IoT and its network of connections is revolutionizing retail forever.

Future of eCommerce and Retail

Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices embedded with electronics, sensors and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data and allow the communication between things and manufacturer, things and end-user and things and things.

If there’s one aspect of our lives the IoT era will impact more than any other, it is shopping end ecommerce.

The IoT has already started working its way into retail stores, and technologies will continue to disrupt the traditional retail process in the coming years. IoT devices will change the shape of ecommerce by turning everyday, inanimate objects into potentials sales channels for retailers.

Beacons, digital signage, smart mirrors, smart shelves, commerce button, robots, facial recognition, virtual assistant and much more are revolutionizing retail, yielding advances and new opportunities in customer experience, logistics, efficiency and customer relationship.

Possible Applications

  • Better inventory management
  • Automation of certain commerce aspects
  • Long-term relationship with end-consumer
  • More data to better influence consumer decision making
  • More personalized experiences
  • Changing the consumer experience
  • Enhances overall efficiency

Reply is involved in a continuous process of research, selection and marketing of innovative solutions for sustaining the creation of value within organisations.

Discover the Reply Commerce Button and the IoT Shelf
Reply Commerce Button 0

Digital Commerce

Best Practice

Reply Commerce Button

Even an unspectacular purchase of everyday things can be turned into a new and exciting buying experience: with the Reply Commerce Button.

The Reply Commerce Button is the next step on the way to industrialising the buying process. It lets you reorder your favorite products simply by pushing a button.

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Connected Shelf

Best Practice

The intelligent and connected shelf

Empty shelves, a shop filled with customers and no resupply in sight: Every retailer's nightmare. 4brands Reply is developing the "connected shelf" – an intelligent, fully-networked shelf.

In addition to reducing the number of empty shelves, the connected shelf allows stationary retailers to target shoppers and generate new insights about buyers.

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The intelligent and connected shelf 0