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Unlocking the full potential of data is paramount for a company's success, but it remains a challenge for most organizations. Many companies find themselves lacking a holistic view of their performance, with isolated data silos that, if integrated, could lead to more informed business decisions.

Using the AWS “Working Backwards” methodology, human-centered design, and design thinking frameworks, the AWS D2E MOBILIZE Workshop delivered by Reply will accelerate your journey toward meaningful business outcomes through the effective use of your data.

The Data-Driven Everything (D2E) program philosophy

Think big

Align leadership across your organization and create a compelling vision of the high-value "big idea" using your own data - this vision can then paint the picture of the future so that everyone feels a part of it.

Start small

With your "big idea" vision in mind, take a focused, pragmatic look at how to design, execute, and launch an MVP in 10-12 weeksthis MVP will demonstrate value quickly, start gathering feedback, and keep the momentum going.

Scale fast

The workshop generates a roadmap of short, medium, and longer-term add-ons and initiatives, along with risk mitigation and assumptions that will scale the data product and continue adding value.

Our approach

Watch the AWS overview video or download more detail on the AWS D2E Modernize Workshop delivered by Storm Reply.

Create momentum with the first turn of your data flywheel

First, adopt the mindset of crafting a data product. Your data flywheel starts with creating a high-value data product that will meet a specific need of a customer or user. Their feedback will inform the next iteration of the product and the next high-value use case, continually improving the experience and the value-based outcome.

Examples of high-value use cases:
• Accelerate time to market
• Increase customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value (CSAT, NPS, etc)
• Improve operational efficiencies
• Optimize front-line workers' employee experience and job satisfaction


Work backwards from your customer/user needs

We align the executive leadership team on Day 1 to ensure buy-in and success, and dive into the technical aspects on Day 2.

Using structured and facilitated design-led thinking activities, together, we will:
• Co-create the vision and work backwards
• Identify high-value use cases and an MVP to meet the needs of a key data consumer
• Bring in security & compliance from the beginning
• Get a better understanding of the AWS data services to execute your vision

Unleashing Data's Potential

Care to make an impact with more data-driven decisions?


Data Reply is the Reply Group company that offers excellent services for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We operate across most industries and business functions in order to support executive level professionals and Chief Officers to harvest value from data. We build Data Platforms, define and implement ML and AI models in an efficient, replicable and scalable way, by relying upon human resources highly skilled in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and Intelligent Process Automation. Always active on innovations, we are applying Quantum algorithms to support the optimization of processes with high computational needs.


Storm Reply is the company in the Reply Group specialized in the design and implementation of innovative Cloud-based solutions and services. Through consolidated expertise and many years of experience in the creation and management of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud solutions, Storm Reply supports important companies in Europe and all over the world in the implementation of Cloud-based systems and applications.

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