Connected Products Lab

We design and develop product ecosystems connected through cutting-edge IoT solutions

Welcome to the Connected Products Lab

Reply’s Connected Products Lab, located within Area42, is where we develop and test connected products and services with the support of innovative IoT accelerators, leveraging the Agile and Continuous Integration & Delivery methodologies.

Creating connected products and services

As IoT evolves and spreads, ecosystems of connected products and devices are becoming increasingly popular. But what are the best strategy, design and development routes to get the desired value from your connected solutions?

Within the Connected Products Lab, we accompany clients in the creation of connected products and services, from value proposition, to the end user's customer journey, up to the design of detailed interfaces and the definition of technological architectures.

Areas of experimentation

Our team of experts works to transform business ideas into concrete connected solutions, leveraging the power of Agile and Continuous Integration & Delivery methodologies. We follow an end-to-end approach, from device prototyping, writing the enabling firmware for the devices themselves, and implementing front-end applications, to the development of infrastructure and microservices in Cloud and AI services.

In the Connected Products Lab, we offer customers our IoT accelerators and a portfolio of tech partners to deliver end-to-end solutions in line with the highest market quality standards.


  • IoT Platforms

  • Cloud Microservices

  • AI & ML

  • Mobile applications

  • Smart Devices & sensors

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