset management, media content, broadcasting and streaming.

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Retail Reply

Retail Reply helps clients to accelerate and innovate omnichannel integration processes, based on native cloud technology.

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Sense Reply

Sense Reply specialises in IoT end-to-end solutions for Energy&Utilities, Telecommunications and Smart Cities.

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Storm Reply

Storm Reply specialises in the design and implementation of Amazon cloud-based solutions and services.

Reply’s Expertise on AWS

Reply provides solutions on AWS starting from digital transformation consultancy to managed services. Airwalk Reply, Storm Reply, Data Reply, Comsysto Reply, Concept Reply, Discovery Reply, Retail Reply and Sense Reply are the companies highly specialized on AWS technologies with 400+ AWS certifications, 130+ projects in the last two years on AWS, 12 certified competencies as Migration, Security, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Oracle and DevOps, Industrial Software, SaaS, Financial Services, Retail and MSP program. Reply implements customer tailored platforms as well as ready solutions with fast time-to-market natively built on the AWS infrastructure.

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Machine translation as a service

Case Study

How to scale neural models to cut down response time.

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Monte Titoli: advanced analytics & Machine Learning on AWS

Case Study

Storm Reply and Data Reply supported Monte Titoli to define and develop the adoption strategy of Cloud architectures, governance of resources and Machine Learning models.

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CCASE: AI-enabled analytics solution for Contact Centers

Best Practice

In an effort to better understand customer queries, minimise call transfers and improve the productivity of your Contact Centre, Data Reply developed CCASE. 

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A Data Masking extension for AWS CMS

Best Practice
Automotive AWS
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Data streams: in the right place at the right time

Best Practice
Telco & Media AWS Big Data & Analytics data science Cloud Computing
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Latest News

Enel enhances the efficiency of maintenance work with Quantum Inspired Algorithms


Reply announced today that it has implemented a Quantum Inspired Algorithm, that can be used on both Quantum and traditional computers, for Enel, one of the leading global operators in the electricity and renewable energy production sector.

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Schenck Process selects Storm Reply to develop an innovative Cloud IoT platform to make machines and processes smarter

Storm Reply supported the leading mechanical engineering company Schenck Process in developing the serverless, modular IoT platform CONiQ Cloud.
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Data Reply, Sense Reply and Storm Reply Achieve AWS Energy Competency Status

Reply announced today that its companies Data Reply, Sense Reply and Storm Reply have achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Energy Competency status.
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