AWS Summit Berlin 2024

Reply takes part in the Berlin AWS Summit in 2024. Meet our AWS experts to exchange ideas and delve deeper into topics such as GenAI, cloud, data, security, connected systems, and software-defined cars.

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May 15 - May 16, 2024
Station Berlin, Berlin

Empower and drive your organization

Lead in the digital transformation journey with Reply and AWS! Discover at the AWS Summit in Berlin how cloud technologies can make your company more innovative. Visit Reply at booth P11 centrally located in the exhibition hall and immerse yourself in the latest developments in the digital business environment. Learn more about advanced technologies through live demos and presentations.

Since 2013, we have been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and provide you with perfect solutions: From consulting for digital transformation to managed services, we support you in connecting your company to the cloud. Visit our experts at booth P11, participate in our breakout session, and learn more about optimizing your digital business with AWS solutions.

Breakout session

Join our breakout session „Revolutionize Legal Sector: AI driven SaaS on AWS“ and learn how Reply enables a fast cloud migration for STP.

Breakout Session (Level 200),
Room PAS204

16. Mai 2024 – 15:00-15:30 h

Revolutionize Legal Sector: AI driven SaaS on AWS
Speaker: Rupert Auer, Manager Storm Reply & Dirk Eisenberg, CTP, STP

Latest Technology Trends

Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with our experts and discover our latest innovations!


AI Platform


The AI Platform Accelerator allows to automatically generate and host LLM models, cost-benefit tracking, and a front-end application for managing reports and requests. Join us at our booth and learn how implementation of a scalable, secure cloud infrastructure for MLOps, LLMOps, and DevOps is possible.


AWS Cloud for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)

For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), migrating to the cloud is about more than just cutting costs. It's about adapting to a new ecosystem and rethinking the way innovations are developed for customers. We show how Storm Reply's program helps ISVs smoothly transition to the cloud.


Cloud Adoption with Storm Reply Road.MAP

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Storm Reply doesn't solely rely on the proven MAP process (AWS Migration Acceleration Program) when migrating to the cloud, but develops custom-tailored migrations right from the start. It's not an off-the-shelf relocation, but a bespoke path to the cloud, taking into account the specific requirements of an industry and a company.


Cloud-PKI: Increasing Trust in Highly Regulated Industries

A PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) provides important mechanisms for secure communication, authentication, data integrity, non-repudiation, and access control. Running an own PKI can be resource-intensive and become a limitation in terms of adapting to new requirements. A Cloud-PKI can remedy this, and provides a high level of trust even in regulated industries. Discuss with our experts how the right integration can cover all relevant use cases.


Cloud Native Application Protection (CNAP)

Companies with a significant share of cloud usage are increasingly looking into a holistic approach for cloud security monitoring. Cloud-Native Application Protection (CNAP) combines Security Posture, Vulnerability Management, Data Security, and Threat Detection, among others to provide a complete view of your cloud security. Learn how Reply can help maximize the value of your CNAP program.


End-to-End Solution for Intelligent Energy Management

By 2025, companies with more than 250 employees and over €40 million in revenue must report ESG (Environmental Social Governance) KPIs and ESG data in a standardized format. We offer an AWS-based retrofit solution cross industries that is easy to install (plug-and-play), easily integrates with building management systems, and provides an API for data integration into existing systems.


AI Chatbot at Audi: From Buzzword to Business Case in 4 weeks

Enterprise documentation is often extensive, containing old artefacts with conflicting information, documents hidden under complex hierarchies, and multiple versions of the same information. Our Generative AI Chatbot can remedy this and speed up the information retrieval time by 99%. It provides a customized UI to query internal documentation on Confluence, GroupWiki and PDFs. Join us at our booth to see live how it works.



Software-defined Vehicles provide the automotive market with increased customer engagement throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle. Join our experts from and discuss current and future requirements for a modern and innovative car experience with the available operating systems and frameworks. Visit us at our booth and learn how digital services can pave new paths that make the vehicle appear as a real "smart device on four wheels".


Storm Innovator and AWS – Ready2Innovate

The Storm Innovator is at the heart of all software development projects at Storm Reply. As a revolutionary accelerator for serverless computing and AWS technologies, it provides a powerful platform for efficient, innovative, and high-quality software solutions. Learn more about the predefined modules Storm Innovator GenAI, Storm Innovator IoT, and Storm Innovator Data.


Tableau-to-QuickSight GenAI Migration

Many companies face the challenge of processing large amounts of data from various sources and creating complex visualizations. The process of cloudification and harmonization can improve the efficiency. AWS Business Intelligence services like QuickSight help to create a coherent picture of insights and analytics. Learn from our experts how integrating QuickSight and how the new ML component simplifies information retrieval.