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Infinity Reply specializes in 3D visualizations and the development of customized real-time and CGI solutions solutions. Based on leading game engine technologies such as the Unreal Engine from Epic Games, Infinity Reply enables innovative storytelling and interactive product communication. The portfolio includes offline and real-time projects, the development of creative and technological concepts, the production and implementation of content based on established technologies, data formats and interaction devices. Possible applications include product design and development, marketing and sales, training and service, as well as entertainment.


With the use of CGI technologies and 3D visualization, companies can optimize processes, reduce costs and generate added value. However, for this to succeed, not only the implementation of the technologies but also business processes must be adapted or redesigned and interfaces to established systems created. With many years of experience in this field, Infinity Reply supports you at all times to ensure that your projects are a success. To this end, we conduct permanent trend and technology scouting and have access to a large network of many relevant players.

Infinity Reply designs tailor-made concepts and develops individual solutions that contribute to the success of your company. Whether in design, engineering, marketing and sales or for training and education - we develop for your specific application on the basis of the latest standards in hardware, software and programming. Furthermore, we integrate innovation topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and Cloud Computing into our developments.

As an Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner of Epic Games, Infinity Reply produces high-quality digital content for a wide variety of visual communication applications. At the same time, we have many years of experience and extensive expertise in dealing with other well-established visualization technologies such as DeltaGen, VRED and WebGL. Based on these technologies we create sustainable and semi-automated production pipelines for digital content.


Immersive Experience Area

With the IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE AREA Reply offers a center for Extended Reality amplifying Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for the next generation of immersive experiences in Munich. In the center companies can experience the latest technologies, 3D solutions and an expanding range of immersive tools that use and enhance our natural senses.



Best Practice


Thanks to the extensive experience acquired in the B2C field, with the development of popular video games, as well as in the B2B domain, with the creation of learning software strongly specialised in the XR field, Infinity Reply designs and develops advergames and interactive 3D applications that integrate augmented and virtual reality, leveraging the latest technologies to create innovative digital experiences.


Digital Experience

Case Study

A revolution in content production

The triumph of social media and the trends towards personalised customer communication are increasing the demand for image and film content almost immeasurably. For the customer Opel, Reply has developed an innovative solution to create content from a uniform data model for various communication channels.

A revolution in content production 0

Industry 4.0

Best Practice

Smart Maintenance

Industrial machinery and automated production plants are increasingly sophisticated and complex systems, and working on them requires specialised training that can often be carried out only close to the intervention areas. Smart Maintenance is Reply's answer to the need for digital transformation and workforce enhancement through immersive technologies, always keeping human capital at the heart of the solution.

Smart Maintenance 0

13.09.2023 / 3D & Mixed Reality

News & Communication

Infinity Reply Named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner

Infinity Reply have been named an Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner by Epic Games. The status recognises companies that are making an outstanding contribution to successful projects and are capable of helping customers achieve success.

AR in retail

Best Practice

Hybrid shopping experience with augmented reality

To a large extent, the sale of interior furnishings takes place only after an in-person viewing. Infinity Reply has developed an AR solution that makes this possible for customers despite shops being closed or online shopping being the favoured channel. In addition, products can be realistically positioned in their intended surroundings to try them out.


News & Communication

Infinity Reply honored with Epic MegaGrants Award

Infinity Reply, the Reply Group company specialised in innovative 3D visualisation solutions, has been awarded the Epic MegaGrants Award. With this award, Epic Games honors creative and innovative projects implemented with Epic's Unreal Engine or projects that further develop the open source ecosystem for 3D graphics.


Best Practice

Augmented Reality as Digital Sales Support

At Infinity Reply, it was time for “The wishing table” when a hotel industry and food services wholesaler approached the AR/VR specialists to obtain a virtual visualization solution as a sales aid for its range of furniture. Dining room sets were the first to be configured, which Infinity implemented with 3D modeling of the products and the development of an Augmented Reality App.

Immersive Technologies

Best Practice


Now is the time to break away from pure analogue reality and enhance experiences with virtual components. But are you ready to fully utilize the possibilities of the digital transformation for improved user experiences and to incorporate virtual, augmented or mixed reality (XR) into your business model?



Best Practice

Collaborative Work with Virtual Reality

Online meetings are practical: they are quick to set up, do not require any special technology and do not involve any travel time. But they do have a certain bland aspect: the interactivity of a face-to-face meeting is lost. Infinity Reply's solution: Virtual workspaces supported by immersive technologies.


Best Practice

AR & VR: Don't forget the user during development

New technologies are easiest to establish when they can be integrated intuitively into the everyday lives of the end users. This is something that developers in the VR and AR area are currently experiencing. At the moment, they are dealing with the development of applications that can be integrated seamlessly into the everyday behavioural patterns of consumers. Ralf Schimmele, partner at Infinity Reply, knows the best way to make this work.

5G and VR

Best Practice

5G as a boost for virtual reality in companies

Many companies are already experimenting with prototype devices and simulated 5G scenarios. Together with a customer from the automotive industry, Infinity Reply and Spark Reply have tested the technical limits of 5G, especially for the use of AR and VR in pre-sales scenarios for passenger vehicles.

5G for Virtual Reality




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