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Airwalk Reply is the Reply group company specialised in the design and delivery of cloud based services and solutions, driving technology-led transformational change in complex, regulated industries such as Financial Services, Government and the Public Sector. We bring a unique combination of deep technical subject matter expertise across technology strategy, architecture, service design, engineering and security, alongside business domain expertise and a heavyweight delivery capability.


Comsysto Reply is the Reply group company specialised in lean and agile delivery of tailor made solutions, designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation in enterprises. With a clear focus on agile organization, flexible open source frameworks and cloud services, Comsysto Reply accelerates innovation, mitigates risk and provides sustainable business value. Comsysto Reply´s cross-functional product teams collaborate with customers, partners and sister companies within the Reply Network, by sharing and applying their expertise in Lean & Agile methods, Big Data, User Experience Research, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.


Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services. We operate across different industries and business functions, enabling them to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data. We have strong competences in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and IPA; we build Big Data platforms and implement ML and AI models in a manner that is repeatable, efficient, scalable, simple and yet secure. We supports companies in combinatorial optimization processes with Quantum Computing techniques that enable an engine with high computational performances.


Sense Reply is the Reply Group specialist in IoT, end-to-end solutions for Energy&Utilities, Telecommunications and Smart Cities. 
Sense Reply supports and enables market leader enterprises operating in these sectors to transform their business models, processes and ICT architectures in order to achieve a competitive advantage and cost effectiveness by leveraging the power of the Internet of Things. Sense Reply has a proven track record of successful projects on energy monitoring and optimization, energy aggregation and demand management, micro-grid management, electric vehicles management, smart metering IoT, generation from renewables monitoring and optimization and many others. Sense Reply relies on its IoT Accelerator to speed up the delivery of Industrial IoT Solutions for large enterprises, allowing customers to reduce costs, time, risks of transforming their processes and designing and launching new products and services. The IoT Accelerator is built on AWS capabilities, including AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass, and is ready to be integrated with the new AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Event and AWS IoT Things Graph.


Storm Reply is the Reply company specialising in the design and implementation of cloud-based solutions and services. Storm Reply supports the leading industrial groups in moving their systems and applications to the Cloud. Through a well-established expertise in Cloud solutions, Storm Reply provides end-to-end support for Cloud Strategy and Migration services, Cloud Applications Development and Cloud Service Management.

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Reply provides solutions on AWS starting from digital transformation consultancy to managed services.
Airwalk Reply, Storm Reply, Data Reply, Comsysto Reply and Sense Reply are the companies highly specialized on AWS technologies with 400+ AWS certifications, 130+ projects in the last two years on AWS, 11 certified competencies as Migration, Security, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Oracle and DevOps, Industrial Software, SaaS, Financial Services, Retail and MSP program.
Reply implements customer tailored platforms as well as ready solutions with fast time-to-market natively built on the AWS infrastructure.

11.05.2022 - 12.05.2022 / BERLIN


AWS Summit 2022
in Berlin

As AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Reply accompanies you on your way to transform and connect your business into the Cloud. Meet the Reply Experts at their booth D03 and join their inspiring talks at the AWS Summit 2022 in Berlin, the event that brings together the cloud community to network and to collaborate.


Best Practice

A Data Masking extension for AWS CMS

AWS Connected Mobility solution (CMS) is a platform that provides a framework for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce the time-to-market of a connected vehicle solution capable of gathering several types of data from a fleet of vehicles.
The CMS is an accelerator that provides the main building blocks customisable for each specific customer in order to deliver a connected vehicle platform.

A Data Masking extension for AWS CMS 0


Best Practice

Advanced Analytics with Amazon Quicksight

Organisations increasingly strive to become more data driven in their decisions and need to improve data literacy for all their employee’s reducing dependency on IT and data scientists. They also look to gain efficiency by moving to the cloud, increasing ability to provide self-service analytics in a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient way. A number of latest innovations and improvements make Amazon QuickSight even more attractive option for organisations of all sizes.

Advanced Analytics with Amazon Quicksight 0


Best Practice

CCASE - Contact Centre Analytics Service Experience

In an effort to better understand customer queries, minimise call transfers and improve the productivity of your Contact Centre, Data Reply developed CCASE. CCASE is a Contact Centre ‘accelerator’ that relies on AI-powered service to provide automated quality and enhance the service experience for customers, managers and agents.


Best Practice

Experience for Energy Transition

Within the Energy and Utilities industry, a very rapid change is taking place, driven by climate change and environmental degradation. Sense Reply offers a complete set of competences in order to successfully support the evolution of the Energy & Utility sector towards the decarbonization.


Best Practice

Cloud Native HTC & Algorithm Modernisation: Financial Services

In contrast to traditional HPC/HTC, cloud-native HTC fully leverages the on-demand resource elasticity of the cloud and existing robust performant cloud-native services - reducing costs, improving scalability, agility and business flexibility. Reply and AWS work with a number of financial services customers to help them accelerate their HPC/HTC journey to the cloud and drive innovation with algorithm modernisation.

Cloud Native HTC & Algorithm Modernisation Financial Services 0

Cloud-based solution

Case Study

Transforming customer data into knowledge and insight

Volkswagen Financial Services leveraged Storm Reply and AWS to improve the accessibility of its customers’ data by aggregating information from different systems within a single environment.

Transforming customer data into knowledge and insight 0


Best Practice

Automated Virtual Proctoring

With the rise of online learning, and restrictions on traditional in-person proctoring due to COVID-19, many organizations are looking to conduct online exams in a scalable way implementing virtual proctoring solutions supported by AI & ML. Discover Data Reply approach on Virtual Proctoring leveraging AWS serverless technologies and AI /ML services.

Automated Virtual Proctoring 0



Security for your AWS Environment

Spike Reply offers clients a Cyber Security Command Center specialized to services for AWS which is continuously improved to ensure comprehensive protection.


Best Practice

MLOps Capability Assessment and Advisory

As companies gain more experience and business value from AI and ML, the adoption of AI and ML is gathering pace that leads to new challenges. Data Reply, works with customers to help them with ML foundations, its productionisation and operationalisation utilising Amazon SageMaker, other Amazon technologies that provide the most comprehensive set of components, tools and automated services for ML.


White Paper


To facilitate operational streamlining, security related platform services (PaaS) are becoming increasingly more popular, in order to support the often existing (multi-)cloud setup. A traditional and crucial part of IT security is the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Spike Reply outlines the advantages and disadvantages of moving it into the cloud.

financial services

Best Practice


Financial Services customers face a number of common challenges, from constantly evolving regulatory requirements to the need for active management of security and compliance in a highly dynamic threat landscape. Accelerate your AWS adoption and harden your security posture with AirWalk Reply’s fully automated cloud controls framework.

AWS Migration

Case Study

MAN Truck & Bus: Cloud migration to AWS

Services for fleet managers that facilitate vehicle maintenance, repair and management – this is a key focus area for MAN Truck & Bus. For flexible, cost-efficient analyses, Data Reply migrated the B2B vehicle manufacturer's on-premises data lake to the AWS Cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Case Study

Ansaldo Energia Supports Power Plants Using VMware on AWS with Storm Reply

Thanks to the support of Storm Reply, Ansaldo Energia, a leading company in the energy sector, with 3500 employees worldwide, has migrated its infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) VMware Cloud™, with significant costs reduction, improvement in terms of time optimization and customer satisfaction, and generating 30% ROI.

Ansaldo Energia Supports Power Plants Using VMware on AWS with Storm Reply 0

Demand Forecasting

Best Practice

Demand forecast POC in a box from AWS & Reply

Forecasting Demand is a core process in retail and other consumer products businesses with a direct impact on Customer Experience and the business bottom line. Reply works with a number of global apparel brands, retailers and consumer goods companies on Demand and Sales forecasts at global, regional and local levels, including individual stores at granular SKU levels.

Demand forecast POC in a box from AWS & Reply 0

Smart Store


How realize the Smart Store with AWS

Nowadays Retailers are into a digital transformation inside the physical store. They are looking for new processes in order to implement a Technology Revolution at the Instore experience level. Retail Reply, together with Amazon Web Services, is designing an end-to-end journey with several use case, from the customer engagement outside the store until the payment.



AWS Micro-services Architecture - The Omnichannel Enabler

Retailers’ investments today are digital driven and omnichannel focus, willing to reach out the best from any business opportunity. Retail Reply built a solution to address these needs. The approach used was driven by the goal to design a scalable and elastic platform in order to manage the pick and unpick of volumes in different time frames.

IoT solution

Best Practice

Predict, Prevent, Protect, with A\M/P

AMP by Storm Reply is a deployable and repeatable IoT solution aimed at enabling client's adoption of AWS IoT services and realize the business benefits of their IoT use cases. With pre-built assets and playbooks, AMP is an accelerator solution avoiding the need to build from scratch and allowing the flexibility to be tailored to each client’s requirements.

Cloud migration

Case Study

Storm Reply Refactored STMicroelectronics eDesignSuite to AWS Cloud

STMicroelectronics is a leading independent semiconductor device manufacturer. Its customers use an online design app that was built in Adobe Flash, which was approaching end of life. A move to newer technology was essential. ST and AWS Partner Storm Reply refactored the app to the cloud using AWS.

Cloud migration

Case Study

Exom Trials

To migrate Exom's microservice web application, which is the core of the Genius SuiteTM platform for managing clinical trials on AWS, Exom started a collaboration with Storm Reply. The real challenge consisted of working closely to exploit and optimize the Kubernetes framework to draw up development and production environments that could effectively support Exom developers in their everyday activities.


Case Study

RIO: Digital Fleet Management

Digital services and solutions for trucks, vans and buses, regardless of the respective vehicle brand – this is what RIO, the digital brand of Traton Group, offers for the entire transport and logistics ecosystem. In cooperation, Comsysto Reply and the company have developed an interface for the central cloud platform that adapts to individual privacy requirements.

RIO Digital Fleet Management 0

Machine Learning

Case Study

Machine Learning for long term benefits

In a global enterprise like BMW, translating text is an often necessary, but time consuming and tedious task. Cutting down translation times aids the business in working faster and more efficiently. Reply achieved this for their client providing a low-cost shared service based on AWS for the entire enterprise using BMW’s state-of-the-art neural machine translation models with specific adaption to the automotive domain.

Machine Learning for long term benefits 0


Case Study

Hörmann Group: 10 Day Cloud Onboarding

Hörmann Digital, a newly founded company within the Hörmann Group, launches several new AWS cloud projects. Comsysto Reply supported with the initial launch and made sure that the client had enough in-house knowledge for the next steps.

Hörmann Group 10 Day Cloud Onboarding 0

Next-Gen MSP

Best Practice

Get started with Storm Reply your AWS consulting and technology partner

A next-gen AWS MSP is committed to three key tenets: educate customers on a proactive, ongoing basis, offering consultative and advisory services, lead with AWS Professional Services, just like a systems integrator (SI) would, and advocate to customers the use of and evolution of AWS services.

06.10.2020 / security


Securing ChatOps in AWS

The expertise offered by Storm Reply in the field of governance-focused, audit-friendly, service features with applicative compliance or audit standards, makes the company an ideal partner for the design, development and maintainability of secure-focused enterprise-level multi or hybrid cloud solutions in AWS.


Case Study

Monte Titoli: advanced analytics & Machine Learning on AWS

Storm Reply and Data Reply supported Monte Titoli to define and develop the adoption strategy of Cloud architectures, governance of resources and Machine Learning models.

Monte Titoli advanced analytics & Machine Learning on AWS 0

Digital Transformation

Case Study

Edison’s Journey to the Cloud

Storm Reply, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with well-established migration and transformation methods amassed through years of experience, supported Edison ICT to design and implement an entirely new Virtual Data Center, leveraging the powerful Amazon Web Services.


Case Study

Grohe: Secure Big Data on AWS

Considering the volume and entity of the data being treated, and the intention of extending its IoT-connected devices offering, GROHE was looking for a partner to support them in the development and maintenance journey. Storm Reply developed a serverless big data platform leveraging on a cloud-native principle

Grohe Secure Big Data on AWS 0

09.09.2020 / Security


Secure your outbound and inbound traffic in a multi-account AWS environment

Because of the clear advantages of the cloud, many companies are prepared to deal with the implementation of compliance requirements. Storm Reply supports its customers with the implementation of the best possible security standards under consideration of all compliance requirements.

24.08.2020 / security


Access Controls in AWS Cloud

The correct configuration of access controls is a central component for security in the cloud. Where the traditional objective of security assessments was to identity technical security weaknesses and estimate systems resilience, the introduction of cloud computing and the associated sharing of responsibilities between cloud provider and cloud user has shifted the focus for organizations.

28.07.2020 / security


Security in the Cloud

Because of the clear advantages of the cloud, many companies are prepared to deal with the implementation of compliance requirements. Storm Reply supports its customers with the best possible security standards.

machine learning

Case Study

Guarantee the quality of the grinding process

Lavazza chose Amazon Web Services as its cloud platform and Reply, AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to support them in the adoption of machine learning models on AWS. Lavazza worked with Reply to design a product which could fit their needs to predict the results of the tests performed on the production line to guide their operator’s activities.

Guarantee the quality of the grinding process 0


News & Communication

The new Italian Aws Region

With the launch of the new AWS Region, placed within the Italian national territory, a set of major benefits may be leveraged by companies and institutions. First of all, a series of regulation and organizational constraints regarding the cloud adoption, are accomplished with costs comparable to those of other European regions.

computer vision

Best Practice

Distance tracking against COVID-19

Considering all the recent advancements in computer vision in terms of processing algorithms and AI models, we consider them directly applicable for coronavirus monitoring: AI can help to process images coming from digital cameras, identifying peoples’ profiles and behavior, ensuring the respect of social distancing and personal protection equipment usage.


Best Practice

Journey to a Highly Scalable datalake

Data Reply built a cloud datalake on AWS for a large German automotive company, replacing an on-premises solution and leveraging serverless technologies wherever possible. The datalake provides reliable, flexible and cost-efficient analysis capabilities and collects data from all over the organization.

Journey to a Highly Scalable datalake 0

AWS Cloud

Case Study

Getting Cloud and ML into the DNA of Nexi

Data Reply enabled Data Analysis and Machine Learning on AWS Cloud for Nexi, the largest Italian PayTech Company, bringing quantity and quality of data and leveraging Artificial intelligence-based technologies, resulting in major impacts in customer’s capabilities in areas like Fraud, Risk Management, Marketing and Operations, in a safe and compliant way.

Getting Cloud and ML
into the DNA of Nexi 0


Case Study

Selex strengthens eCommerce infrastructure with AWS Cloud

Storm Reply, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, supported the Selex Commercial Group, starting from the early stages of migration to the company's day-by-day operations, through an active DevOps service based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Selex strengthens eCommerce infrastructure with AWS Cloud 0


Case Study

AWS accelerates the growth of InfoCert

InfoCert worked side-by-side with Storm Reply, a Premier Consulting level member of the AWS Partner Network and some key stakeholders to create trust with the partner and the cloud provider. Storm Reply advised Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the reliability, efficiency and the cost-saving it is able to offer and collaborated in the design, implementation and kick-off of the new infrastructure.

Docsity Platform

Case Study

Docsity: a SaaS on AWS

Docsity allows university students to share documents and provide private lessons online through a web platform. Docsity chose AWS as its cloud platform, and the AWS Premier Consulting Partner Storm Reply supported the company in the migration and running phase.

Machine Learning


Join Reply’s autonomous racing competition

Reply’s AWS DeepRacer, an autonomous driving competition open to experts and beginners of Machine Learning. Register now and discover the amazing prizes.

Join Reply’s autonomous racing competition 0

Sports Company

Best Practice

Starting the data-driven journey with AWS

Data Reply helped a sports company to advance the Data Analytics journey with the custom AWS Cloud-native Big Data Platform. The project increased flexibility and efficiency across all analytics workloads, including Data Science use cases as well as Data Engineering needs.

Starting the data-driven journey with AWS 0


Case Study

TopUp without Login: the AWS-based payment solution

Working with Storm Reply, Vodafone Italy created a reliable and secure solution which allows customers to easily buy credit for SIM cards using a credit card or PayPal on a website, mobile site, mobile application, or social network.


Case Study


In order to meet all Grohe's requirements, Storm Reply, the Reply company specialised in the design and implementation of cloud-based solutions and services, implemented a custom platform natively on AWS on a serverless architecture


Best Practice


Comsysto Reply developed scalable systems for the processing of sensor data from a vehicle fleet: SAF.


Data Science

Best Practice

Data streams: In the right place at the right time

To make it possible for all departments of a large telecommunications provider to efficiently use the multitude of data that reaches, travels through or leaves the organisation every day, the company has been using the data streaming approach for some time now.

Data streams In the right place at the right time 0


Best Practice

Smart Metering and Energy Smart Home

Sense Reply designs and implements new IoT Smart Metering solutions based on the components of the AWS platform, to collect data and manage second generation electricity, gas and water smart meters in their respective distribution networks.


Case Study


Storm Reply improved the engine production chain of Fastweb by leveraging Augmented reality services for training, maintenance and remote assistance.

eCommerce Platform

Case Study

Lavazza: highly scalable eCommerce platform

With the increasing trend in online purchases, Lavazza recognizes the need to update its eCommerce websites’ infrastructure to react more rapidly to market and demand changes. Thanks to Amazon Web Services, Storm Reply and Portaltech Reply, Lavazza was able to achieve the requirements and run its SAP Hybris platform integrated with social login components.

Lavazza highly scalable eCommerce platform 0

IoT Solutions

Best Practice

Industry 4.0 and Energy Management

Factories, Office Buildings, Large Shops and even the smaller Offices and Homes are becoming smart with the installation of sensors and the adoption of connected products. Discover Sense Reply's approach and IoT solutions for Energy Management as a starting point towards the Smart Factory, Smart Building and Smart Home.

Industry 4.0 and Energy Management 0


Best Practice

Edge Computing

The Industry 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0 paradigms require the integration of a powerful and effective Edge Computing capability in order to most effectively deploy the computational power and connectivity to the business processes. Discover how Sense Reply can support clients in defining, implementing and managing the challenges relating to the edge computing capability by leveraging the potential of AWS Solutions.