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IoT Performance Hub

Check the robustness of your IoT platforms with the Quality Assurance tool developed by Concept Reply.

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Performance evaluation for efficient IoT solutions

The IoT Performance Hub is a testing tool designed to evaluate the stability of IoT solutions from a performance point of view. Thanks to the scalability of its components, it can evaluate the effectiveness of an IoT solution as the number of sensors and objects connected to the central platform increases. It can also verify the solution's performance depending on its interaction with IoT objects. The IoT Performance Hub also integrates the simulation of field objects to verify the real recording of IoT objects on the central platform, as if they were real devices. The configuration of the test scenarios allows you to obtain a complete view of the IoT solution's performance and to carry out detailed analyses through a dashboarding tool.


The usage scenarios

The IoT Performance Hub supports the IoT solution testing process in three different scenarios.

The features of the tool

Thanks to its containerised architecture, its ability to effectively simulate field objects and the system's scalability, the IoT Performance Hub quickly performs functional and non-functional tests, such as those related to stress, load and peak, ensuring a prompt evaluation of the IoT solution.

Integrability with any ecosystem

From a technical point of view, it is based on a set of modules in an entirely containerised architecture, thus making it independent of the IT system on premise or cloud that can host it. The tool is in fact tech-agnostic, and can be quickly integrated with all IT (and IoT) cloud ecosystems.

Simulation of field objects

The simulated IoT objects, which already model the main field actions (provisioning, reboot, shutdown, software update), are easily integrated with the vertical applications developed.

Carrying out performance tests

The main non-functional test scenarios, related to the field of IoT performance, are ready for use (endurance, stress, load, peak), and they are all fully customisable.

Scalable architecture

Technically, its architecture is modular and fully scalable to support a large number of simulated IoT objects, and these are simultaneously connected to the central IoT platform.


Concept Reply is the Reply group company specialized in the research, development and validation of innovative solutions in the IoT (Internet of Things) field. Concept Reply is also now recognized by the market as a center of competence and excellence in Testing & Quality Assurance and has a Business Unit dedicated to this type of service. Concept Reply is a company founded in 2009 following the acquisition by the Reply group of the Motorola research and development center in Turin; thanks to its laboratories and an international team of professionals specialized in QA and Validation, it is able to provide companies with end-to-end support for the validation of products and services, while optimizing costs and time-to-market.